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Christoph Eschenbach, director of the Philadelphia Orchestra, speaks about his craft at the WHYY studios.
Watch WHYY's cultural programming highlights.
A "monitor's eye-view" of 91FM's Sunday Showcase host Ed Cunningham.

The goal of WHYY's Arts and Culture Service is to put audiences in the front row to experience the best in arts and culture. We do it by showcasing the riches in our region to national audiences and introducing the Delaware Valley's residents to the best arts and culture found anywhere. In addition, we help regional arts organizations expand their reach through TV, FM and Web technologies, as well as in-person experiences.

Highlights of this year's Arts and Culture Service were the Emmy Award-winning, WHYY production of the pop, rock, jazz and classical concert, Denyce Graves: Breaking the Rules; the launch of "Experience" features; and regular arts reports, interviews and close up features on WHYY-FM, WHYY-TV and whyy.org.

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Ongoing Productions
Regional and National Arts Specials

Next year, WHYY's Arts and Culture Service will expand the cultural horizons for audiences by producing additional Experience profiles. WHYY will continue to expand Sunday Showcase for the 2004-05 season by incorporating into its lineup new groups such as the Haddonfield Symphony, and it will add extended artists' interviews to the Web. In addition, WHYY will distribute nationally the Presidential Conversations on the Constitution series -- with our News and Public Affairs Service -- on TV, FM and the Web with an extensive program site and educational package. The goal once again will be to give our audiences a reason to applaud the arts and culture that makes our tri-station region special.


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