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Who's Who

WHYY Board of Directors

Sept. 07 - Sept. 08 Term


Gerard H. Sweeney Chairman of the Board

Leland Ware Vice-Chairman of the Board

Walt D'Alessio Vice Chair for the Capital Campaign

Robert D. Auritt Treasurer

Elizabeth Stroud Poole Secretary


Durga Bobba
Priscilla S. Brown
Richard P. Brown, Jr.
Jerry S. Buckley
Kathleen Chimicles
Sarah Ives Gore
Elizabeth H. Gemmill
Stanley H. Greene
Ragan A. Henry
D. Wayne Holden
William J. Marrazzo
Denis O'Brien
William B. Petersen
Vivian Weyerhaeuser Piasecki
John F. Salveson
Anne Faulkner Schoemaker
Carole Price Shanis
M. Lynn Herrick Sharp
Molly Dickinson Shephard
L. Frederick Sutherland
Paul Tufano
Larry Weiss
Harold Yoh, III

*Director Emeritus

Allen Bonnell, Ph.D.*
Marban Sparkman*