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Teen Stress

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Terry Gross
Michael Chesney, from Upper Dublin High School in Dresher, PA, talks

about teen stress.

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Teenagers face stress that can, at best, motivate them to perform better in school or, more ominously, lead to physical and emotional ailments. A group of teens from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware will discuss the causes, effects and cures for a variety of stressful situations in a live DELAWARE TONIGHT “Friday Forum” special on Friday, May 16, at 5:30 pm.

The teens will be joined by Dan Gottlieb, Ph.D., family therapist and host of WHYY-FM’s VOICES IN THE FAMILY. WHYY News Anchor Nancy Karibjanian will moderate the discussion and will also be joined by a local high school guidance counselor.

The participating students are members of the WHYY Teen Council, a group formed to provide feedback about teen concerns to the public broadcasting station and promote interest in the communications profession.

One third of teens in the United States say they feel stressed out on a daily basis, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan.

WHYY Teen Council members, who helped produce the TV special, report that stress is not always bad. Moderate pressure can encourage students to meet deadlines for school work or even perform better in sports, they say.

At the same time, stress factors such as the college admissions process, family problems or parental pressure to do well can lead to headaches, nightmares or even alcohol and drug abuse.

Teen Council members have also found a variety of ways to cope with stress. They recommend exercise, listening to music, talking with a family member or friends, reading and even screaming or punching a pillow.

Teen Council members appearing on the program include Amanda August from St. Elizabeth High School (Wilmington, DE), Michael Chesney of Upper Dublin High School (Ft. Washington, PA), LaJuana Johnson of William Penn High School (New Castle, DE), Bryan Lyons from Coatesville Area Senior High School (Coatesville, PA), Meghan Packer from Conestoga High School (Berwyn, PA), Lajuan Tucker of Overbrook High School (Philadelphia, PA) and Dominic Vallone from Camden Catholic High School (Cherry Hill, NJ).

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