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Individual Donors

We thank the following members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY from July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003:



($700 to $1,199)
Andy Carroll, author of the best-seller War Letters gives certificate of appreciation to WHYY supporter, Alice Altman, for her contribution to WHYY's War Letters project.

Anonymous (18)
Mr. John T. Abram, Jr.
Mr. Ira S. Adelman and Mrs. Robin Adelman
Mr. Robert Adler
Mr. John R. Alchin
Mrs. Doris D. Anderson
Mr. W. Scott Anderson
Mrs. Catherine Apothaker
Mr. Joseph J. Arena, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Arnold
Ms. Ada Baker Azocar
Ms. Carol Baker and Mr. Mark Stein
Ms. Margaret Balitsaris
Mrs. Lora Bannach
Ms. Ceclia Barrios
Jane A. Barth
Ms. Ann R. Baruch
Ms. Mary Barvitskie
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Bauer
Jere R. Behrman and Barbara A. Ventresco
Mrs. Andrea Bell
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Berlinger, Jr.
Mr. Joseph I. Bishop
Mrs. Georgina M. Bissell
Mary Blackson
Mrs. Alice E. Boone
WHYY Milestone

IN FY'03, 69 students from 31 different colleges earned valuable work experience as WHYY interns.

Mrs. Suzanne Borgenicht-Simons
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Borowsky, Jr.
Janet E. Boys
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Braemer
Ruth and Robert Bramson
Ms. Gertrude M. Brett
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Brezin
Mr. Chris Brown
Ms. Priscilla Brown
Ms. Margaret Brown and Ms. Sarah Brown
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck, III
Mr. Rodman V. Buggy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burke
Mr. John Burke
Mr. Lawrence Burns

Kids love the Teletubbies on WHYY-TV.
Mr. Donald R. Caldwell
Dr. Mae H. Caleb
Ms. Margaret L. Calisti
Mr. Tom Callan
Ms. Margaret G. Camburn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Canal
Ms. Maria Caras
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Castle, III
Bruce and Carol Caswell
Susan W. and Cummins Catherwood, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen M. Cerone
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Cheney
Art and Kay Chisholm
Mr. Matthew C. C. Chisholm, III
Ms. Dorothy Chrostowski
Mr. John A. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cole, Jr.
Arlene Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Coote
Dr. and Mrs. Constantin Cope
Mrs. Laura A. Corsell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Coslett, Jr.
Mrs. Joan Cox
Ms. Beth Crippen
Mr. William Crown
Mr. Peter R. Cummins
Ms. Pamela M. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Day, III
Mr. Leslie De Long
Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. De Serio
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Deakyne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Deflavia
Rebecca and Jorge Del Fabbro
Mr. James H. Dicke
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, Jr.
Rebecca and Thomas Diederich
Mr. and Mrs. James Donlevie
Mrs. A. Webster Dougherty, Jr.
Ms. Irene E. Dowdy
Lee and Phoebe Driscoll
Ms. Hannah Dundar
Paul Dunklee
Mrs. Nancy Eales
Ms. Helen M. Edelman
Mrs. Virginia D. Einwechter
Dr. Howard J. Eisen and Dr. Judith E. Wolf
Dr. Pamela M. Ellenberger
Rebecca Elstrom
Kenneth D. and Kathy Emkey
Ms. Ann D. Ensor
Miss Ruth J. Farrell
Dr. Gary Feinberg and Ms. Pamela Kolb
Dr. Thomas Fekete
Mr. David J. Feldman
Jack and Beth Fisch
Ms. Jeanne B. Fisher
Ms. Linda Fisher
Ms. Gail P. Fishman and Mr. Steven Horii
Dr. Adam Fitting
Mr. Charles J. Flocco
Dr. and Mrs. Howard I. Forman
Ms. Jocelyn Fowler
Ms. Virginia B. Fowler
Rev. Burton Froom and Dr. Louise M. Lisi

