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Why do so many people turn first to WHYY for news and information? One word: Trust.

The trust and respect that Gwen Ifill, Jim Lehrer, Bill Moyers, Cokie Roberts and more top journalists bring to the table on national programs like The NewsHour, Nightly Business Report, Washington Week, NOW, Frontline, Wide Angle, Weekend Edition and BBC World Service make WHYY News & Public Affairs second to none.

And of course, WHYY's own thoughtful, accurate and in-depth regional coverage complements these trusted national television and radio programs to bring our audiences the local perspective on a wide variety of media platforms:

  • Brenda Jorett, host of WHYY-FM's Morning Edition, starts the day off with comprehensive regional reports and interviews, as well as national and world headlines.

  • WHYY-FM's Dave Heller updates listeners in the afternoon and early evening with expanded local coverage from WHYY reporters during Here and Now, Day to Day and All Things Considered.

  • WHYY Delaware Tonight, the region's only daily newscast produced in the First State for the First State, is available on TV12, WHYY Digital TV, whyy.org and via WHYY On Demand.

  • WHYY Delaware Tonight's "Friday Forum" features in-depth discussions with local newsmakers around one issue, hot topic or story. Several Delaware Tonight reports are featured each day on 91FM newscasts.

  • WHYY-FM's Dr. Dan Gottlieb offers intelligent insight on current issues of mental health, psychology and relationships during his weekly call-in program, Voices in the Family; his weekly reports on Morning Edition with host Brenda Jorett; and his In the Spirit of Family discussions.

  • Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute, keeps listeners looking up with SkyTalk, his weekly discussion with 91FM's Dave Heller about what's new and interesting in space.

  • Informative and interactive experiences at the WHYY studios and in the community bring people from all walks of life together. In FY'05, we welcomed people at such events as "By the People with Frank Newport of the Gallup Poll"; "Afghanistan Unveiled"; "The Congregation"; "Images of Conflict in Iraq"; and "Familia Saludable Health Fair."

Marty Moss-Coane is one of the best interviewers on regional radio, and her thought-provoking look at the most important issues of the day on WHYY-FM's Radio Times earns her the respect of political leaders and listeners alike.

During the 2004 elections, Marty Moss-Coane moderated an exclusive debate between challengers Melissa Brown (R) and Allyson Schwartz (D) of Philadelphia's 13th Congressional District, and conducted independent discussions with U.S. Senate candidates Joe Hoeffel (D) and Arlen Specter (R) on Radio Times. On WHYY Delaware Tonight, Nancy Karibjanian moderated the only televised gubernatorial debate between Governor Ruth Ann Minner (D), Bill Lee (R) and Frank Infante (I).

In FY'05, we took the next steps in the ongoing development of WHYY News & Public Affairs when we installed a new digital television transmitter and antenna in Seaford—fulfilling the FCC's digital transition requirements and expanding our coverage throughout southern Delaware.

Together with Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner, we also announced plans to open next year a state-of-the-art WHYY news bureau in Dover, which will enhance our coverage of issues and events in the First State.

People want more than just headlines and sound bites. They trust WHYY to bring them stories and information that help them make sense of what's happening in their lives and in our world, when and where it fits their busy schedules.

It's what we do every day and what we will continue to do as we focus on more of the issues that are shaping our future.

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