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Gifts, Grants and Underwriting

Broadcast Society

We thank the following Broadcast Society members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY from July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006:


($700 to $1,199)
Anonymous (20)
Mr. Jeffrey L. Abrams
Mary A. Barrie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Adelson
Mr. John R. Alchin
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Anderson
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Anderson
Ms. Mary H. Anderson
Ms. Elizabeth P. Anthony
Ms. Marie Arbach
Mr. Michael R. Arnold and Dr. Lauren Arnold
Mr. Raymond L. Arnold
Mr. Robert Artz
Mary and Peter Austen
Dr. Robert Austrian
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Azeez
David and Irene Baker
Miss Dorothy Barker
Mr. William Barksdale
Ms. Jo Anne Barnes
Marihelen Barrett
Mrs. Diana Barringer
Mrs. Elizabeth Bayardi
Phyllis W. and Dr. Aaron T. Beck
R. Bruce Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bentley
Mrs. Jan Berenstain
Harold B. Bergman
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Berlinger, Jr.
Ms. Jane Biberman
Mr. William E. Bierer and Mrs. Alice S. Bierer
Mr. and Mrs. John Biggs
Mr. John Bishop
Mr. Howard F. Blasch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blum, Jr.
Mr. George L. Boettcher
Ms. Mary Margaret Bolton
Ms. Amy B. Borovoy
Mrs. Anna Bossler Cassidy and Mr. Dan Cassidy
Ms. Janet E. Boys
Richard J. Braemer and Amy L. Finkel
Ms. Lynn Bravo I
Mr. Anthony J. Brown
Mr. Geoffrey A. Brown, Jr.
Ms. Sara Margaret Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brush
Robert and Julie Bryan
Mr. James H. Bryson
Mr. John J. Buehler
Mrs. Bernice Burgess
Ms. Annamae Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Campbell
Mr. George J. Capaldi
Mr. Frank A. Capasso
Mr. David Carleton
Mr. Adrian A. Castelli and Ms. Mary G. Love
Mr. A T. Chadwick
Ms. Toni L Chambers
Mr. John Chapman
Mr. Keith Charlton
Art and Kay Chisholm
Ms. Michelle D. Christy
Ms. Kenneth Cleveland
Mrs. Alma O. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Colbourn
Ms. Mitzi G. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Conley
Tom Connell
Mr. James Conover
Ralph Cook III
Dr. David A. Cope
Mr. Thomas A. Corcoran, Jr.
Drs. Gene and Shirley Cordes
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cornelius
Mr. Joseph M. Corvino
John and Mary Ann Cosgrove
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Crittenden, Jr.
Mr. Carl Crouthamel
Mr. Gregg Crumley
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight P. Davis
Mr. Lawrence Davis
Mrs. Nancy B. Davis
Ms. Pamela M. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dee
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dellers
Dr. Kathryn G. Denhardt
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Desjardins, Jr.
Dr. Barbara H. Diamond and Mr. Steven Diamond
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, Jr.
Ms. Betty I. Diem
Ms. Mary S. Diner
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Diver
Mr. Alan T. Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dolan IV
Mrs. Jane L. Doolittle
Dr. James F. Dougherty
Ms. Lisa M. Downs
Mrs. Joan Driscoll
Lee and Phoebe Driscoll
Mr. Carlson E. Dudley
Paul Dunklee
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Dunson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Irenee duPont
Mr. Robert B. Durham, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara Edelman
Mr. William C. Edwards
Dr. Sylvan H. Eisman
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Elkins
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Engstrom
Mrs. Robert J. Ensher
Mr. and Mrs. John Erbe
Dr. Katherine L. Esterly
Mrs. Pascale Marty Ethgen
Joseph and Carolyn Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Falk
Ms. Cynthia Farrell and Dr. Marvin Schatz
Dr. Gladys S. Fenichel
Mr. Robert Flack
Mr. Robert C. Fleming
Ms. Georgia T. Floridis
Sonya and Donald Floystrop
Ms. Amy Fox
Ms. Elizabeth Fox
Mr. Henry Fraimow and Ms. Jacqueline French
Mr. and Mrs. John Fridy
Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Friedman
Mr. Theodore Friend
Ms. Bonnie Frommeyer
Rev. Burton Froom and Dr. Louise M. Lisi
John R. and Karen S. Fulton
Mr. L. Patrick Gage
Ms. Mildred H. Galen
Ms. Jane Gannett
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Garaventi
Mrs. Jane S. Garnett
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen George
Mrs. Diane Giachino
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Gladfelter
Richard and Wendy Glazer
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Glenn
Dr. Alan Goldfine
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Goldman
Mr. Duval R. Goldthwaite
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph K. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Gorelick
Mr. George Graeber
Mr. and Mrs. David Gray
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Grealy
Mr. Michael F. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Green
Mr. and Mrs. Martyn D. Greenacre
Mr. Roger Greenlees White and Mrs. Barbara White
Ms. Carole Haas Gravagno and Mr. Emilio Gravagno
Dr. Allen B. Haas and Dr. Kathryn A. Evers
Mrs. Warren B. Hagerman
Ms. Melinda L. Hall and Ms. Anne E. Martens
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Hamilton
Mr. Stephen Harlin
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Harman
Mrs. Diana L. Harrison
Mr. Michael N. Hartung and Ms. Joanne E. Zack
Mrs. Eileen Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hausmann
Nathan and Marilyn Hayward
Dr. Douglas H. Heath and Dr. Harriet E. Heath
Ms. E. Jane Hedley
Nancy and Richard Heller
Ms. Monika Hemmers and Mr. Stephen Heimann
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hewitt
Ms. Jennifer Hilinski
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holtzer
Ms. Marie P. Hooks
Quita W. Horan
Ms. Helen Horstmann
Ms. Nancy Hough
Mr. Alfred B. House
Mary Anne and Jack E. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Herman R. Hutchinson
Mr. Raymond C. Ingham and Ms. Frances E. Ingham
Mrs. Sarah Inglis
Mrs. Helen D. Jackson
Mrs. Pam Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Jacques
Mrs. Karen E. Jadach
Ms. Rossana Jaffe and Mr. Laurence O. Ward
Mrs. Willie-Marie Jay
Mr. Nichols Jefferes
Ms. Fran Jenney
Mr. Harold B. Jensen
Ms. Jan Jessup
Dr. and Mrs. Bernett L. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. Brian Jones
Mr. John Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Junge
Mrs. Brenda C. Kachmar
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kahn, Jr.
