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WHYY Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2005

For 50 years, WHYY has connected our audiences to the world's richest ideas and all of us to each other—on TV, radio, the Web and in the community. And we're sure you'll agree that WHYY has only gotten better at reaching you in traditional and non-traditional ways in this multimedia age.

We have built a trusted relationship with you and our community that goes far beyond great radio and TV programs that intrigue, educate and inspire.

Unlike any other broadcaster in our region, WHYY has made strategic long-term investments that support our businesses, arts and culture institutions, schools, day care centers, healthcare organizations and adult communities. We've also capitalized on the latest digital technology to bring you more and better programs and services that enrich your life and expand your horizons.

This past fiscal year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of WHYY-FM with unforgettable broadcasts and community events that reinforced for us what a profound impact WHYY makes in our region, through an ever-widening array of media platforms.

As we took time out in FY'05 to mark this important milestone, we also added several new chapters to our rich history.

Joined by Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner, we announced plans to open next year a community bureau in Dover to enhance WHYY's news, information and arts and culture coverage in the First State. Our News & Public Affairs service partnered with West Chester University to conduct our first-ever series of election polls to present residents with a much-needed local perspective.

Through our award-winning Arts & Culture service, we increased awareness of our region's rich cultural community when we introduced Experience, an ongoing series of video "postcards" that highlight fascinating people, places and stories. We are now beginning to install WHYY cameras in regional performing arts venues and taking steps to launch a digital television channel dedicated exclusively to Arts & Culture programming.

Our Children's Service—distinguished for its Ready To Learn community workshops, In the Spirit of Family events and resources for teacher professional development—received yet another well-deserved award when it was recognized as "A Great Friend to Kids" by Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum®. We continued to prove what a great friend WHYY is to parents, day care providers and educators by providing even more on and off-air resources to help them improve their interactions with children.

Our Adult Learning Service incorporated a new production model to provide workforce development solutions for organizations large and small when WHYY Advantage produced videos to train Philadelphia taxi drivers. We strengthened our position as a leader in adult learning when we initiated CourseStreamSM, an innovative service that enhances the online learning experience for students completing college coursework.

WHYY's Wider Horizons Service was recognized with national and regional awards for its original programming and collaborative outreach in the areas of family caregiving and chronic illness. Wider Horizons, its Caring Community coalition and other community partners continued to develop unique content and meet the needs and interests of underserved and ever-growing audiences, especially baby boomers and retirees. In particular, Wider Horizons broke new ground by launching a customized television service at Hershey's Mill in West Chester, Pennsylvania, which will serve as a model for future partnerships with more of our region's vibrant adult communities.


As you read through our Annual Report, you will discover the innumerable ways we encourage our audiences to know WHYY on a more personal level through the best in news and public affairs; arts and culture; children's programming and early childhood development; adult educational services; and enriching experiences for those individuals embracing the opportunities and challenges presented by "the second half of life."

Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous support of our 111,000 members and countless foundations, businesses, corporations and government agencies throughout our region.

It is this support that helps us to establish the lifelong relationships that make our work so meaningful—and so incredibly rewarding.

Molly Dickinson Shepard

Chairman, WHYY Board of Directors

William J. Marrazzo

President and Chief Executive Officer