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WHYY Teen Council
member Michael Chesney
talks about teen stress.
View a clip from Teen Stress.


Two Towns of Jasper
focused on issues of race.
Pictured is the sheriff of Jasper, Texas.


WHYY Specials

Over the past year WHYY has responded to community needs with multi-platform programs that shed light on intricate topics and add local definition to national conversations.

WHYY Remembers delved into the 9/11 tragedy one year later highlighted by eleven days of local and national programming including reports on Delaware Tonight and Morning Edition, and WHYY-produced specials such as the Emmy-Award winning Delaware Tonight: Kids Coping with Terror, and You Bet Your Garden on healing; A Chef’s Table on the fate of New York City restaurants; Voices in the Family on forgiving; and Fresh Air with thoughts by writers and musicians. A virtual message board on whyy.org encouraged our audiences to talk to one another.

We added regional perspective to national initiatives. WHYY’s Preview Forum zoomed in on a television series on race. Two Towns of Jasper presented another opportunity for a town meeting on race, as did the TV series This Far By Faith. Delaware Valley Voices was part of a national civic engagement with town meetings, followed by the WHYY-TV special on how immigrants to America view this country.

Teens, working with WHYY’s Community Advisory Board, were Friday Forum guests on a topic of their choosing, Teens Talk About Stress. This innovative broadcast grew out of WHYY’s efforts to cultivate a high school audience and to teach them about media.

WHYY’s multi-part specials are there when people need them, establishing them as a keystone of WHYY’s trusted regional news and information service.

In FY'03 WHYY produced 1,190 hours of original programming on FM and 201 hours on TV.  


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