WHYY was the national presenting station for Trading Women, a TV special about the sex trade in Southeast Asia.
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gahagan
Mrs. Barbara Gardner
Mr. Charles B. Gilbert, Jr.
Mr. William Giles
Dr. Paul T. Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Gitlin
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Gladfelter
Ms. Elizabeth Glatfelter
Harry Golden
Ms. Rona Goldstein
Mr. F. E. Gonzalez
Ms. Juliet J. Goodfriend
Mr. Edward T. Goodman
Ms. Ellen Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodman
Mr. Francis I. Gowen
Ms. Thelma Grainger
Mr. and Mrs. David Gray
Miss Joanne T. Greenspun
Mr. Francis J. Grey
Mr. Dean P. Griffin
Mr. David Grindle and Mrs. Tara Grindle
Mr. Wesley Grow
Ms. Phyllis Haas
Melinda L. Hall and Ann E. Martens
Mr and Mrs. Michael Halter
Ms. Diane L. Hamburg
Ms. Barbara Handelin
Mrs. Maryann Hannum
Ms. Josephine K. Harbison
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson G. Harris
Ms. Susan R. Hartley
Mr. Michael N. Hartung and Ms. Joanne E. Zack
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Heaps
Mr. R. E. Heckert
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hewitt
Ms. Jessie B. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Hillas
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hirsh
Dr. Dennis J. Hoelzer
Ms. Sybil W. Holtzer
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Honickman
Mr. Ralph W. Hooper
Fritz and Clarissa G. Hopf
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hopkins
Terry M. House
Mr. Donald G. Howard
Steve Humanick
Mr. and Mrs. Stockton Illoway
Mrs. Grace C. Immler
Mr. James D. Jackson, Jr.
Mr. John J. Jacyszyn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Janssen, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth D. Jefferis
Ms. Fran Jenney
Ms. Marian Jennings
Ms. Fran Jenny
Mr. Paul T. Johnson
Mr. Brian Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Junge
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kachnowski
Mr. James B. Kachur
Mr. and Mrs. David Kalberer
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kaler
Mr. Steven Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Kaufman
Mr. Alfons Kautsch
Mr. David B. Kedash
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Keim
Mr. Anthony Kemp
Jared, Nancy and Gretchen Kieling
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimbol
Ms. Barbara King
Ms. Kathy Kisko
Mr. David Kosmin
Dr. Diana M. Koziupa and Mr. Ken J. Swanson
Mrs. Esther R. Kraft
Mrs. Doris Kramer
Mr. Roger Krone
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Press
Ms. Earla Kummer
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Kurtz
Mr. David L. Kurtz and Mrs. Esther A. Kurtz