Vivien G. Kane, M.D.
Andrea Kay
Ms. D. Jean Keen
Ms. Martha F. Kennedy
Jared, Nancy and Gretchen Kieling
Ms. Christina Kilduff
Ms. Jan M. King
Ms. Adrienne M. Kinney
Mrs. Martha Z. Kirby
Mr. Howard W. Klipfel
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Kofke
Miss Karen Kopp
Gertrude Kossack
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Krall
Ms. Sveetlana Kucherovsky
Ms. Susanna Lachs
Mrs. Marnie Laird
Sharon Landa
Ms. Elsie H. Landstrom
June Langley and David Shea
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lawrie
Mrs. Gabriele W. Lee
Ms. Pamela W. Leighton
Mr. Ed Lester
Antoinette and Robert Levitt
Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Lewerenz
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Leyden
Louis Liebhaber
Ms. Shirley M Lindsay
Mrs. Janice Lingo
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Lipstein
Ms. Viki L. List
Robert and Sarah Locke
Ms. Mary Anne Lowery
Ms. Maria Luby
Ms. Virginia L. Ludwig
Ms. Dianne Lutz
Mr. Paul Lyons
Ms. Anne Marie Macari
Ms. Jana MacCulloch
Dr. Brian MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Maher
Dr. and Mrs. Mario L. Maiese
Dr. and Mrs. Morton S. Mandell
Mr. William H. Manhood, M.D.
Ms. Lark H. March
Mrs. Jeanne B. Marchiondo
Ms. Sandy Mariani
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Marks
Mr. Floyd Martin
Mr. Harry F. Mason
Ms. Amber Massey
Dr. Lynne G. Maxwell
Mark McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. McCardle
Ms. Marlane McCladdie
Mr. George McCloskey
Dr. and Mrs. V. Eugene McCoy
Carol and John McCulloch
Ms. Judy Ann McDonald and Mr. Frank Murray
Mr. Joseph McEwen
Miss Marie Louise L. McHugh
Mr. Michael McKenna
Mr. William McLaughlin
Ms. Kathryn Z. McMaster
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McNiff
Mr. John Meggitt
Mr. Richard M. Melsheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Messner
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Miller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Minkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Mintz
Mrs. Joan C. Moonan-Hackman
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Moore
Rev. Lewis A. Moore III
Mr. Horace W. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Morsillo
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moser
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon V. Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Mulford
David Ertz and Kristin Mullaney
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Mullineaux
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Murphy
Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Murray
Mr. William Myles
Ronald and Suzanne Naples
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Nash
Mr. Rob Nault
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Newbold
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nold
Ms. Joanne Norris
Dr. Kayson Nyi and Dr. Corinne A. Nyi
Mrs. Claire C. Obade
Mr. and Mrs. William F. O'Connor
Mr. Jeremiah O'Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. Olson
Marget Pack
Ms. Toni Palter
Mr. Michael O. Peale, Jr.
John P. and Sandra Penders
Mrs. Mary V. Pendleton
Ms. Michelle Pere
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pesiri
Ms. Julie L. Pfeffer
Mr. and Mrs. A. Duer Pierce
Mr. Sebastian Pignatello
Mr. Jeff Pitel
Ms. Elizabeth Plepis
Mrs. Chris Plewa
Mr. Francis L. Plumly, Jr.
Steve and Mary Pollitt
Mrs. Camilla Pollok-McCall
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Powell
Mr. Colgate Prentice
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pyle
Myriam Radia
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Randall
Mr. Thomas L. Reeves
Mrs. Amy H. Regan
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Reichman
Mr. Dale Renner and Ms. Susan G. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Reynolds
Ms. Joan K. Richards
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Richard E. Riegel, Jr.
Mr. Christopher Roberts
Mrs. Jane C. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. George Roewe
Mr. Thomas M. Rosato
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosenthal
Mr. James B. Russo and Dr. Deborah Lee Pickett
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sabbatino
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Sabochick
Dr. Patricia Saddier
Ms. Jane Sagendorph
Ms. Mary Sales
Mr. John Salvatore
Ms. Anne Scardino
Ms. Elizabeth Schamberger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Schell
Sandy and Jay Schinfeld
Ms. Christine M. Schlichting
Ms. Betsy Schumacker
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Shields
Ms. Rita Siegman
Mrs. Robin Silverman
Ms. Barbara Silverstein
Ms. Kathryn H. Sjolander
William Sklaroff
Mrs. Theresa M. Smallwood
Ms. Agnes Smith
Dr. Cecilia M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith
Ms. Megane Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Smyrl
Dr. Marsha W. Snyder
Ms. Hermine Soffer
Miss Cindy B. Solot
Dr. Michael M. Soojian
Ms. Carlette Southern-Robert
Dr. and Mrs. George Spaeth
Mr. Ben Sparango
Ms. Katherine Sprunt
Ms. Katie Stapleford Andrews
Dr. M. Doris Stelmach
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Stern
Mr. Bill Stewart
Miss Jane R. Stewart
Mr. Stephen Stines
Ms. Ruth I. Stolz
Frances and Bayard Storey
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Story
Mr. Kenneth J. Sullivan
Mr. David V. N. Taylor
Mrs. Dana M. Thiede
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Thompson
Ms. Lisa Thornbury
Mr. Frederick Thorpe
Dr. Shirley M. Tilghman
Elizabeth Tinsman
Ms. Margo Todd
Mr. Steve Tonkovich
Ms. Carolyn Travis
Ms. Gail M. Turley
Mr. Mark D. Turner
Henry G. and Betty Jane Tutek
Dr. and Mrs. Leon H. Venier
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vines
Mr. John Viscuso
Dr. and Mrs. Werner K. Volkmann
Ms. Leanne C. Wagner
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace H. Wallace
Ms. Rae L. Wardle and Ms. Rae L. Wardle
Mr. and Mrs. Leland B. Ware
Dr. Daniel Wartenberg
Ms. Trishka Waterbury
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Weber
Mr. William H. Webster
Jim and Lori Weddell
Ms. Rachel Weinstein and Mr. Bruce Frohlich
Mr. Andrew Weitzenkorn
Mr. Dennis C. Wendt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wendt
Mr. Leonard Wengler
Dr. Franklin H. West
Ms. Carolyn L. Whitaker
Mr. Charles B. White
Jane and Benjamin Whitten
Mr. Herb Wiley
Mr. Michael K. Williams
Ms. Patricia A. Willis
Mr. Jay Wilson
Dina and Jerry Wind
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Witonsky
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wojcik
Mr. Harry W. Woodcock
Ms. Valerie A. Woodruff
Mr. Roland H. Woodward
Ms. Audrey J. Wreszin
Mr. Vernon H. Wright
Ms. Joan Yue
Mrs. Roslyn Zavidowsky
Ms. Carrie Zeck
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Zeller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zion
Mr. Michael Zuckerman and Ms. Jan Levine


($500 to $699)
Anonymous (74)
Mrs. Lori Aceto
Mr. Forman S. Acton
Mrs. D. Joan Adams
George E. Ainsworth, Jr., M.D.
