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WHYY���s Adult Learning Service is committed to making lifelong learning opportunities convenient, personal and relevant. We���re doing that in a number of ways, but perhaps the one that is most far-reaching is CollegeAnywhere. A collaboration of higher learning institutions in our region and WHYY, CollegeAnywhere achieved several milestones last year. It was officially incorporated as a non-profit whose mission is to develop technology products and services to be offered to other non-profits at reasonable costs. To this end, CollegeAnywhere launched its most developed technology product, a robust searchable streaming media service, CollegeAnywhere Streaming. Also two new organizations have joined Camden County College as members of the Consortium, the New Jersey Community College Consortium, representing 19 institutions in New Jersey, and the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Philadelphia.

CollegeAnywhere is now offering collections of content, which can be searched and utilized in online courses. These include the Annenberg Media Collection of over 60 programs spanning the college curriculum and the Chilmark Programs, Inc. collection called, The Producers. Negotiations with PBS Video are underway for over 200 more hours of video to be added to the content library. Over 5000 students have accessed the video content through CollegeAnywhere Streaming this year.

As part of Adult Learning���s Community Outreach, WHYY Adult Learning is also providing the GED Connection video series (from Kentucky Educational Television) translated into Spanish for the Hispanic population in the region. The translation of the 39 1/2 hour videos is in its final stages. The content will be used by Hispanic community locations in the Philadelphia region and Delaware, including Congreso de Latinos Unidos in Philadephia, the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington, ACLAMO in Norristown, and La Comunidad Hispana in Kennett Square, as well as by our public broadcasting partners in New Jersey, New Jersey Network (NJN). The content will be distributed nationally by KET.

In addition, work began last summer on the Philadelphia Prison System Custom TV project (PPSTV). PPSTV will provide educational TV programming to the Prison System, including the GED preparation (in Spanish and English), workplace skills, and other videos and video courses provided by WHYY. Studies have shown that there is an inverse relationship between recidivism and education. The goal of this program is, therefore, to increase the educational content which the inmates are exposed to in general, and also enable them to prepare for their GED exams using the GED Connection videos. The program is in the early implementation stages and is already increasing the Prison���s capacity for the inmates to prepare for and take the test for their GEDs.

And, WHYY and GlenDevon Group are collaborating to create Our World Interactive, a career information website for middle and high school students in the region. The interactive website encourages kids to consider careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects, as experts anticipate high demand and growth in those areas. The site uses interactive features, quizzes and games to personalize the experience for the student, as well as high-definition videos to bring the careers to life. Our World Interactive is set to launch early in the 2008-2009 academic year.

WHYY���s Advantage Production Services completed several projects last year, including the Cradle to Grave program for Temple University Hospital, which very poignantly told the story of the Temple University Hospital Trauma Unit and its violence prevention and intervention program.

Advantage also enjoyed great success with a pledge special for Jonathan Pond, a financial expert often seen on PBS channels. More than 70 percent of national PBS stations ran this Advantage production during their pledge drives. Advantage teamed up with WHYY���s Wider Horizons Service to approach national best-selling writers, speakers and executive coaches on subjects of interest to adult learners to further extend this programming formula.