Bill Moyers is host of NOW on WHYY-TV.
Mr. John Lanchak
Mr. Richard W. Lapidos
Mrs. Frances R. Lax
Ms. Peggy Leiby
Mr. Robert P. Leiby, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Lewis
Ms. Marilyn Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Leyden
Robin S. Light
Ms. Yin Lim
Mr. Robert Locke and Ms. Sarah Thorne
Mr. Robert W. Loder
Mr. and Mrs. John Long
Mrs. Jane C. MacElree
Ms. Honor Manilla
Mrs. Adele F. Mannella
Dr. Harold K. Marder
Mrs. Patricia H. Marino
Mr. Dominic Marsico
Stephen J. Marzano, Jr.
Ms. Margaret M. Maslin
Mrs. Dorothy L. Maurer
Ms. Ilona Mazur
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McAdoo
Mr. Walter Mcbride
Mr. John S. McDaniel, III and Mrs. Regina A. Iorii
Mr. and Mrs. Ellice McDonald, Jr.
Ms. Debra I. McFerrin
Miss Marie Louise L. McHugh
Dr. and Mrs. James S. McKelvey
Mr. and Mrs. John G. McKevitt
Mr. and Mrs. John McNichol
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McNiff
Doris Mead
Mrs. Marion G. Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Messner
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Miller
Leslie Miller and Richard Worley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Miller, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Monasky
Mr. Frederick Montara
Mrs. Marion B. Moreton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Morroney
Ms. Linda L. Moser
Mr. Kevin E. Mullin
Mr. Peter Nalle
Mr. Richard Nelson and Ms. Roberta Mann
Mrs. Sara Nerken
Mrs. Winifred Nixon-Ellis and Mr. W. C. Ellis
Dr. and Mrs. Kayson Nyi
Miss Susan Odessey and Mr. Paul Coff
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Oliver
Dr. Axel K. Olsen
Mrs. Helene V. O'Neal
Jane Osborne
Kimberly C. Oxholm
Mr. Neil Oxman
Mr. Wayne C. Paglieri and Ms. Elizabeth Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Palmer
Ms. Bonnie Pastman
Mr. Michael O. Peale, Jr.
Mrs. Mary V. Pendleton
Mr. A. Duer Pierce
Mr. Francis Pietrini
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Pincus
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Pizzi
Mr. Francis L. Plumly, Jr.
Mr. Cary L. Plushanski
Mrs. Cleo Pollum
Mr. Georgios Poniros
Ms. Helen D. Pracon
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ralph
Ms. Sylvia Randolph
Mrs. Helen M. Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Rollin M. Reeder
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Reynolds
Mr. John Rirodan
Ms. Faith Robbins
Mrs. Lewis M. Robbins
Mrs. Mildred K. Robbins
Ms. Alwyn Roberts
Mrs. Doris L. Roberts
Mrs. Martha M. Roberts
Ms. Rosemarie Romano
Hippos were featured on Nature on WHYY-TV.
Mr. Thomas M. Rosato
Irene Roser
Mr. Michael Rothschild and Ms. Lynn Greenberg
Ms. Eugenia Rovescala
Ms. Gloria C. Santiago
Mr. Martin J. Satinsky
Dr. William Sawyer
Mr. John Schaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Schiffrin
Dr. and Mrs. Jay S. Schinfeld
Eva and Marvin Schlanger
Ms. Christine M. Schlichting
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Schmalz
Ms. Sarah Schorr
Miss Margaret A. Schuhmann
Mr. Robert Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Scolnick
Mr. and Mrs. Isadore M. Scott
Mr. Harold Shaffer
Mrs. Alice M. Sharp
Ms. Joan C. Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Singer
Mr. Sam Slater
Mrs. Doris M. Smith
Ms. Jennifer Smith
Ms. Nancy M. Smith
Mr. Robert Snyder
Mrs. Hermine Soffer
Mrs. Virginia K. Solis-Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Solow
Dr. Rhonda L. Soricelli
Ms. Carolyn K. Staley
Patti and Steve Steinour
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. C. N. Stover
Mr. Christ Stratakis
Mrs. George Strawbridge, Jr.
Mr. Edward Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Sutter
Mr. and Mrs. John Swartz
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Sweitzer
Dr. Mark F. Sylvester
Ms. Linda Szortyka
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Szortyka
Mrs. Dana M. Thiede
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thilo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Tracey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Tudor
Mr. and Mrs. F. Alton Tybout
Mr. and Mrs. George Tzaferos
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Udren
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ullman
Thomas M. and M. Patricia Vernon
Mr. Michael Villani

David H. and Helen S. Wagner
Mr. J. Findlay Walker
Ms. Nobuko Wallace
Mr. Allan T. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Weamer
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Wechsler
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weikel
Ms. Deborah Weiland
Charles and Edna Weiner
Ms. Debra S. Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. William I. Wenrich, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Werthan and Mr. Robert J. Brand
Elkins and Ethel Wetherill
Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. White
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Whitman
Ms. D. G. Whitmore
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Wilber
Ms. Anne C. Winchester
Ethel Benson Wister
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Witonsky
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Wolf
Ms. Valerie A. Woodruff
Richard E. and Diane Dalto Woosnam
Ms. Lisa Worthy
Dr. Ilana B. Pachter Wynn and Dr. William W. Wynn
Ms. Patricia H. Yannone
Lynn H. Yeakel



Patrick Stoner, host of Flicks and Quick Pics, which appear on more than 100 public television stations nationwide.

