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People trust WHYY News & Public Affairs to bring them the most intelligent and in-depth programming on television and radio. In consecutive national public opinion polls, audiences named PBS and NPR as two of the most trusted sources for news and public affairs programs.1

The goal of WHYY News & Public Affairs is to put today's most complex regional, national and world issues into context by providing clarity, a diverse perspective, intelligent insight and meaningful analysis. These are the hallmarks of WHYY's News & Public Affairs service and what make us stand out in today's cluttered marketplace.

WHYY commands a level of public trust unmatched by other broadcasters through:

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Our News & Public Affairs service offers multiple ways to know the who, the what, the where, the when and, most importantly, the why:

  • On WHYY 91FM, the Delaware Valley's most-listened-to public radio station and its primary source for signature NPR news and information programs.

  • On WHYY TV12, which broadcasts The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and more of the most trusted news and information programs on television.

  • On WHYY Digital TV, where viewers can tune in to watch extended broadcast coverage of regional, national and world events. This year for example, viewers watched public television's exclusive gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions and witnessed centuries-old traditions unfold as Pope John Paul II was laid to rest.

  • Via Video On Demand, which lets viewers watch such WHYY News & Public Affairs programs as Delaware Tonight and Radio Times on TV when it is most convenient for them. In FY���05, views of WHYY Delaware Tonight made up 43% of all WHYY On Demand programs accessed.

  • On whyy.org, an online destination for in-depth information about WHYY's programs and services where people can listen to up-to-the-minute news reports from 91FM and NPR, access 91FM's extensive audio archive and watch WHYY Delaware Tonight right at their desktops.

  • Via podcasting, which makes our content available anytime and anywhere and extends our service to communities that don't receive WHYY's broadcast signal.

  • At community events that initiate meaningful discussions around issues that are making news.

Looking forward, WHYY News & Public Affairs will produce "The Next Mayor," a special yearlong series that will address the important issues raised during Philadelphia's mayoral race and other regional elections scheduled for fall 2007. Working with our content partner, The Philadelphia Daily News, we will utilize print media, television, radio, the Web and digital platforms to inform and engage the widest possible audience.

And, when we open next year a state-of-art news bureau in Dover, Delaware, we will enhance our coverage of the issues and events that impact residents of the First State.

Helping our audiences make informed and confident decisions about their future is one of the many ways we continue to earn their unwavering trust and respect.

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1 Source: Roper Public Opinion Polls, January 2004 & February 2005