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Maggie Kuhn

Watch an excerpt from Maggie Growls!


Sweet Old Song told the love story of Howard Armstrong and Barbara Ward, ages 90 and 61.


Multimedia Programming and Outreach

WHYY’s Wider Horizons is a multi-platform service to address the needs and interests people in the second half of life as well as their caregivers.

On radio, WHYY’s national program Been There/Done That, is heard in 34 markets. Host-writer Marty Goldensohn weaves interviews, features, audio essays, commentaries and field recordings into a lively, witty, informative and entertaining one-hour program.

WHYY takes advantage of national television programs to offer valuable information, such as a caregiver resource guide around And Thou Shalt Honor, special about family caregivers. Sweet Old Song, a beautifully depicted love story between two musicians served as a compelling display of creativity in late life, for which Caring Community hosted a public screening with an oral history storyteller. WHYY held a preview screening of Maggie Growls!, followed by discussion with the producers and current leaders of the Gray Panthers. The weekly Wider Horizons segment on Delaware Tonight interviewed local artists, institutions and leaders to give much-needed health, financial and lifestyle information.

WHYY Wider Horizons utilizes the Web to offer in-depth information and interactive audience participation, such as a live Webcast on dementia care presented by The University of Pennsylvania’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

In FY’04, WHYY will generate local conversations around The Forgetting, a national program depicting the battle five million Americans wage against Alzheimer’s disease each year.

Close to 1,500 community members volunteered 9,560 hours for WHYY.  


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