Mrs. Margaret M. Alburn
Ms. Ruth M. Alden
Mr. Thomas Allen
Mrs. Nancy D. Alley
Mr. Andrew C. Alloway, Jr.
Mrs. Jessie M. Allred
Mrs. Jane Al-Mashat
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Amado
Miss Cecila Amaro
Mr. Salvatore A. Ammirato
Ms. Connie K. Anderson
Mrs. Doris D. Anderson
Ms. Myra Anderson
Ms. Nancy B. Anderson
Mrs. Adele Andrews and Mr. Willard Andrews
Mr. Joseph J. Arena, Jr.
Mr. John R. Arms
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Arnold
Dr. and Mrs. Jerold M. Aronson
Frank and Elizabeth Arrison
Ms. Susan Arthur
Ms. Sally Ater
Dr. Attig
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Auchter
Thomas and Patrcia Augustino
Mr. and Mrs. William Auritt
Mr. Keith Bader and Ms. Terry L. Cruikshank
Mr. Joe Baginski
Mrs. Christine Bahmer
Ms. Maxine H. Baicker
Christina Kind Baiocchi
Mrs. Alexandra Baker
Mrs. Cecilie G. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Baker
David P. and Margaret Balamuth
Frank and Sandra Baldino
Mr. David J. Banisch
Ms. Mary Bankes
Anne W. Banse
Mrs. Edna R. Bard
Mrs. Lu Ann Barnes
Mrs. Lynda S. Barnter
Jane A. Barth
Mrs. Pamela Bartholomew
Hye Ok Bauer
Glenn Bauman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bayard
Ms. Linda Belinsky
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wade Bell
Mr. Steven Bellwoar
Jaroslav Benes
Mr. Robert Benjamin
Ms. Cynthia Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Benning
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Bente III
Mr. Ed Bereski
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Berger
Elizabeth R. Bergus
Candace Bernard
Ms. Diane S. Bernard
Mr. Scott Bernheimer
Ms. Margarette F. Berry
Dr. Gerald Bertiger and Mrs. Nancy Travers
Mr. and Mrs. Olah W. Bessid
Mr. John Bethel
Mr. Peter Bianco
Mrs. Christine A. Bidic
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Bilotta, Jr.
Dr. Gene Bishop and Dr. Andrew Stone
Mr. Joseph I. Bishop
Mr. Allen D. Black
Mrs. C. P. Blakeley
Mr. James Blando
Ms. Barbara Blashy
Bill and Nancy Blethen
Ms. Elizabeth Block and Mr. Bruce Kuklick
Mrs. Sarah Blodgett Segura and Mr. David Segura
Ms. Elizabeth A. Blommers
Mr. and Mrs. Roe C. Blume
Ms. Patricia G. Boath
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Emily Bockian Landsburg
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Bodine
Dr. Andrew Bodnar
Mrs. Helen Boehm
Mr. Robert W. Bogle
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Boll and Dianne Failor-Boll
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bonner
Mrs. Josephine S. Borie
Mr. William Borras
Ms. Ann Bostick
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bown
Mr. Edward Bradley and Mr. Rich McCracken
Mrs. Robert H. Bradley, Jr.
Mr. John R. Brady
Mrs. Victoria C. Brady
Ms. Isabelle Braender
Mr. Craig Braverman
Mrs. Anne W. Breidenstein
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brennan
Ms. Lenore Breslau
Ms. Kathleen Breuer
Mr. Gregory Breunig
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bright
Mrs. AnnMarie Broadnix
Ms. Johnathan Broder
Mrs. Sheila M. Broderick
Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Brokaw
Mr. Henry Brolly, Sr.
Jill and Christopher Brooks
Curtis Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brosenne
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Brown
Mr. Henry I. Brown III and Mrs. Caroline S. Brown
Mr. Mark Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Brown
Ms. Mary Browne
Ms. Susan Bucknam
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bullaughey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Burk
Mr. Rick Burkey
Alan and Sarah Burkhard
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Burrell
William Byrne
T. Sidney Cadwallader
Mr. Thomas Cahill
Mr. James Callery
Ms. Ann Camano
Mrs. Jeanne Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Caparro
Ms. Shannan Capone
Pasquale Cardone
Mrs. Norman A. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Carmean
Mr. Lawrence M. Carnuccio
Mr. Rudolph Carr
Mr. William G. Carson
Mr. John Carusl
Ms. Anna Marie Caruso
Mrs. M. Gay Carver
Mr. and Mrs. John Casetra
Dr. Anthony R. Cashmore
Lee A. Casper
Ronald and Mary Chaffinch
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Chalako, Jr.
