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A Note from the Chief Financial Officer

For WHYY, fiscal year 2006 (July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006) was marked by industry-leading advancements in technology on television, radio and the Web — all initiatives which continue to make WHYY more accessible to more members of the community, in multiple ways, on multiple platforms. Now more than ever, WHYY is what a diverse community has in common.

WHYY���s technology and programming benchmarks were met with significant financial successes in FY���06. WHYY ended the year with a $2.27 million increase in net assets, the second year in a row the station has posted a surplus. As we enter fiscal year 2007, this financial stability not only positions WHYY as a regional and national leader, but also enables the station to further invest in the programming and services our 105,000 members and millions of viewers and listeners in the community rely on.

In fiscal year 2006, WHYY dramatically expanded its suite of broadcast services to include an HD radio service, two new digital television channels, more programming ON DEMAND from Comcast Digital Cable and Web-exclusive content on On January 3, 2006, WHYY launched Experience: The Arts & Information Service, the region���s first HD Radio channel devoted to arts and information programming. Six months later, WHYY added two digital television channels with exclusive program schedules: Y Arts and Wider Horizons. The addition of these channels was made possible by another significant step in WHYY���s history: the installation of a multi-channel, automation programming and storage system for television.

WHYY���s continued expansion into the digital arena marks a significant milestone in the evolution of our broadcast service. By providing quality content across a variety of new platforms — in addition to our award-winning, established channels TV12 and 91FM — WHYY���s viewers become their own personal programmers, with the freedom to choose what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. In fiscal year 2007, WHYY will grow its services even further by opening a news bureau in Dover, Delaware; offering more WHYY-exclusive content on television, radio, the Web and ON DEMAND; and having a greater presence in the communities we serve.

On a final note, growing from three television and radio channels to six in the span of six months could only happen through the hard work and dedication of WHYY staff, and support from our members throughout the community. For your continued support, we say thank you.

Bruce Flamm

Statement of Financial Position




Current assets $6,334,000 $6,506,000
Contributions receivable, net of current portion 2,184,000 912,000
Investments 7,783,000 7,434,000
Property and equipment



              Total assets



Current liabilities $5,549,000 $4,241,000
Long term liabilities 5,834,000 6,129,000
Net assets



               Total liabilities and net assets



Statement of Activities

Support, Contributions & Revenue

Support, contributions and revenue    
Government Funding $4,035,000 $3,942,000
Contributions 16,894,000 16,786,000
Program funding and underwriting 7,981,000 8,679,000



             Total support,
             contributions and revenue




Production and broadcasting $17,674,000 $18,891,000
General and administrative 3,525,000 3,592,000
Fund raising



              Total expenses



              Change in net assets