($500 to $699)

Anonymous (27)
Mr. Michael Acker
Mary A. Barrie
Mr. Raymond Adelizzi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Adelson
Ms. Edith C. Ahrens
Mr. Don Aitken
Mr. Neal C. Alcott, Sr.
Mrs. Joyce Allen
Mr. William B. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Amoroso
Mr. Paul S. Anderson
Ms. Stephanie F. Arndt
Mr. Charles J. Arnold
Frank and Elizabeth Arrison
Hon. Roxana C. Arsht
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Asher
Ms. Patricia Attkisson
Lester and Roberta Aungst
Ms. Lauren K. Aurillo
Dr. Robert Austrian
Mr. Donald R. Auten and Mrs. Judith Welsh Auten
Janet and Jim Averill
Ms. Helen Bachovin
David and Irene Baker
Mr. John Bamber
Mr. and Mrs. John Barbera, Jr.
Mr. Morgan R. Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood E. Barnes
Mr. Jay W. Barnett
Marie Barnhurst and Steven Robinson
Etheron Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barron
Mr. Warren Basse
Ms. Lillian E. S. Bassette-Rankin
Mr. David E. Bates
Mr. Howard Bathon
Mrs. Grace C. Beatty
Mrs. Rose Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Bedrick
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Belli
Mr. Paul Benacerraf
Mrs. Gloria P. Benglen and Ms. Elizabeth Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Bente, III
Candace Bernard
Ms. Mari Bernhagen
Ms. Jessica Berwind Brummett
Ms. Barbara Bisgaier
Dr. Gene Bishop and Dr. Andrew Stone
Mr. H. G. Bissinger
Ms. Elizabeth Block and Mr. Bruce Kuklick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blum, Jr.
Ms. Nancy F. Blumberg
Ms. Katherine R. Blyth
Mr. Brett A. Boal and Ms. Lisa Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bodine
Mr. Robert W. Bogle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bolling, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Boscia
Mrs. Elizabeth Boyle
Rev. George J. Boyle
Ms. Kathy D. Bradley
Ms. Amy Branch
Mrs. Vincent Breen
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brennan
Ms. Genece E. Brinkley
Mrs. Sheila M. Broderick
Miss Diana Brody and Mr. Justin Kaplan
Mr. Christopher Brooks
Mr. E. Miles Brown and Ms. Shirley Brown
Mr. Geoffrey A. Brown, Jr. and Ms. Susan Wydick
Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Brown, III
Miss Susan Brown
Mr. Rob Brugger
Mr. Van B. Bruner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brush
Robert and Julie Bryan
Ms. Beverly Bryant
Mrs. Marguret D. Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Bueschel
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bullitt
Mrs. Alison W. Burdick
Mr. Joseph A. Burke
Mrs. Devon P. Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Burrell
Mr. Irwin G. Burton

Ira Glass hosts This American
Mr. and Mrs. T. Sidney Cadwallader, II
Ms. Diane T. Campbell
Mrs. Jeanne Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Capri
Ms. Eva Carey
Mr. James D. Carota
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund N. Carpenter, II
Ms. Phoebe Cassidy
Mr. Adrian A. Castelli and Ms. Mary G. Love
Mr. John E. Castle
Dr. and Mrs. Alonzo Cavin
Ms. Deborah Cerra-Tyl
David and Pamela Chaplin-Loebell
Nicholas E. and Kathleen Chimicles
Mr. Edward Chmielowski
Mr. Peter F. Clark
Mr. William L. Clark
Kay L. Clausen
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Cleaver
Ms. Adrienne D. Clemmer
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Coleman
Ms. Lynda S. Constantine
Adm. and Mrs. Daniel L. Cooper, USN
Dr. and Mrs. David Y. Cooper
Ms. Carol Anne Corson
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Corvasce
Mrs. Olivia Cox-Fill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Coyle
Lena Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Carter W. Craigie
Mr. Frank Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craven
Mr. Gary M. Crawford
Mrs. Ruth Cristy
Dr. Dennis W. Cronin
Ms. Marion L. Cubberley
Mrs. Suzanne G. Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cziffra
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dalfo
Mr. Ronald Darnowski
Mr. Stuart W. Davidson
Ms. Karen Davies
Mrs. Barbara J. Davis
Ms. Diane Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davis
Mr. Peter De Bevoise
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dean
Marc W. Deitch, M.D.
Ms. Patricia Deitch
Ms. Hillary Delcollo
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent DelDuca, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dellers
Dr. Adelaide Delluva
Ms. Janet DeLuca
Nancie M. Dent
Mr. Crescenzo Dentato
Bernard J. Dera, Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy DeSantis
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Dhondt
Mr. Edward J. Didonato
Mr. John F. Dietel
Ms. Fame P. Dileo
Mr. Peter G. Dodds
Ms. Carol Dolinskas
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donecker
Mr. Orville Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Doran
Ms. Beverly Dorman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dowling
Mr. Ray C. Downs
Mr. Trevor Drake and Ms. Anne R. Albright
Mr. Elbert Drakeford
Mr. James Driscoll
Ms. Rose A. Duckworth
Ms. Katherine A. Duffy
Mr. Ronald Dufour
Mrs. Marion K. Dunham-Harvey
Mr. Nick Dunlop
Mr. Robert H. Dunphy
Mrs. Tamar Earnest
Mr. W. Earnest
Mrs. Theodore E. Eckfeldt
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Edwards
Mrs. Archibald C. Eglin
Dr. and Mrs. Sylvan H. Eisman
Mr. Edward Elisio, Jr. and Ms. Patricia M. Manning
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Elkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Emmett
Mrs. Robert J. Ensher
Mrs. Pearl R. Eschbach
Dr. Katherine L. Esterly
Joseph and Carolyn Evans
Ms. Angelo Falcone
Mr. Robert Farren
Dr. Julian W. Farrior
Mr. Edward Fazzalaro
Dr. Gladys S. Fenichel
Ms. Constance Ferris Meyer
Mr. James Feussner and Dr. Elizabeth Feussner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Field
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Fischer
Ms. Barbara C. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Florentine
Amber and David Flynn
Mr. Mark Forchetti
Ms. Helen H. Ford
Mr. Oliver M. Ford
Mr. Raymond Foreno
Mr. Don Parks Foster
Dorothy Foster
Ms. Amy Fox
Francis J. Grey
Mr. William Freas
Ms. Alice Freeman
Ms. Jeanne H. Freeman
Mr. Melvyn L. Freid
Mr. Gerald Frey
Julia W. Frick
Ms. Sally Fridy and Mr. John Fridy
Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Fritsche
Joseph Fuchs
Mr. and Mrs. O. John Fuchs, Jr.
John R. and Karen S. Fulton
Ms. Regina Furey