Ms. Barbara J. Chance
Young S. Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Chapman
Elizabeth Chesizk
Mrs. Nancy Ciasullo
Ms. Marianne Cicco
Mr. Alan Cicinato
Ms. Janice A. Ciesielski
Linda Cimino
Mr. Charles Clark
Mary Jo Clark
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Cleaver
Ms. Jean E. Clem
Ms. Catherine Clement
Mrs. Lee A. Clements
Mr. Scott J. Clements
Mrs. Joanne Cleveland-Olson
Philip Clouser
Mrs. Mildred Coates
Ms. Elizabeth Coe
Ms. Cheryl A. Cogossi
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Cohen
Mrs. Kathie Colantano
Oliver Colflesh
Mrs. Margaret Collier
Ms. Victoria Comegys
Mr. Christopher Conicelli
Mr. Peter Conicelli
Mr. Hartley S. Connett
Mr. Gordon E. Conwell, Jr.
Mr. Richard A. Cooper
Mr. Greg Corcoran
Suzanne Cornell
Ms. Carol Anne Corson
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Corvasce
Ms. Sali Cosford-Parker
Mr. Maurizio Costante
Mrs. Carol L. Coulston
Ms. Deborah Cox
Mr. Gary M. Crawford
Mrs. Margaret Cray
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Creamer
Dr. Donald H. Cresswell
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cresswell
Ms. Nancy Crouse
Mr. Richard Croy
Mr. Gregory Cucchi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Cunnigham
Mrs. Joanne Curry
Mrs. Evelyn Cutler
Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. D'Alonzo
Sarah Dalonzo
Mr. and Mrs. Kell Damsgaard
Ms. Adrian Dana
Mrs. Dorothy Dattilo
Ms. Hazel Davis
Ms. Lesley J. Dawson
Mrs. Jennifer Day
Mr. Frank Deagostine
Mr. J. Simpson Dean, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Deangelis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Dearden
Mr. Michael DeFilippo
Ms. Grace Defimis
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Degutis
Dr. Marc W. Deitch
Ms. Colleen Delate
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent DelDuca, Jr.
Dr. Adelaide Delluva
Mr. Robert J Deltufo
Mr. Bryan Dempsey
Mr. Robert Denovellis
Ms. Nancy Dent
Mr. Joseph Desantis
Mrs. Harris Dewesd
John and Sandra Di Ilio
Mark and Tobey Dichter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickinson
Mr. John F. Dietel
Ms. Rebbeca Dietz
Mrs. Robert Digilio
Mr. Dermot O. Dinan
Chris DiSabatino
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Dixon
Mr. Ben Dobiba
William A. and Gail Donkin
Mr. Joseph M. Donley
Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Donohue, Jr.
Mary Dougherty
Francoise Douwes
Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Dovnarsky
Ms. Irene E. Dowdy
Mr. Richard W. Downes
Ms. J. Doyle
Mrs. Margaret Dragon
Mr. Trevor Drake and Ms. Anne R. Albright
Ms. Helen Drutt English
Ms. Virginia M. Duffy and Mr. Edward G. Fitzgerald
Mr. John Dumont
Mrs. Mary H. Dunn
Mrs. Martha V. Dupont
Mrs. Ella Eachus
Ms. Sallie Eachus
Mrs. Nancy Eales
Tamar and William Earnest
Ms. Leslee Eastwood
Mr. G. Douglas Eberly
Ms. Kathy Echternach
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Christopher W. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Edwards
Mr. Reza Eghbal
Mrs. Sylvia L. Egnal
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eidelman
Ms. Eleanor Elias
Mr. Edward Elisio, Jr. and Ms. Patricia M. Manning
Mr. Theodore B. Ellerkamp
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Ellis
Mr. Jack Emas
Linda and Bob Emmett
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Emplit
Ms. Ann D. Ensor
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. Eileen G. Erinoff
Mr. Peter D. Erskine
Janet Eshleman
Mr. Larry A. Evans
Mr. Kenneth L. Ewell
Dr. Lesley L. Ewing
Mrs. Elizabeth Fahmy
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Falco
Mr. Donald Famous
Mr. Roderick M. Fancher, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Farley
Dr. Alan J. Feldman
Mrs. Teresa Fendt
Mr. Dan Fennell
Mrs. Lois Ferguson and Mrs. Erica Ferguson
Mrs. Melinda Fern
Mr. James Fetscher
Ms. Norma Finn
Kay and Graham Finney
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald And Janice L. Flaugher
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. William M. Fleming
Mr. Charles J. Flocco
Ms. Meredith J. Flower and Mr. Steven Perry
Amber and David Flynn
Dr. Cynthia E. Flynn and Ms. Deirdre Boyle
Ms. Janice Focht
Mrs. Edward T. Fogg
Mr. Andrew Forman
Ursula T. Formigli
Ms. Linda Forst
Michael and Susanne Forst
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Fortin
Ms. Patricia Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Fox
Dr. Leonard Frank
Mr. and Mrs. John Frankenfield
Mrs. Carol Franklin
Ms. Deborah M. Fretz
Ms. Donna L. Fried
Mr. John Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Fritsche
Mrs. Margaret M. Fuchs
Dr. Wendy E. Fuhr
Mrs. Joanna K. Gabel
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gaboda
Jack and Beverly G. Gallagher
Ms. Theresa Gallagher
Mr. Larry Galpin
Miss Jessica Gamble
Pam and Drew Brancati
Ms. Janet Gardner
Ms. Jeanne Garner
Ms. Ann M. Garrison
Mr. John T. Garrity, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Gaul
Ms. Dolores Ann Gavin
Ms. Cherie A. Gaw
Ms. Kathleen F. Gender
Miss Hope F. Gentner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Geoghegan
Mr. Thomas Gerard
Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Gerlach
Mr. Racey Gilbert
Mr. William Giles
Mr. James J. Gillin III
Dr. Pat Gill-Webber and Mr. Bill Webber
Ms. Paula Gilpin
Dr. Larry Gladney
Mrs. Nancy Glasgow
Ms. Ella V. Go
Dr. Linda G. Gochfeld
Ms. Deirdre Godin
Ms. Lynne Z. Gold Bikin
Dr. Barbara Gold and Mr. Stephen Gold
