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WHYY's online and video enrichment opportunities are also having a positive impact on the users of our Children's Service. WHYY's online resources are aimed at the learning matrix of kids, parents and teachers.

On WHYY's PBS Kids Web site, young children find a place where they can play games, read stories, and participate in all kinds of fun-filled educational activities related to their favorite TV12 kids' shows.

WHYY connects with kids in elementary school, an audience with limited choices for media content that is both fun and educational, through PBS Kids GO!. This special after-school block of programs -- Maya & Miguel, Postcards From Buster, Cyberchase and Arthur -- appeals to the unique interests of children ages 6 to 11. PBS Kids GO! is also a Web site that encourages "big" kids to be creative and inquisitive through interactive online activities that dig deeper into a wide array of interesting topics. The Web site is a safe place for them to explore links to their favorite TV12 programs and find resources to help them successfully complete homework and school projects.

At whyy.org, parents can find useful information on children's learning and development, from tips on helping children learn to read to strategies for coping with learning disabilities.

Educators, using PBS TeacherLine and other important sites such as PBS TeacherSource, can find links to various online professional development resources including exemplary Web sites, supportive, collaborative learning communities and articles that focus on educational issues.

To help a child get the most from any TV12 kids program, adults can use our monthly online "View, Do, Read" feature, which presents a "learning triangle" that connects a show with books and activities related to one theme or skill.

WHYY's video enrichment opportunities for teens are part of an exciting new initiative, the Learning Lab. The goal is to share the power of digital technology to foster a more connected community. In the WHYY Media Lounge, an after-school Learning Lab activity, a group of teens met twice a week at the Southwark House Community Center in South Philadelphia to create a short documentary about growing up in Philadelphia.

The Media Lounge used video production training, media literacy and community activism to help students create videos on subjects that are important to them and their communities. Through this process, the teens learned to view the media with a critical eye and to develop leadership, team-building and creative-thinking skills.

WHYY's online and video enrichment opportunities for the region will continue next year and provide education, inspiration and lifelong learning for all.

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