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WHYY's Children's Service is an educational partner to children, parents, day care providers and educators in our tri-state region.

For children, WHYY is a first and trusted friend and a safe haven in a world that is sometimes complicated and confusing. For adults, it is a reliable educational partner in their quest to instill the joys and wonders of lifelong learning in young ones.

WHYY's Children's Service may be best known for the more than 11 hours of children's programming it broadcasts weekdays on TV12 as well as additional weekend hours dedicated to children, but it is much broader than that. Through on-air programs on TV12 and 91FM, off-air events, professional development opportunities and online services, WHYY's Children's Service contributes to the healthy development and education of children and those who work with children.

Our goal is to inspire, educate and intrigue our audiences every day through:

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The Children's Service last year was singled out as best in class when it was awarded the coveted Please Touch Museum's "Great Friend to Kids Award" for educational excellence. This was just one of the many highlights in an extremely productive year for the WHYY Children's Service.

WHYY connected with kids in elementary school this past year through PBS Kids GO!, a new multimedia initiative that encourages kids ages 6 to 11 to discover themselves and their diverse world as they embrace a love of learning. Created around an after-school block of award-winning TV programs geared for kids in this age group, PBS Kids GO! is also a fun and educational Web site that lets them explore interesting topics like science, family life, the arts and media literacy through interactive online activities.

One of our goals in the next fiscal year is to raise the bar by expanding adult educational opportunities to empower parents, childcare providers and educators to help children of all ages to learn to love learning.

WHYY will continue to develop its partnership with PBS TeacherLine as part of our online K-12 professional development component. We will seek out and form new community partnerships with groups such as Head Start in Delaware. Planning is also underway to create professional development opportunities for middle school educators and parents in association with Temple University's School of Communications. And, look for upcoming programs that focus on raising awareness about childhood obesity. Our goal, as always, is to have a positive impact on educating our children for life.