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When WHYY-FM first signed on in 1954, one of its earliest missions was to bring the cultural arts into people's lives like never before, anywhere a radio signal could reach. We have expanded that reach considerably over 50 years, allowing us to fulfill our mission of making arts and culture experiences accessible to everyone on a variety of platforms.

One perfect example is Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane. Marty explores what's new and noteworthy with authors, playwrights, filmmakers, actors and more of the most creative minds in our region and beyond every weekday on 91FM. Her thought-provoking interviews are also available on satellite radio, archived at whyy.org and broadcast on WHYY Digital TV. The very best are seen weekly on Radio Times on TV and are available to viewers through Comcast Video On Demand.

WHYY Arts & Culture reporting on 91FM has never been stronger. WHYY-FM's award-winning arts reporter, Joel Rose, opens listeners' minds by delving deeper into what's making news and uncovering little-known stories. This year for example, Rose gave us a closer look at the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Salvador Dali exhibit and introduced us to a local photographer who displays her work in a completely different venue -- under an I-95 overpass in South Philadelphia. Many of these WHYY Arts & Culture reports were broadcast nationally on NPR, and they are archived at whyy.org.

91FM's Showcase completed its fourth year of broadcasting concerts by the Philadelphia Orchestra. We also introduced listeners to today's brightest young talents with concerts by Curtis Institute of Music students and performances by musicians from Astral Artistic Services and Tempesta di Mare. Making the Showcase experience even richer were Ed Cunningham's insightful interviews with some of the program's featured artists, including world-renowned pianist Lang Lang and Philadelphia Orchestra music director Christoph Eschenbach. Our audiences can also listen to classical music anytime on WHYY’s Classical 24 Music Service, which is available via the Second Audio Program (SAP) channel on their televisions.

WHYY's Fresh Air with Terry Gross is the third most-listened-to program from NPR and is broadcast on more than 460 stations nationwide. Terry Gross is an interviewer without peer, and her book, All I Did Was Ask, was published this year in partnership with WHYY to much critical acclaim. Featuring some of her best conversations with authors, actors, musicians and artists, the book quickly rose to the top of the bestseller lists. Thirty years after becoming host of Fresh Air -- which was then a local, three-hour daily program on 91FM -- Terry Gross continues to set the gold standard through her illuminating interviews. Next year, be sure to look for Terry's interviews via WHYY On Demand.

Patrick Stoner, WHYY-TV's resident film critic, received one of his industry's highest honors when the Broadcast Film Critics Association named him the year's "Best Interviewer." Stoner's movie "Quick Pics" and Flicks -- his engaging interviews with Hollywood's brightest stars -- air throughout the week on TV12 and are seen by viewers on public television stations across the country.

Advances in digital broadcasting make it possible for us to share WHYY's community experiences with a wider audience. In FY'05, we captured some of our best live events for air on our digital TV channel. For example, people who weren't able to join us in person could still be a part of our 91FM@50 celebration at the Community College of Philadelphia and watch young musicians from Astral Artistic Services perform in WHYY's Independence Foundation Civic Space during the launch of our Experience series.

When our new digital Arts & Culture TV channel and HD Radio® service go live, we will have even more platforms on which to present our ongoing productions and regional and national specials.

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