Mrs. Ann W. Golden
Ms. Judy Golding
Ms. Mary L. Goldman
Mr. David A. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Goldsworthy
Dr. Ross A. Gombiner and Ms. Anita C. Lee
Ms. Clara Gomez
Ms. Maxine Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Gordon
Dr. Mildred H. Gordon
Daniel and Meghan Gosselink
Ms. Jennifer J. Gould and Ms. Katrina H. Wyatt
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Govatos
Mr. Joseph Grabowski
Dr. Christine Grad
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Graydon
Mr. and Mrs. G. Davis Greene, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Greene
Ms. Joanne Gresh
Ms. Jo Ann T. Griffin
Mr. Patrick Grimes
Mr. Jeff Grogan
Ms. Evelyn Groome
Ms. Martha Groon
Mr. Ted Grover
Mr. and Mrs. Pius Gruber
Ann and Rod Gualtieri
Ms. Robin Gura
Mrs. Henry J. Guzewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Haag
Mr. Donald S. Hagey
Miss Eleanor M. Haines
Ms. Shirley Halbruner
Mr. Benjamin J. Hamberg and Mrs. Kimberly Woodell
Ms. Diane L. Hamburg
Mrs. Frieda Hamer
Kathleen Hamlett
John Hancock
Ms. Bernadette Handler
Mary and William Hangley
Mr. Charles W. Harbaugh
Mr. Jeffrey T. Harbison and Dr. Valerie Arkoosh
Mr. Charles F. Harenza
Mr. Alan Harker
Mr. Gus Harkins
Mr. and Mrs. John Harkins
Ms. Theresa M. Harmon
Mr. John T. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Harris
Ms. Susan Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Harrop
Mr. Robert E. Hart
Judith E. and K. Palmer Hartl
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hartnagel
Ms. Rita Harty
Mr. William Hauber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Haver
Mr. Joseph A. Hawke and Ms. Linda Hawke
Mr. and Mrs. John Hazelton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Hazen
Mr. Bruce Heagy
Ms. Margaret Healy
Ms. Honore Hearn
Mr. Peter Hearn
Ms. Wendy L. Heath
Mr. Richard K. Heineman
Ms. Susan Heinsohn
Ms. Rebecca Hellfger
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Helton
Mr. Horace A. Hemenway
Ms. Jacqueline B. Hemphill
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hensinger
Mr. and Mrs. Laura L. Herbst
Dr. and Mrs. Walter M. Herman
Mrs. Nancy W. Hess
Mrs. Pamela Hewetson
Mr. Lance Hewitson
Mr. and Mrs. William Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. W. Victor Higgs
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Hill
Ms. Elizabeth W. Hill
Margaret A. and Matthew F. Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Hirschmann
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Hirsig
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hodess
Ms. Susan Hoeltke-Ward
Mr. David F. Hoeschele
Carol Hoffman-Sweeten
Ms. Sallie Hollander
Mr. William R. Holmes
Mr. Howard E. Holmquist
Mr. Howard Holter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Homan
Mr. Alfred F. Hopkins
Mrs. Martha N. Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hornbach
Margot and Ellis Horwitz
Ramachandra Hosmane
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hostetter
Ms. Elizabeth Hovsepiaw
Mr. Constantine Hromych
Mr. G. Huggler
Mr. David Huie
Mr. H. H. Hummel
Mr. Glenn A. Hunsberger
Mr. Warren Hunter
Mary and Howard Hurtig
Sstephen and Eva Hymowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Stockton Illoway
Mr. Thomas Ilvento
Mr. Patrick Imberso
Ms. Christa Irick
Mr. Stephen Isard
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson
Mr. James D. Jackson, Jr.
Ms. Christine Jacobs
Ms. Patty F. Janoch and Mr. Paul Lanham
Robert and Ashley Jansen
Mr. Eberhard Jarkowsky
Mrs. Shivaun M. Jester
Mrs. Marueen T. Jewell
Mr. David W. Johnson, Jr.
Mrs. Deanna M. Johnson
Dr. Frances S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson
Ms. Jay R. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Johnston
Mr. Bernard Jones
Mrs. Carol E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Josem
Miss Elaine Joyce
Mrs. Margaret Judson
Mr. Donald K Kaider
Mrs. Susan Kalan and Mr. Jeffrey Kalan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kaller
Ms. Toni Kaloustian
Mrs. Marie Kane
Ms. Barb Kanter
Mrs. June Karp
Mr. Stanley N. Katz
Ms. Joan S. Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Keck
Mr. Ward Keever
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Keim
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kellogg
Miss Catherine M. Kelly
Mr. Cecilina Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Kempner
Mr. James A. Kenning
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kester
Mr. and Mrs. John Kiernan
Mr. David Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kind
Ms. Barbara King
Mr. M. Dean Kinsey
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Kinter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klaus
Edith Klausner
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Klee
Mr. Albert H. Klein
Dr. and Mrs. Walter C. Klingensmith
Ms. Joan E. Knapp
Ms. Phyllis A. Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Knoble
Mrs. Karen Knox
Charles W. and Sandra J. Koenig
Clifford Kollmeier
Mr. John Kominetz
Mr. Gary Koretzky and Ms. Kim Overby
Mrs. Daniela Kovalcik
Ms. Roslyn M. Kravitz
Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Kriger
Mr. Hal Kristergh
Mr. Gregory Krug
Mr. and Mrs. A. Krumbiegel
Mr. Gordon H. Kuhn
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. John Lafferty
Mr. and Mrs. William Lafferty
Mr. Santino Laforgia
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Lakin
Mr. Ralph Lancellotti, Jr.
