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WHYY-TV anchor Nancy Karibjanian (top) and WHYY-FM anchor Brenda Jorett.
Click to watch Brenda and Nancy.

The distinguishing feature of WHYY’s News and Public Affairs Service is our ability to use on- and off-air resources on TV12, 91FM, whyy.org, and in community settings. We spotlight the complex questions of our day by adding in-depth discussion, context and clarity to the often cacophonous dialogue, many times in consort with community partners.

We do it with:
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Our goal is to combine our own respected journalistic reports with our national and international reportorial resources. This adds up to news and public affairs programming that is fair, accurate and informed. Yes, journalism with impact!

You have demonstrated how important this is by making 91FM the most listened to public radio station in the region - by watching TV12 and sharing your concerns with us; by turning to whyy.org in ever-increasing numbers and by attending a record-breaking number of Independence Foundation Civic Space events at WHYY or in the community.


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