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Nancy Karibjanian
Nancy Karibjanian, DELAWARE TONIGHT News Anchor

WHYY Press Room

WHYY DELAWARE TONIGHT is a local news and public affairs program produced by WHYY-TV in Wilmington, DE. The program provides the news of the day throughout Delaware and the region, along with in depth coverage on a variety of issues. WHYY DELAWARE TONIGHT airs Monday-Friday at 5:30 pm.


Monday: Political Perspectives
A panel of political experts discusses issues and hot topics from local government and the political scene in and around Delaware.

Tuesday: Health and Medical Check Up
WHYY reporter Laura Krauth reports on health issues and the latest medical advances. She interviews local health care professionals on a variety of timely health concerns.

Also on Tuesday: Legal Lesson

Each week a complicated legal issue and explain it in layman's terms.

Wednesday: Wider Horizons
This weekly segment covers the interests and issues important to mature adults heading toward retirement, or already into their retirement years.

Thursday: Sports with Tom Byrne
Tom covers Delaware sports in depth, including the Wilmington Blue Rocks, the University of Delaware, local special events like the annual LPGA tournament, etc.

Friday: Friday Forum
Each week, Delaware Tonight takes one issue, hot topic, or local story and expands on it with a roundtable of guests, and packaged reports.

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