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WHYY Home College student June Rogers.
Watch Rogers’ speech at the 2004 WHYY President’s Dinner.

Fifty years ago, the founders of WHYY envisioned a radio station that would be "one of the most effective teaching tools for serving people of all ages." Their varied schedule of educational radio programming caught on, was later joined by in-school television and today is rapidly moving to computer-based online learning.

WHYY's Adult Learning Service follows through on our founders' commitment by making the lifelong learning experience convenient, personalized and relevant. Our services are now growing beyond the Philadelphia region to reach virtually anywhere on the globe.

Key Adult Learning Service activities this year focused on these areas:

College and Preparatory Courses
WHYY Advantage Productions

Adults explore WHYY's Home College offerings.

WHYY's goal is to use the latest technology, in partnership with respected partners in the education community, to provide learning tools to people of all ages. The year ahead will see an expansion of online content, development of new relationships with distributors of professional development programs and additional outlets for GED and workforce training.

We firmly believe that the experiences provided by the WHYY Adult Learning Service can readily support personal growth and career advancement for individuals, which in turn can lead to a stronger competitive position for the tri-state region.


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