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WHYY's Terry Gross,
host of Fresh Air
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WHYY's Marty Goldensohn, host of Been There/Done That.


Ongoing Productions

Arts and culture has always had a home at WHYY in locally produced programs and top-notch national offerings. WHYY-FM’s arts reporters captured the imagination and kept listeners informed and educated on topics ranging from a piano concerto for the left hand to the latest exhibit on Degas at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Even national listeners heard about our region’s cultural triumphs when our reports were broadcast nationwide on programs such as Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

WHYY-FM’s own Sunday Showcase completed its second year as the only regular broadcast outlet of The Philadelphia Orchestra. The regional program also featured Curtis Institute of Music concerts, Opera Company of Philadelphia broadcasts and a Peter Nero and the Philly Pops special. We also presented a nationally broadcast Christmas special on 91FM with The Philadelphia Singers. On a daily basis, Radio Times host Marty Moss-Coane often zeroed in on newsworthy cultural topics as does Marty Goldensohn on Been There/Done That. Movie critic Patrick Stoner, host of Quick Pics and Flicks, seen on more than 100 public television stations, continued his shorts about the silver screen.

Terry Gross’ unmatched interviewing skills shed new light on arts and culture on Fresh Air, the most listened to cultural program on public radio, which is produced at WHYY and broadcast nationally on 425 radio stations. This past year she received the Edward R. Murrow Award, one of the highest honors in public broadcasting, for her formidable interviewing skills. Again, Fresh Air’s role as an undisputed arts and culture leader was reaffirmed when Martin Scorsese, director of "Gangs of New York," told producers to "get the Fresh Air interview" for the movie’s DVD release.

Local and national programming and special reports on arts and culture are a critical part of the WHYY experience. And, we were honored this past year to be recognized for our leadership when the region’s Dance Celebration awarded WHYY its Arts and Culture Award for Excellence.

WHYY's Fresh Air with Terry Gross
is the third most listened to
public radio program in the nation.
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