Mr. Burton J. Landau
Ms. Margarete Larese-Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Lasko
Mr. Edwin Laufenberg
Mr. Bob Lavizzo-Mourey
Edward Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lawver
Mrs. Richard W. Ledwith
Mr. and Mrs. Chuan H. Lee
Ms. Doreia Lee
Miss Hyun Lee
Mrs. Judith Leigh
Robert and Augusta Leininger
Mary Ann Lempa
Dr. and Mrs. William F. Lenker
Mr. David R. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. William Leonard
Mr. Howard Levin
Mrs. Joy C. Levy
Marilyn Lewis
Mrs. Marilyn Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lewis
Mr. Derrick Liburd and Mrs. Lisa Liburd
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Licciardello
Mr. Craig Lichtman
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Lincoln
Mr. John Lindstrom
Ms. Eileen Lipski
Ms. Linda Little
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Littleton
S. Gerald and Arlene F. Litvin
Dr. Samuel Litwin and Ms. Perry Watts
Mr. and Mrs. David Livingston
Mr. and Mrs. Gates Lloyd
Mr. Robert W. Loder
Mr. Joel T. Loeb
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Loney
Mrs. Mary B. Long
Ms. Suzanne Lontor
Dr. Scott A. Lorch
Mr. Paul Loser
Mr. John Love
Ms. Ilda N. Lovera
Dr. Ann Louise Lovitt
Dr. Gail A. Luecke
Mrs. Sheila Luecke
Dr. Eugene M. Lugano and Dr. Marcia C. Boraas
Mr. Robert P. Lukens
Mr. Joseph Lurie and Ms. Kathy Gosliner
Mrs. Jean Lynott
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. MacDonald
Ms. Sara P. Macinskas
Mr. Edward J Macmullen
Marguerite Mahoney
Ms. Gwendolyn Malecki
Dr. and Mrs. Francis R. Manlove
Ms. Doreen Mannello
Xianzhi Mao
Mr. Frank Marafioti
Mrs. Patricia H. Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Glen F. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Martin
Mr. Jose H. Masi
Ms. Nancy A Massey
Mr. Dante J. Massi, Sr.
Gregory A. Masters
Mr. Paul M. Matyskiela
Frank A. Mayer, III, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McAdoo
Mrs. Rita McBride
Ms. Clara K. McCauley
Ms. Judy McConomy
Mrs. Caren McCool
Mr. Robert P. McCuen
Thomas and Linda Mccullogh
Mr. John S. McDaniel III and Mrs. Regina A. Iorii
Ms. Ruth McEarlane
Ms. Sheila McGuire
Ms. Anne P. McHugh and Ms. Christine McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. McKeel
Mr. Ed McKenna Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. McKevitt
Mrs. Mona McLean
Mr. Greg C. McLendon
Ms. Mary P. McPherson
Mr. Charles Meacham
Anothony W. Ritz and Diana Mears Ritz
Mr. David Meddaugh
Mr. Adam P Meinstein
Ms. Julie A. Melnick
Mrs. Sara Merchant
Mr. Chris Metz
Ms. Jane M. Metzger
Mr. Charles W. Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Jim S. Meyer
Mrs. Linda Meyerhoff
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Michaelson
Dr. C. William Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Miller
Mr. David J. Miller
Mr. Howard Miller
Mr. Jeffrey Miller
Madeline Miller and H. Gordon Leggett
Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Miller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Miller
Theresa Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Minehart
Mr. Vincent Minkler
Mr. Joseph A. Minott, Jr.
Ms. Laura R. Mintzer
Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Moerschel
Mrs. Jane W. Moffett
Ms. Patricia Molis
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Monasky
Mr. and Mrs. H. Laddie Montague
Ms. Joanna C. Moore
Ms. Michelle Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Moran
Joel Moranz, M.D.
Mrs. Marion B. Moreton
Mr. and Mrs. A. Perry Morgan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Morgan
Mr. Philip Morgan
Ms. Elizabeth Morong
Mr. Thomas G. Morr
Mrs. Cynthia C. Moses
Mr. Neal L. Muhilly
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Mumma
Mr. and Mrs. Theresa Munz
Miss Frances E. Murphy
Ms. Judith H. Murphy
Ms. Lorraine Muscara
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Muscatello
Mr. and Mrs. John Mutchler
Ms. Carol J. Nagle
Ms. Deborah Nagle
Mr. Michael Nakonechny
Mr. Peter Nalle
Ms. Cynthia Naroff
Mr. Robert D. Narrigan
Mr. Richard Nase
Susan L. and Robert S. Natalini
Ms. Anne Nauarro
David Naylor
Mrs. Rose Neal
Mr. Stuart E. Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Neilson, Jr.
Mr. Carl Neilson
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Nelson
David and Shirley R. Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Nelson
Ms. and Mrs. Marie S. Newell
Mr. and Mrs. David Newmann
Mr. Jeff Ney
Mr. James V. Nicholson
Mr. Charles L. Niles, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Lou Nocco
Miss Jo Anne K. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy D. Nunery
Mr. Jay Ochroch
Mrs. Gertrude O'Leary
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Olson
Mrs. Helene V. O'Neal
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin O'Neill
Ms. Mary O'Neill
Mr. William O'Neill
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Opp
Mr. Dennis J. Oravec and Mrs. Joann Devine Oravec
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Ortiz
Ms. Priscilla Osgood
Mr. Ken Ousley
Mrs. Kim Overby Koretzky
Mr. Neil Oxman
Ms. Patricia Pacana
Ms. Jeanne R. Padula
Cosmo Pagano
Mr. Gregory Pagano
Mr. Frank Painter and Ms. Ingrid Renard
Mr. Frank Palazzo
Dr. Aslene E. Palmer-Bennett
Mr. Leon Pantella
Michael Paoli
Mrs. Catherine Parks Loevner
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Parry
Mrs. Michele Parsons
Ms. Irene Parvensky
Victor E. Parziale
Ms. Bonnie Pastman
Mrs. Helen Patel
Dr. Richard H. Patt
Mr. Charles Patton
Mr. and Mrs. James Paulus
Mr. Thomas B. Payne
Mr. Howard L. Payntar
B. M. Peaks
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Pearce, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Peck
Mr. Tom Pedrick
Ms. Carol Peevey
Mrs. Katharine M. Pegg
Ms. Gail Pellegrino
Ms. Deborah Pembleton
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Pennell
Mr. Daniel Pepp
Ms. Rose Pereira
Mr. Stan Peters
Mr. Robert E. Petril
Ms. Karen Petrillo
Mr. and Mrs. Giorgio Petronio
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Peyton
Ms. Amy Pfau
Ms. Joan Pfitzenmaier
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Phelan
Bob and Dorothy Philipson
Mr. Don Phillips and Ms. Shelley Marcus
Mr. Donald Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Webb J. Phillips
Ms. Jennifer Pierson
Mr. Larrimore Pippin
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Polek, Jr.