Frontline on TV12 traced roots of the war in Iraq.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gallagher
Mr. Joseph K. Garcia
Mr. John T. Garrity, Jr.
Mrs. Carol W. Gates
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gerry
Dr. Pat Gill-Webber and Mr. Bill Webber
William H. and Emily S. Gindin
Mr. Eduardo Glandt
Dr. Linda G. Gochfeld
Ms. Ruth E. Godshall
Mrs. Ann Goff
Mr. Ronald J. Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Perry F. Goldlust
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold D. Goldman
Mr. David A. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Goldsworthy
Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez
Mrs. Helen Gordijenko
Mr. Ronald B. Gordon
Mr. Thaddeus Govan
Dr. and Mrs. William S. Greenfield
Ms. Suzee Gritz
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Gulbrandsen
Mrs. Diane H. Gulyas
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Haag
Mrs. Martha A. Habecker
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Hafkenschiel
Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Hagerman
Mr. William Hallmon
Mr. William Haluszka
Mrs. Rita B. Hanlan
Mr. Jeffrey T. Harbison and Dr. Valerie Arkoosh
Rev. John F. Hardwick
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Harman
Ms. Claire Harris
Ms. Helen Harris
Thelma Harris
Mr. Howard Hartig
Judith E. and K. Palmer Hartl
Ms. Helen M. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hauer
Karen Hawes
Ms. E. Jane Hedley
Ms. Monika Hemmers and Mr. Stephen Heimann
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hensinger
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Herenstein
Ms. Carolyn Hermann
Ms. Miriam S. Hersey
Mr. Joel L. High
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hippely
Mrs. Mary E. Hirstius
Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Hodges
Mr. Richard Holding
Mr. Carl L. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Hollingshead
Mr. and Mrs. Norvell Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Robin G. Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Alyn R. Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Homan
Mrs. Josephine Hopkins
Quita W. Horan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Horniak
Ms. Elizabeth I. Horton
Margot and Ellis Horwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Howard
Ms. Ann L. Hriciga and Mr. Michael C. Coughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hubbard
Mr. Lloyd E. Huck
Carl and Joanne Hudson
Thomas and Laura Huggett
Mr. H. H. Hummel
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Humphrey
Mary Anne and Jack E. Hunter
Mrs. Nancy G. Huston
Mr. and Mrs. Herman R. Hutchinson
Mr. Ermanno Incollingo
Mr. Michael Ireland
Mr. Burt Jackson
Ms. Dorothy Jackson
Mrs. Karen E. Jadach
Rossana Jaffe and Laurence Ward
Mr. Keith L. Jahnke
Mr. Gary E. James
Mr. George Jarvis
Mr. Joseph Jeam
Mr. and Mrs. David Jenkins
Jan Jessup
Dr. Mariell Jessup
Mr. David W. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan R. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Justi
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kahn, Jr.
Ms. Denise Kane
Ms. Tzipora Katz
Mr. and Mrs. L. William Kay, II
Dr. Barry S. Kayne
Ms. Marie Kearney
Miss Catherine M. Kelly
Mr. Emanuel Kelly
Mr. John J. Kelly IV
Mr. James A. Kenning
Ms. Gail E. Keppler
Mr. Robert C. Kessinger
Mr. Lewis B. Killmer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Kimmel
Ms. Diann King
Ms. Jan M. King
Mr. David Kinka
Mrs. Martha Z. Kirby
Mr. Lazarus Kirifides
Ms. Mary Jane Kirkpatrick
Edith Kalusner
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Klee
Miss Rosalie V. Kline
Dr. Hylda C. Klinefelter
Mr. Howard W. Klipfel
Joseph Kluger and Susan Lewis
Dr. Peter H. Knutson
Mr. Stephen Kobrin and Ms. Carol Fixman
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Kofke
Mr. Joseph S. Kowalewski
Mr. John M. Kozitzky

