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When Fred Rogers donned his red sweater, laced his sneakers and came into our homes every day for the past 35 years, he engaged viewers of all ages, on TV, in homes, community settings, and yes, through technology. Rogers’ impact on WHYY and its audiences - young and old - was so great that his death this past year left us with a powerful legacy that is second to none.

You and I are heirs to his legacy: The cycle of lifelong learning begins with the young. His gentle example enables us to reach out all day, every day, to touch audiences in our region through the programs and services we broadcast and produce on- and off-air and on the Web.

As you interact with our programs and services - News and Public Affairs, Arts and Culture, Children's, Adult Education and Wider Horizons - your impact on us is critical to how we engage you. Whether you've joined the WHYY circle through any of our platforms - TV12, 91FM, whyy.org or in face-to-face Civic Space interactions - you allow us to do our jobs in significant and meaningful ways.

As you read through the WHYY 2003 Annual Report, our first e-Report, for more in-depth information, remember: We couldn't have done it without you - the 125,000 members, as well as foundations, businesses and government agencies that made this year so special. To quote Mr. Rogers: "Thank you for anything that you do that allows people to know that they can make something fine of themselves, that they can use television not to be seduced but to be enhanced, that their lifelong education really matters, and that all of us together can make a valuable difference in this world of ours." Now, that's impact!

Molly Dickinson Shepard   William J. Marrazzo  
Chairman, WHYY Board of Directors President and Chief Executive Officer


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