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FISH! creator Dr. Stephen Lundin
Watch FISH! in action.

WHYY’s Adult Learning Service makes lifelong learning productive, convenient and fulfilling. Two principles drive the Adult Learning Service: personal growth opportunities for all students and professional development courses and services for the region’s overall workforce, to improve the overall competitive position of the Delaware Valley.

To achieve these goals, the primary Adult Learning Service activities this year included:
WHYY Advantage Productions
WHYY Adult Literacy project
WHYY Home College Service

Adult learning has been at the core of WHYY’s mission since its founding nearly 50 years ago, and today represents an area of promising growth for the future. Using innovative technology, we are able to have a direct impact on personal growth, boosting the careers and advancement potential for people seeking high school diplomas, college degrees and advanced business skills. With the benefit of these educational opportunities, students can in turn have a positive impact on the regional economy.

WHYY crew tapes a WHYY Advantage Production, The Sexual Harassment Quiz.


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