Mr. Nicholas Labella
Ms. Beth Lander
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Landes, Jr.
Miss Bette E. Landman
Mrs. Mabel L. Lang
Mrs. Ann Gray Large
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lash
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Lasko
Ms. Rosemary E. Lassiter
Mrs. Judith Leigh
Stephan R. and Jo Ann Leimberg
Mr. Charles T. Lenton, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Leone
Ms. Lisa Lessend
Miss Mary Leto
Ms. Judy Levine
Mrs. Joy C. Levy
Mr. Paul F. Levy
Mr. William P. Liberi
Mr. Craig Lichtman
Mr. Frank Lindner
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Lippincott
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Lippman
Mr. D. Herbert Lipson
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Lipstein
Ms. Viki L. List
Ms. Louise Little
Dionna and Robert Litvin
Mr. Richard E. Livingston
Ms. Collen Livoti
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lobascio
Mr. Joel T. Loeb
Mr. Anthony Lombardo
Mrs. Mary B. Long
Ms. Mary Anne Lowery
Mr. David H. Lucas
Ms. Gail A. Luecke
Mr. Joseph Lurie and Ms. Kathy Gosliner
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lyons
Ms. Ann Marie Macari
Ms. Jill Macconi
Ms. Deborah MacCormack
Ms. Sara P. Macinskas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Madeira, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Maglio and Ms. Rosemary Maglio
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Mahoney
Dr. and Mrs. Mario L. Maiese
Mr. Steward R. Maines, III
Ms. Lisa Malizia
Christine Mallamace
Ms. Gina L. Mallory
Ms. Susan A. Manardo
Mr. John Mancinelli
Ms. Anne Mangone
Mr. Anthony Mantovani
Ms. Mary L. Marger
Mrs. Susan Marinock
Mr. Gordon Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Glen F. Marshall
Mr. Chris Martin
Rev. J. William Massey
Ms. Jane Mathers
Ms. Lynne Maxwell
Lester R. and Sylvie V. Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McCarter
Mr. James M. McClellan
Mrs. Sally G. McClure
Mrs. Brigid McDermott
Ms. Eileen McHugh
Mrs. Raymond McLean Gordon
Mrs. Mona McLean
Mrs. Melanie McLeod
Mr. Jim McShane
Mr. Charles Meacham
Mr. William Mehl
Ms. Anne Melians
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Menin
Ms. Marlyn Messina
Mr. W. Peter Metz
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Michell
Mrs. Julia Milano
Ms. Andrea Miller
Ms. Doris Minniti
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mitro
Mrs. Clarence R. Moll
Ms. Judith Molloy
Ms. Sara Moore-Hines
Mr. and Mrs. James Morano
Ms. Eleanor Morgan
Mrs. Eleanor Morris
Nancy Most
Ms. Annette Moyer
Ms. Joyce Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Mumma
Dr. Burnaby Munson
Mrs. Katherine D. Myers
University of Pennsylvania professor Tukufu Zuberi co-hosts History Detectives on WHYY-TV.
Ms. Rose M. Nagy
Nicola Nardo
Mr. Stuart E. Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Neilson, Jr.
Mrs. Judith R. Neilson
Mr. James E. Nevels
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Newell
Mr. and Mrs. David Newman and Ms. Laura Ward
Mrs. Michael T. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson
Mary Nikodem
Mr. Frank R. Nissel
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan R. Norris
Ms. Marlene Norwood
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene I. Novosad, M.D.
Leroy D. Nunery
William O'Connor
Ms. Lyubov Odessa
Ms. Frederica H. Oldach
Dr. Emilia Oleszak
Ms. Judith A. Olson
Mr. Robert P. Olson
Mrs. Ann P. Orth
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Ortolani
Ms. Gillian J. Owen
Mr. Greg R. Pahnke
Ms. Janet Palillo
Katharine Palmer and Joe Murtaugh
Ms. Kathleen M. Parrott-Sutherland
Mr. William B. Parry
Mr. Marvin Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Patterson
Ms. Mary A. Paul
Mr. Bob Payne
Mr. Thomas B. Payne
Mr. Howard L. Payntar
B. M. Peaks
Mr. William Pearson
John P. and Sandra Penders
Jane G. Pepper
Mr. James Perry
Mr. Ron Petricks
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Petrofsky
Mrs. Isabella W. Pfeil
Bob and Dorothy Philipson
Grace C. and Donald L. Pierce
Ms. Susan Pierce
Ms. Dolores Mae Pisiechko
Mary T. Plunkett
Mr. Edwin Polit
Mrs. Camilla Pollock-McCall
Dr. and Mrs. William Potsic
Mr. Gerald Potts
Ms. Valerie Pressley
Mr. and Mrs. Semour S. Preston, III
Mrs. J. A. Prieto
Mr. Robert Pritchett
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Purrington
Ms. Kathy L. Putnam

