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John Gray
Watch John Gray in action.


Erin Brockovich


WHYY Advantage Productions

WHYY Advantage Productions serves working professionals with career development programs. Advantage Productions this year produced 10 live satellite seminars that were distributed through the Federal Training Network, a commercial distance-learning provider. Nearly 1,000 business professionals from our region joined the studio audiences for these live productions and countless others viewed the seminars at offices and colleges nationwide. WHYY’s track record as a producer makes it possible to make available to local career-conscious adults the most talented and experienced presenters in the field.

The program with the most impact this year was the Annual Briefing for Administrative Professionals, which filled WHYY’s Civic Space to capacity and was viewed at 500 remote satellite locations. Other speakers in the last year included Dr. Stephen Lundin, author of the FISH! books and John Gray, who discussed gender communications in the workplace based on his best-selling Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus books.

Seminars scheduled for the months ahead include Erin Brockovich discussing "The Power of One" this coming fall as well as sessions on customer service and "Power Tools for Women." WHYY will continue to serve the region’s workforce development needs by providing access to the best and brightest in business.


In FY'03, the WHYY Advantage audience rose a dramatic 59%, enabling 2,438 adults to be part of WHYY's workforce development program.  


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