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Wider Horizons Executive Director Willo Carey and her mother.
Watch a Wider Horizons segment on Delaware Tonight.

WHYY’s Wider Horizons service is unique in public broadcasting. It is a trend-setting, new service that blends television, radio, Internet and community partnerships to focus on the needs and interests of people approaching or in ‘the second half of life’ through:

The impact of WHYY’s Wider Horizons service is most evident in programming on WHYY: intelligent discussions on caregiving and end-of-life issues as well as broad-based programs that spark social engagement and creativity.

Intergenerational Block family had an important role in Thou Shalt Honor.

Its success can also be measured by the commitment of the 84 members of Caring Community, WHYY’s volunteer coalition representing universities, government agencies, faith-based organizations and health care systems in the region. This collaboration offers a much-needed forum for professionals and the public to explore issues related to end-of-life and caregiving, where professional expertise connects with personal need via television, radio, Web and in person. The unique partnering of the public broadcasting station with the coalition provides access to innovative technology to reach greater numbers of people in creative ways.

Educational programs, online and print resources, and collaboration of community partners all reflect WHYY’s desire to be responsive to the community, which includes the daily experiences of older persons.



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