Ms. Amy Quinlan
Ms. Martha Raisch
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Randall
Dr. C. Royce Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy V. I. Ratner
Mr. Joe Reagoso
Ms. Laura M. Reape
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Reed
Mr. Henry A. Rentschler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reynolds
Ms. Ann Rhoads and Mr. Jay Rhoads
Robert A. and Toyo J. Rhodes
Robert L. and Joyce H. Richards
Mrs. Joan Riday
Mr. Calvin Ridgley
Mrs. Bettina Riedel
Ms. Dorothy M. Riland
Ms. Kathryn Rinnier
Sharon Y. Ritt
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ritter
Ms. Linda Ritz
Mr. Lester E. Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Robbins
Mrs. Jane C. Roberts
Mr. A. Robino
Ms. Maria Rodale
Mr. Andrew Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Roewe, Jr.
Ms. Eleanor Rogers
Ms. Sondra Rose Ers
Mr. Jack Rose
Ms. Sandra Rose
Ms. Hope Rosenlund
Joseph and Joan Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Roslapov
Ms. Susan Ross
Ms. Margaret S. Rossetti
Mr. Michael Rothman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Rotwitt
Ms. Anna Ruggirello
Mr. James B. Russo and Dr. Deborah Lee Pickett
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Sabochick
Mr. and Mrs. David Sacks
Rev. and Mrs. Everett W. Sahrbeck
Mr. Joseph M. Salamone
Susan and John Salveson
Ms. Anne Sammler
Mr. Luciano Sansalone
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan H. Savadove
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scarborough
Ms. Elizabeth Schamberger
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Schauber
Mr. Victor Schelhorn
Mr. and Mrs. William Schetman
Mr. Alan Schiff and Ms. Judy Stavinsky
Ms. Ann B. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schimmel
Ms. Kim M. Schippits
Dr. Calvin E. Schmid
Ms. Barbara Schoellkopf
Mr. and Mrs. Doug E. Schoenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schoenhals
Mrs. Jo Ann Schubert
Ms. Betsy Schumacker
Mr. Robert M. Schumo
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Sears
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Selden
Paula and Lee Sellman
Mr. Ron Selzer
Mr. Stephen Serafinelli
Dr. and Mrs. B. H. Serota
Ms. Antoinette F. Seymour
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaman
Fredericka and Ben Shapiro
Mr. Paul Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah P. Shea
Mr. John A. H. Shober
Ms. Deborah A. Sieger
Ms. Marion A. Sieger
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Siegfried
Mrs. Lindad L. Sielken
Ms. Sharon Siles
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Silver
Ms. Eden Siruno
Ms. Kathryn H. Sjolander
Mrs. Jane Slee
Mr. Gurney P. Sloan, Jr.
Mr. Larry Sloan
Ms. Carol Slocum
Mr. William Smilow
Mrs. Beatrice Smith
Ms. Cleophee C. M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith
Mrs. Kathleen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Smith
Ms. Megane Smith
Dr. R. L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Smyrl
Helen Sol
Ms. Rochelle Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Spahr
Maureen and Jonathan Spencer
Ms. Willa Spicer
Paula and Jerry Spiegel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Stache
Diane Stauffer
Mr. and Mrs. George Steele
Mr. Gary B. Steelman
Ms. Carol Steibing
Steven and Patrice Steinbrueck
Ms. Patricia J. Steiner
Dr. Marion P. Steininger
Ms. Phyllis A. Stevenson
Ms. Catherine L. Stilson
Mrs. John A. Stratton, Jr.
Ms. Christianna Strohbeck and Mr. Ramaswamy Murari
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Strong
Mr. Alfred Styles
Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Sundel
Mrs. Barbara B. Supplee
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Sussman
Mrs. Elizabeth Syernick
Mr. Joseph P. Synder
Mr. Keith Tait
Mrs. Edith Taitt
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Tarbox
Mrs. Betty J. Tatem
Ms. Lynn Templeton
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Rodman E. Thompson, Jr.
Stephen and Blanche Thorson
Dr. Shirley M. Tilghman
Miss Janet A. Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Travaglini
Mrs. Robert L. Trescher
Ms. Nancy Trueland
Mr. George Tsetsekos
Ms. Catherine Tuigh
Ms. Stacie Tursi
Henry G. Tutek, Esq.
Mr. Edwin E. Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ugolick
Dr. and Mrs. David U'Prichard
Michael G. and Elizabeth A. Vadasz
Steven Valeriano
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvain Van Gobes
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Van Scott
Ms. Maryann Vandevere
Ms. Ellen Varenhorst
Mr. Paul E. Vilter
Mr. George Viney
Ms. Sandra Vondeling

