How to share WHYY video & audio content

How to embed a video

  1. Locate the desired video on WHYY's online video player
  2. Hover cursor over the video while it's playing to reveal options for sharing the video. Clicking on the
    < / > symbol (see figure 1, below) opens a window that shows embedding options.
    • Figure 1

  3. In the embedding options window that opens (see figure 2, below), adjust the size of the video player using the width and height options. Warning — This video player does not automatically adjust proportions, so be careful to adjust width and height dimensions in direct proportion to default embed options, otherwise video may become distorted.
    • Figure 2

  4. Once width and height options are set, hit the copy button. (Figure 2) This copies the code to your computer's clipboard. Paste the embed code wherever you would like this to appear on your website. (example of pasted embedding code in Figure 3)
    • Figure 3

How to embed an audio story

  1. Locate the audio piece via the radio program's website.
  2. Click the "Share" button in the upper right corner of the SoundCloud audio player. This reveals all of the different ways you can share this audio content.