Ms. Karen E. Poles
Chuck Policastro
Ms. Gloria A. Poliseno
Ms. Louise Poole
Mr. Charles Porter
Ms. Valerie Pressley
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour S. Preston III
Mr. and Mrs. David Price
Caroline Priest
Mrs. Selma Prince
Mr. Joseph Procopio
Mr. Keith Pryor and Ms. Mary Geisz
Ms. Lynda Pullen
Dr. Sally Pullman-Mooar and Dr. Pekka Mooar
Ms. Kathy L. Putnam
Luz Mugdalia Questell
Mr. Wolfgang A. K. Radtke
Judith Ramirez, Ph.D.
Ms. Joyce Rappeport
Dr. C. Royce Rasmussen
Mr. Robert Rau
Mrs. Carol Ray
Ms. Catherine M. Recker
Jim Reeves
Mrs. Florence Reid
Ms. Anna K. Reimann
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rendfrey
Mr. Paul Renner
Ms. Annalese Reyes
Dr. Beth Rezet and Dr. Gregg Fromell
Mr. David A. Rhodes
Mr. Christopher Ricchetti
Ms. Elizabeth E. Ricciardi
Ms. Roberta Riccio
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood J. Rice
Mrs. Jennifer Rice
Ms. Clarie Richards
Mr. David Richman and Ms. Janet Perry
Mr. Theodore Richmond
Mr. Eric Richter
Ms. Carol-Anne Riddle
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ritter
Iris Rivera
Ms. Sharon Robb
Mr. Bayard H. Roberts
Dr. John M. Roberts
Mr. Steven Rocci and Mrs. Kathy Messerman
Mrs. Monica Rodan
Ms. Elizabeth A. Rogers
Mr. Fred M. Rogers
Ms. Eleanor Rohrer
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Romano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Romasco
Mr. Robert Rosengarten
Mr. Gabriel Rosenkoetter
Ms. Hope Rosenlund
Joseph and Joan Rosenthal
Mr. Jeff A. Roth and Ms. Charotte Kerr
Dr. Bernard N. Rothman and Ms. Harriet K. Rothman
Mrs. Marianne Ruby
Mrs. M. N. Ruff
Ms. Carol S. Rush
Alan and Jan Marie Rushforth
Ms. Marianne H. Russo
Mr. Michael J. Rutkowski and Mr. Timothy W. Harper
Mr. Jed Ryan
Mr. Aldanus R. Ryland
Mrs. Rosemary Sabo
Mr. and Mrs. David Sacks
Mrs. Donna Sage
Ms. Judy Salaba
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Salerno
Ms. Priscilla Samuelson and Mr. Donald Samuelson
Mr. Mark Sandberg
Mrs. Rita Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders
Ms. Janet A. Sandt
Mr. Samuel C. Santangelo
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Sargen
Mr. Kris Satterfield
Mrs. Irma Satterthwaite
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan H. Savadove
Roberta Savo
Mr. and Mrs. Aidai K. Sawyer
Ms. Pauline Scalvino
Mr. Scott Scammell
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert S. Scarborough, Jr.
Ms. Catherine Schaeder
Mr. William H. Scheide
Dr. and Mrs. William Schetman
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Schiller
Ms. Cherry R. Schilpp
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schimmel
Mr. and Mrs. John Schmelzer
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Schneider
Mr. Vincent Schrier
Ms. R. Jane Schwam
Mr. Pete Schwartz
Ms. Jean Schwarzbauer
Mr. William W. Schwarze
Mr. H. Rodney Scott
Mr. S. C. Scrudato
Mrs. Anne M. Seeberger
Stanley and Paula Segal
Mr. Paul Sells
Mr. James Setright
Ms. Antoinette F. Seymour
Mrs. Barbara Shaffer
Mr. Ihsan A. Shahid
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaman
Mr. William Shanley
Ms. Judith Shapiro
Mr. Richard E. Shapiro and Ms. Madelaine Shellaby
Mrs. Alice M. Sharp
Ms. Sally E. Sharp
Mr. Joseph Shaw
Mr. Arthur D. Shwartz
Mr. Scott Siegal
Dr. Jay P. Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Siegele
Mrs. Laurie Silverstein
Mr. Samuel S. Simon
Mr. Richard Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Sirlin
Mr. Ralph W. Skeels
Mr. Sam Slater
Ms. Carol Slocum
Mr. Ronald Small
Mr. and Mrs. William Smilow
Judge and Mrs. Charles B. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Smith
Mr. Donald F. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Emmett Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Smith, Jr.
