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Last year's regional and national elections were some of the most contentious in recent memory. WHYY News & Public Affairs brought the key issues at stake into focus for our audiences through unparalleled election coverage across all of our multimedia platforms.

To give residents a much-needed regional perspective on the presidential race and key congressional votes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, we partnered with West Chester University to conduct our first-ever series of WHYY News & Public Affairs election polls. As part of the national "By the People" initiative, WHYY and the World Affairs Council hosted a timely discussion with Dr. Frank Newport, Editor-in-Chief of the Gallup Poll, about his book Polling Matters: Why Leaders Must Listen to the Wisdom of the People.

On election night, WHYY teamed with our content partner FOX29 to cover the region's major races, with in-depth analysis from Marty Moss-Coane, Tracey Matisak and Nancy Karibjanian on TV12 and WHYY Digital TV and up-to-the-minute results on whyy.org throughout the evening. Dave Heller anchored local reports and national coverage from NPR on 91FM. And, we welcomed residents into the TV12 studios for an insightful examination of the issues as part of The Philadelphia Inquirer's "Citizen Voices" project. To tie it all together, WHYY offered timely Web pages on all aspects of our election coverage.

We gave national audiences unprecedented insight into the workings of American democracy through Presidential Conversations on the Constitution, a three-part TV and radio series co-produced by WHYY's News & Public Affairs and Arts & Culture services in partnership with the National Constitution Center. The production won a Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy Award for Best Public Affairs Series.

As always, we look for opportunities to bring people new programs and services that educate, entertain and inspire. In FY'05, WHYY became the national presenter of the acclaimed financial program MoneyTrack.

Recognizing that people's busy lives don't always allow them to be near a television or radio, we continued to offer more of our best programs via WHYY On Demand, including MoneyTrack and Radio Times on TV, and we completely redesigned whyy.org to make it easier for people to access program information and listen to archived 91FM features online.

Looking to the future, we are preparing to explore the complex issues that will be at the forefront of the fall 2007 Philadelphia mayoral election through the yearlong series, "The Next Mayor." As we did so successfully in FY'05, we will use all of our multimedia platforms to help our viewers and listeners make a confident choice about who can best lead our region into the next decade.

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