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WHYY's Arts & Culture Service resonates deeply in the lives of our audiences. Time and again, people tell us how much they value WHYY's commitment to bring them the world-class programs they simply can't find anywhere else on television or radio.

Our goal is to showcase the richness of our region's arts and culture community and introduce audiences to the very best the world has to offer—on TV, FM, at whyy.org and through in-person experiences.

We give audiences a front-row seat every day through:

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This past fiscal year, WHYY's Arts & Culture service used an innovative new production model to magnify the people and places that make our region a renowned center for the cultural arts. These two ongoing series of video "postcards"—Experience and Delaware: Portrait in Time—present viewers with a new perspective on the history and culture in their own backyards. In addition to airing throughout the WHYY-TV schedule, they are also are available to view anytime via WHYY On Demand. We also introduced regional viewers to four of the Delaware Valley's Hometown Legends on TV12.

And we used several key national arts and culture productions as a springboard for interactive local experiences at our Civic Space events, which we also recorded for air on WHYY Digital TV. These included a screening of the groundbreaking series Nature: Deep Jungle at the Academy of Natural Sciences, with insights from ornithologist Dr. Nate Rice about his own wild jungle expeditions; a special program staged by Hedgerow Theatre to celebrate the return of Agatha Christie's spinster sleuth, Miss Marple, to Mystery! on TV12; and a lively discussion around the compelling American Masters film, "Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice," with singer and activist Carol Maillard, a Philadelphia native and longtime member of this Grammy Award-winning a cappella ensemble.

Arts, music and drama presentations were the foundation of the daily radio schedule when WHYY-FM first went on the air in 1954. Fifty years later, arts and culture programming continues to thrive on 91FM thanks to such talented professionals as Ed Cunningham, Terry Gross, Mike McGrath, Marty Moss-Coane, Peter Sagal and Isaiah Sheffer. They and many more WHYY-FM personalities helped us celebrate 50 years of radio worth your time during our live 91FM@50 stage production, which was inspired by shows from the golden days of radio.

Next year, we will build on our current strengths to fully expand WHYY's Arts & Culture Service, offering people more of the programs they love as we continue to open their eyes and ears to new regional, national and global experiences.

We have begun to lay the foundation for a new digital television channel devoted exclusively to arts and culture featuring both regional and national programming as we also continue to expand our arts and culture On Demand offerings. In addition, WHYY will be one of the first public broadcasters in the country to begin installing cameras in regional performing arts venues, with the goal of presenting passionate performances, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes tours to connect our audiences more closely to the performers and creative minds who enrich our lives.

We will offer even greater access on our soon-to-be-launched HD Radio® service, with a second FM channel combining news, arts and culture programming and classical music. We will continue to shine a spotlight on our region's arts and culture treasures through more Experience segments. And when WHYY opens its new community access bureau in Dover, Delaware, we will greatly enhance arts and culture coverage in the First State.

Our audiences know why the arts make our communities richer and more diverse, and we are proud to bring these experiences to life for them in ways that no one else can.

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