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WHYY Delaware Tonight anchor Nancy Karibjanian (top) and 91FM Morning Edition host Brenda Jorett.
Watch highlights from WHYY's News Service.

WHYY's News and Public Affairs Service is a trusted source of in-depth news, information and analysis, reporting on regional, national and international issues with context and clarity for an experience that stands out from the rush of "breaking news" so pervasive in the surrounding media environment.

We bring you the news through:

Daily Program Service
WHYY Specials

WHYY has the unique ability to make information available through our multi-channel resources:

  • WHYY TV12 continues to offer the best news and public affairs TV programs found anywhere on broadcast television.
  • WHYY-TV now offers a stand-alone distinct digital TV service on 12.1 and on Comcast Digital Cable Channel 220.
  • WHYY 91FM continues to be the most-listened-to public radio station in the region.
  • whyy.org now has expanded capacity for easier access.
  • Community events in WHYY's Civic Space and at a growing list of partner locations.

Our goal is to provide journalism that is informed, accurate and timely, presented by our own respected reporters and producers alongside the global resources of PBS, NPR, PRI, the BBC and other award-winning news organizations.

WHYY will look ahead to the presidential elections with in-depth, contextual coverage from the conventions and campaigns right into the next presidential term of office. As always, WHYY's combination of TV, FM, Web and community outlets adds up to an unmatched resource that allows area citizens to explore the issues of the day.


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