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Wachs
Ms. Ruth M. Waecker
Judy and Semour Wagner
Dr. Paul Waicus
Mr. Glen Walker
Robert E. and Lucille Walker
Ms. Doris B. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Karl T. Wallick
Mrs. Madeline Wallmark
Mr. Christopher K. Walters, Jr.
and Mrs. Terri R. Simon-Walters
Mrs. Mary G. Warden
Mr. John H. Ware, IV
Ms. Marian S. Ware
Ms. Nancy Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Warter, Jr.
Mr. Ted Watley
Mr. Eugene D. Weaver, Sr.
Mr. George E. Weaver
Mr. William P. Webb
Mr. Bernhard Weickert
Mr. and Mrs. John Weikart
Mrs. Gertrude Wells
Ms. Anne Nelson West
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas White
Mr. Darnell Wiggins
Mr. James Wiggins
Mr. Robert Wilensky
Ms. Mary J. Williams
Ms. Roselyn A. Williams
Mrs. Sylvia D. Williamson
Mr. Gary M. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Wilson
Ms. Penelope P. Wilson
Dina and Jerry Wind
Ms. Margery S. Wolf
Ms. Alison S. Wood
Paul and Marcia Woodruff
Ms. Janet Wright
Mr. James L. Young, Jr.
Dr. Muriel L. Young
Joan Yue
Mr. Craig E. Ziegler and Ms. Martha S. Hewson
Miss Noelle Zimms
Advah and Joshua Zinder
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zion
Mrs. Gabrielle E. Zomber



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