Mrs. Harlan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Smith
Ms. Judy B. Smith
Dr. Kaighn Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Smith
Mrs. Margaret G. Smith
Ms. Patricia Smith
Mr. Richard Smolev
Mr. Paul F. Smoyer
Mr. and Mrs. George Snyder
Dr. Robert H. Socolow
Ms. Eileen Soffer
Elizabeth and Richard Soltan
Ms. Karen Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Sotomayor
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Spampinato
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Spatola
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Spear
Mrs. Barbara Speidel
Mr. Allen Speiser
Maureen and Jonathan Spencer
Mr. John B. Spielberger
Ms. Barbara A. Spitz
Mrs. Christine Spitzer
Ms. Teresa Spizzuco
David and Helen St. Clair
Ms. Beverly Stalcup
Mr. Michael Stamn
Mr. Robert B. Stanfield
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Steckel
Mr. Gary B. Steelman
Mr. David W. Stehman
Ms. Suzanna Steinberger
Ms. Ellen J. Steiner
Ms. Patricia J. Steiner
Dr. Marion P. Steininger
Ms. Kathleen A. Stephenson
Barbara Stepien
Ms. Donda Sternberg
Ms. Linda Sterthous
Ms. Susan A. Stetler
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Stever
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Stewart
Ms. Elaine R. Stieffenhofer
Dr. Margaret Stineman
Mr. Dennis E. Stinson
Ms. Alice Stith
Ms. Lois Stratton
Dr. Ann Strauss
Ms. Ann Stroud
Mr. Buddy Styer
Mark Sudol
Mr. Peter Sudol
Mr. Edward Sullivan
Martin Sumner
Mr. Henderson Supplee III
Ms. Alice J. Suydam
Ms. Paula K. Sweisford
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Swierczynski
Ms. Susan Szczepanski
Ms. Laura Szymanski
Ms. Joyce Tallett
Mrs. Adelina Taraborelli
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Tarbox
Mrs. George Tarby
Mrs. Sharonlynn A. Tassone
Mrs. Betty J. Tatem
Jonathan Taylor
Mr. Jarrad Teller
Ms. Becky Terhune
Ms. Susan Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McK. Thomas
Mr. Tom Thoren
Mr. Barclay Thorn
Mr. and Mrs. David Tierno
Mr. Paul C. Timm-Brock
Ms. Helen A. Toland
Mr. and Mrs. John Tom
Ms. Julia R. Toner
Ms. Diane D. Torowus
Mrs. Raffaela Torrence
Mr. David Trauger
Ms. Denise Tremblay and Mr. Harish Sethu
Ms. Tammy Tribuani
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tridente
Mrs. Kathleen Troncelliti
Mrs. Donna Troop
Ms. Jayme Trott
Mr. Gary R. Trotta
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Tsai
Dr. and Mrs. Phil Tumminia
Mr. Philip Twelbeck
Mr. Dave Uhrich
Mr. Harris Ulery
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ullman
Mark Ungemach
Ms. Carolyn Urban
Mr. Anthony Urbano
Helen Urbanski
Ms. Ava J. Vandergast
Ms. Ellen S. Varenhorst
Mr. Rudolph Velebir
J. Vera
Dr. Thomas M. and M. Patricia Vernon
Daniel Visco
Ms. Vijaya Viswamathan
Mr. Ezio Vittone
Mr. Peter Vosbikian
Miss Maria Waddell
Christine A. Wagner and Eduardas J. Skladaitis
Lisa Wagner
Judy and Seymour Wagner
Mr. Borje Wahlstrom
Mr. Gary L. Waite
Mr. Stephanie S. Wakeman
Ms. Merle D. Walker
Ms. Teresa A. Wallace and Mr. John G. Chou
Mrs. Patricia S. Walsh
Ms. Rose Marie Walter
Laura H. Waltz
Ms. Carol Ward
Ms. Mary G. Ward
Mrs. Olga P. Ward
Mrs. Mary G. Warden
Mr. Ed Watkeys
Dr. Bernard C. Watson
Mr. James F. Watts
Ms. Jean M. Wayne
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weaver
Mr. George E. Weaver
Ms. Elizabeth Webb
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Wechsler
Mr. Steven Weed
Ms. Carol A. Wehrheim
Mr. John Weikart
Mr. Paul Weinberg
Ms. Debra S. Weiner
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Weinstock
Dr. Henry W. Weisman
Ms. Frances Weisser
Ms. Ellen M. Welch
Mrs. Anne Wellock
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Welsch
Mr. Fredrick Wentz, Sr.
Alan and Susan Wenzell
Kim Werkheiser
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. West, Jr.
Ms. Amber West
Mr. Gary R. West
Ms. Barbara Westergaard
Ms. Carol Westfall
Mrs. Ruth Westkaemper
Mr. Matthew Weymar and Mrs. Diana Weymar
Ms. Natalie R. Weymouth
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Whatnell
Mrs. Grace R. Wheeler
Mr. Warwick S. Wheeler
Lisa K. and Markus Whitley
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Whitman
Ms. D. G. Whitmore
Dr. Estelle H. Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. W. Beaumont Whitney III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whittemore
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Wiedmann
Paul J. and Brinda Wiita
Mrs. Edith Wilde
Mr. Robert Wilensky
Dr. Pamela Wilkins and Dr. Fabio Del Piero
Mr. Clarence Williams
Mr. Dave Williams
Ms. Deborah Willig
Mr. Athian Wilson
Mr. Donald M. Wilson
Ms. Penelope P. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilson-McCall
Mr. John G. Winant
Mrs. Jane Winch
Mrs. Joyce Winston
Mrs. Joan C. Woehr
Mrs. Caryl Wolf
Ms. Margery S. Wolf
Ms. Elizabeth Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Wolfe
Mr. Stephen Wolfe
Mrs. Esther T. Woodward
Mrs. Aleph A. Woolfolk
Mrs. Nancy Worthington
Mr. Robert B. Wortz
Mr. Gerard L. Yarnall
Mr. and Mrs. Lucien D. Yokana
Ms. Elizabeth M. Young
Mr. John Young
Mr. Michael Young
Katherine H. and David M. Zaiser
Mr. Gerald J. Zeitz
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Zell
Dr. Jane A. Zendarski
Mr. Sheng Zhu
Mr. Craig E. Ziegler and Ms. Martha S. Hewson
Advah and Joshua Zinder