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Bert and Ernie and the loveable Clifford are stars of WHYY-TV's children's programming.
Watch TV12's award-winning children's programming.

A baby's first steps. The first book read. The first day of school. A child's life is filled with first-time experiences. WHYY's Children's Service provides an array of on-air and off-air experiences for young children, their parents and caregivers that are second to none.

The goal of WHYY’s Children's Service is to get children ready to learn and to help adults prepare our kids for the wondrous adventures of lifelong learning. To reach that goal, each year we raise the bar. Because training childcare professionals is a cornerstone of our service, our Ready to Learn (RTL) workshops are accredited in Delaware, with applications for accreditation in process for Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The accreditation allows childcare providers to receive certification toward their childcare licenses. Moving forward, we plan to implement several new professional development experiences for K-12 educators for which educators can receive professional development credit hours.

In achieving our goals for FY’04, here's how WHYY's Children's Service played an important role in the joys of teaching young children to love learning:

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