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Jahvita Rastafari (left) and Breyanna Talton, students at Menlo Atherton High School in East Palo Alto, California, discuss their music company, Tru2iT, on MoneyTrack.

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Programming Funded in Part by Recent Wall Street Settlements

“MoneyTrack,” a new 13-part series devoted to helping consumers learn to invest successfully and get control of their personal finances, debuts on public television stations in April (check local listings).  

“MoneyTrack” is produced by NETworth Television Productions in Tiburon, California and distributed by American Public Television. WHYY-TV in Philadelphia is the national presenting station.

“Part of the series is dedicated to teaching investors how to protect themselves against potential abuse,” said Pamela Krueger, executive producer and “MoneyTrack” host.   “This is an entirely new breed of personal finance programming designed to educate consumers about saving, investing and protecting their assets.”   


Nationally recognized comedian Jack Gallagher joins Krueger as co-host of the show. Gallagher, who starred in ABC's "Bringing Up Jack" and has appeared on the "Tonight Show," and "Cheers," uses his wit to make viewers comfortable with financial topics.

“We recognize that many consumers are threatened by their lack of understanding about finances,” said Krueger. “MoneyTrack is designed to show consumers that they do not have to know everything about business or Wall Street in order to retire and live well.”

Each “MoneyTrack” program contains lifestyle-driven segments using real people and providing step-by-step demonstrations designed to educate and empower the consumer. Every episode features “Investing 101” to illustrate important concepts, such as how to get started investing at any age and how to handle cash flow crunches and credit. The series also includes a layman’s guide to the global economy that explains what a global economy means to every investor’s future. Each show also includes a “Scam Alert” report to help viewers avoid the most common frauds.

Proceeds collected from recent settlements with Wall Street brokerage firms are being used to fund “MoneyTrack” through support from The Investor Protection Trust and the California Department Of Corporations. Fiscal sponsor for the series is The Bay Area Video Coalition, a non-profit organization headquartered in San Francisco. Each half-hour episode also offers online resources and tools found on the www.moneytrack.org companion Web site.

About NETworth Television Productions

“MoneyTrack” is an original, 13-part half-hour television series produced by NETworth Television Productions, headquartered in Tiburon, California, in partnership with the non-profit, Bay Area Video Coalition.

Prior to producing “MoneyTrack,” Pam Krueger was co-anchor and producer of TechTV’s “The Money Machine,” a daily, live half-hour program on TechTV. In addition to TechTV, Pam was a regularly featured Money Reporter for the Emmy-winning show, “Money Moves,” seen on PBS stations. In San Francisco, she co-anchored and produced ABC-TV’s Emmy-winning weekly magazine program “Marketplace” seen on KGO in San Francisco.  She also has nine years of experience as a stockbroker.

About American Public Television

American Public Television (APT) develops and delivers valued program choices and services in partnership with America's public television community.   For more than 42 years, American Public Television has been a prime source of programming for the nation's public television stations.   With more than 10,000 hours of available programming, APT identifies innovative programs and creative distribution techniques for producers.

About WHYY

WHYY is the Philadelphia region’s leading public broadcasting station. Through television, radio, the Internet and community activities, WHYY’s mission is to make its region a better place, connecting each of us to the world’s richest ideas and all of us to each other.

About the Bay Area Video Coalition

The Bay Area Video Coalition’s (BAVC) mission is known as the nation's most advanced non-commercial media access and training center. Its goals are to level the playing field, support the creation of high-quality independent media, and develop current and future media makers.   BAVC was founded in 1976 by a group of visionaries with a camera and a lofty idea: to support freedom of expression by making advanced media technology accessible to independent media makers and nonprofit organizations. Twenty-seven years, 10,000 projects, and thousands of students later, BAVC is a national leader in the media arts.

About The Investor Protection Trust

Founded in 1993 as part of a multi-state settlement to resolve charges of misconduct, the Investor Protection Trust

(www.investorprotection.org ) serves as an independent source of noncommercial investor education materials to help equip investors, and would-be investors, with the armor they'll need to protect them from sophisticated scams, and the knowledge they will need to better navigate their travel through the securities market. The IPT’s first president and chief executive officer, Don M. Blandin, is former president of the Washington-based American Savings Education Council.

About the California Department Of Corporations

The California Department of Corporations is California’s Investment and Financing Authority.   Since 1913, the Department of Corporations has worked to educate the public about the risks and rewards of investing and finances and has worked to enforce the law to protect people from fraud.  


For additional information about “MoneyTrack,” or a VHS copy of the program, contact: Cynthia Zeiden at (415) 864-6305, or cynthia@zeidenmedia.com.

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