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WHYY's Adult Learning Service helps individuals meet the demands of today's increasingly competitive workforce by making personal and professional enrichment opportunities available where and when it is convenient for them. The Adult Learning service accomplishes this through Web-based initiatives; adult basic education initiatives; and WHYY Advantage.

Online Initiatives
Designed and developed by WHYY���s Adult Learning Service in collaboration with higher education distance learning professionals, CollegeAnywhere is a unique multimedia service that connects colleges and universities throughout the country with an extensive library of educational video content. Part of WHYY's mission to support life long learning, CollegeAnywhere video topics include English composition, foreign languages, economics, art, mathematics and more. Benefits of the CollegeAnywhere include the ability to operate on both PCs and Macs, and availability via dial-up or broadband. CollegeAnywhere programs are ADA compliant, and can be seamlessly integrated into any course management system. The service also features user-defined book marking, which allows faculty to select multiple segments of video to highlight. In all cases, CollegeAnywhere streams are available to students any time and anywhere.

An initiative of both WHYY's Children's Service and Adult Learning service, eLearning Delaware is a Web-based professional development resource for educators in the First State. eLearning Delaware provides online professional development courses, designed to meet high-priority needs for Delaware educators, with particular emphasis on teachers from eligible at-risk schools and districts. The courses expand upon a teacher's content knowledge; improve statewide teacher quality and current teaching practices; and will subsequently increase student achievement.

eLearning Delaware is the implementation of the eLearning for Educators initiative, a project funded through a U.S. Department of Education "Ready To Teach" grant. The $22 million, five-year grant was awarded to nine state education agencies and associated public broadcasting stations. WHYY's eLearning partners are the Delaware Center for Educational Technology and the Delaware Department of Education.

Adult Basic Education Initiatives
WHYY was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to translate the popular GED Connection videos (in partnership with Kentucky Public Television) into Spanish. The programs will be distributed nationally to help Spanish-speaking communities pursue their education. WHYY will work with local civic organization Congreso De Latinos Unidos to distribute these programs throughout the Delaware Valley.

WHYY Advantage Projects
Working with Jewish Employment and Vocational Services (JEVS) of Greater Philadelphia, SoftAssist, which develops customized online learning solutions, and the Philadelphia Parking Authority, WHYY Advantage produced Gold Star Service, an online guest service training program, which is now mandatory for all city cab drivers.

Additional Advantage productions included taping and production of the Haverford Trust's Annual Investors' Conference; the WHYY Advantage CEO Forums; the Association for Frontotemporal Demetia (AFTD) conference, which featured WHYY's Dr. Dan Gottlieb as the event's keynote speaker; and the What's News project, which was a Web-based program moderated by Dr. Jarice Hanson of Temple University.

Looking Ahead
In the next fiscal year, WHYY's Adult Learning Service will continue to cultivate new partnerships that will help leverage our strengths as a national leader in adult learning and workforce professional development, ensuring that individuals and organizations throughout the country are performing to their full potential.

Upcoming projects include implementing an educational television system, along with GED and workforce training, and Children's Service workshops for prisoners within the Philadelphia Prison System; continued work on the multi-year GED Connection Spanish translation; working with local organizations to develop the region's workforce; and a higher education collaborative project that will determine how public television stations can best serve the content needs of higher education institutions.

Advantage Productions will focus on helping local organizations create and produce high-quality marketing and communications videos.