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Big Bird

WHYY’s Children’s Service provides on-air, face-to-face off-air and digital services for young children, parents and caregivers. The goal is to teach children to love learning and to help adults prepare our kids for the wondrous cycle of lifelong education.

Here are the services that had a direct impact on the lives of little ones and those who guided them in fiscal year 2003:
WHYY Ready to Learn Service
Y Kids Club
WHYY Kids Web Site

WHYY is continually working to enhance its Children’s Service offerings. This past year we were granted status as an approved provider of professional development credit hours by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This is a key element in WHYY’s Children’s Service strategy. Moving forward, we plan to parlay our innovative services by partnering with educational organizations and developing new ways to meet the professional development needs of the childcare provider and educator communities.


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