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WHYY Advantage creates customized solutions to meet the professional development needs of organizations large and small and of the region's blue and white-collar workforce. Using multimedia platforms, WHYY Advantage this past fiscal year has produced a suite of products from educational training videos for taxi drivers to forums filled with practical advice for our region's leaders. It starts with partnerships.

For the Philadelphia Parking Authority and in partnership with JEVS and SoftAssist, WHYY Advantage tackled a gritty Philadelphia problem by creating a multimedia production that gives taxi drivers the knowledge they need to improve standards and provide a higher level of service. The result, "Gold Star Service Training," is already helping drivers offer better customer service.

For Haverford Trust, WHYY Advantage wrote and produced the Adviser Forum 2004, the annual meeting for Haverford Trust's clients. The forum, anchored by Nightly Business Report's Susie Gharib, included GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt as well as Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel and senior executives from Haverford Trust. The Forum, which provided a glimpse into the coming year's economy, was key to WHYY's Advantage program: establishing WHYY as a multimedia meeting producer.

Acting as its own client, WHYY Advantage created "From HR to CEO: Lessons Learned on the Way Up." Held in WHYY's Independence Foundation Civic Space and simultaneously webcast, this was WHYY's first Advantage CEO Forum, and it brought together two of our region's newest leaders: Independence Blue Cross's Joseph Frick and Wawa's Howard Stoeckel with moderator Howard Fischer. This is the first step in archiving the wisdom of our region's leaders for the region.

These initiatives are just the beginning. Drug companies, healthcare conglomerates and informational Web sites have all come to WHYY to help them craft studio productions to provide information to their constituents, as have non-profits like the Caron Foundation and Delaware's Children & Families First.

Next year, WHYY Advantage will once again partner with Haverford Trust, as well as returning medical institutions and information providers. Also look for the return of the CEO Forum and for videos highlighting major redevelopment projects for Central Philly Development Corporation, which celebrates its 50th anniversary.

WHYY Advantage realizes that technology has changed the very nature of learning. Through the latest digital, video and audio technology, WHYY plays a part in making our region's workforce smarter, more informed and better able to do their jobs.