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Liberty's Kids
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Each week more than 450,000 children watch children's educational programs on TV12.


Y Kids Club

The Y Kids Club, now in its second year, continues the fun educational tenor of TV12 through off-air and in-person activities that help young children explore their world and open their minds.

Y Kids Club members come together in a variety of settings in the community. Activities include special screenings, character meet-and-greets, storytelling and crafts. Parents benefit from participating with their children by attending special workshops conducted by our Ready to Learn team.

With a Family Membership to WHYY, children — ages 1 through 8 — are enrolled in the Y Kids Club. As members they receive a welcome letter; a subscription to BUZZ, our quarterly interactive newsletter filled with crafts, educational games, and information on family-friendly events in the area; a character birthday card and gift; invitations to special Y Kids Club events; and a MemberCard.

Since its inception, the Y Kids Club has reached more than 3,000 children and adults at events held in WHYY’s Independence Foundation Civic Space - from a Halloween bash to a Liberty’s Kids party — and community venues, including a preview of the Arthur™ exhibit at the Please Touch Museum™ to meeting characters such as Barney.

In FY’04 look for more activities for Y Kids Club members and their parents, including an event focused around George Shrinks at The New Jersey State Aquarium and the Halloween bash at WHYY.

Y Kids Club members enjoying the Angelina Ballerina celebration.  


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