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Children will find safe activities and fun games to explore on the new WHYY Kids Web site.



Kids can learn more about WHYY's rich programming on the Web site for kids.


WHYY Kids Web Site

The WHYY Kids Web site, now being redesigned, will help facilitate lifelong learning for children, parents and educators from the start. Case in point, the WHYY Web site for kids and parents received more than 50,000 "hits" last year. When the new site is launched in FY’04, it will provide resources for teachers and parents, childcare providers, and students K through 12.

The WHYY Kids Web site will include program descriptions and schedules for WHYY’s rich children’s programming. It will provide games and fun activities from stories to music for children based on the richness of our daytime program schedule. And, it will continue to provide safe activities and links for our young children to explore.

The WHYY Web for parents, caregivers and educators will focus on insights and advice from experts on raising and educating children, centered on the key issues of behavior, development, health and safety, as well as communication. It will offer advice on issues ranging from helping young ones cope with angry feelings to teaching a child how to get the most out of the local library. It will look at disabilities and children with special needs as well as health and safety issues for all children.

The new WHYY Kids Web site will incorporate material produced by WHYY and the community of experts it relies on as well as exclusive material provided for it through public broadcasting and other connections. The impact of the new Web site will act as a value-added destination for parents, caregivers and the education community in the tri-state region and especially for the children it serves.


This year WHYY distributed 3,000 books to children as part of its First Books initiative.  


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