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General info about Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 is user operational system of NT family, which follows Windows Vista and precedes Windows 8. Windows 7 went on sale 22 October 2009, which is less than 3 years after the release of previous operating system. According to web-analytics, as of May, 2013 around 56.4% of all operational system users in the whole world prefer Windows 7.

Why people choose Windows 7?

As stated above, Windows 7 is the most popular operating system among users, who prefer Microsoft products today. What is the reason of such popularity of Microsoft Windows 7?
First of all, many users appreciate convenient desktop, which allows fast customization and preparation to work. You can combine styles; make photo slideshows and more, emphasizing your individual style.
Secondly, users indicate a fast search function. There is no need to go to the search menu and choose file types, etc. Simply open Start menu and enter the name of file into the search string, and see the search result. All results are automatically grouped into categories, i.e. music, pictures, docs, etc.
Operating speed is the next reason. Windows 7 uses less computer RAM while performing standard operations. You can install Microsoft Windows 7 virtually on any modern computer, laptop or even netbook, and it will work perfectly.
In addition, people point on easy network operation and reliable network security system, as well as good external device communication.

Which version of Windows 7 to choose?

Windows 7 is available to buyin several editions, i.e. Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, etc.Which one of these versions to choose? It depends on your specific demands. In order to answer this question, let us tentatively divide all users in 3 categories:

  • • Category 1.New / Common users who learn how to use computer or create documents, as well as use it for Internet access. Occasionally they watch movies or listen to the music. Windows 7 Home Premium is the best buy for them. This version has all the necessary for such users and is the cheapest one.
  • • Category 2. Advanced / Interested users who are not satisfied with simple working with computer and trying to make this work faster, easier, handier, etc. They also try to understand “how does it work?” or “what else can I do?” These users can buy Home Premium version as well, but they can also try Windows 7 Professional to satisfy their curiosity.
  • • Category 3.IT-professionals/IT-students. Working with computer is their occupation. They require operation system with advanced capabilities. Windows 7 Professional is exactly for them. They need those functions that are available only in Professional edition of Windows. What about Windows 7 Ultimate? – you may ask. This version is recommended for IT specialists, who work in a large company at least as a system administrator or knows how to encrypt data using BitLocker.
  • For tablet Pcs or devices with sensor screen Windows 7 Home Premium is recommended. If you need presentation function (easy projector connection), then choose Windows 7 Professional version.
    However, remember that this division is not obligatory, if you want to buy the Ultimate edition, it is your choice to do it. Is Windows 7 expensive to buy? What options do I have here?
    At present moment, you have a wide choice of Windows 7 purchasing options. If you prefer traditional software on Cds or DVDs, then order boxed licensed copy of Windows 7 for reseller’s price.

    For those who want to save their time and costs for disc shipping, there is another solution in form of downloadable OEM software, which you can download online right after the purchase.OEM software refers to software that is sold to computer builders and hardware manufacturers for the purpose of bundling with computer hardware. Ordering this OEM download solution, you can buy Windows 7 much cheaper, than boxed option. You will still have full version with original OEM license, but faster and for the low price. Even more, OEM software stores very often offer great discount to already cheap price.
    The best place to search cheap Windows 7 is Digital River online market. You will be able to find many beneficial offers from OEM stores there and buy Windows 7 for cheap price.
    Again, this is only your choice which purchase option to choose. It depends on your preferences and on the depth of your wallet.

    WHYY Community Advisory Board