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2008 News Releases

December 18, 2008

WHYY announces News and Information TV Channel Y Info Beginning January 4, 2009

December 14, 2008

WHYY's It's Our City has an Update from DHS Commissioner on Reforms Since Danieal Kelly Death in 2006 Triggered Indictments


December 16, 2008

Stephanie Zarus, Associate Dean of University of the Sciences, is Elected to WHYY Board of Directors


December 16, 2008

WHYY Opens a Live Phone Bank during Dec. 17 Digital Broadcast Test


December 16, 2008

Ken Burns to Receive WHYY Lifelong Learning Award at 8th Annual President's Dinner


December 12, 2008

Joseph G. DiPinto, Director to the Office of Development in Wilmington, Del., Elected to WHYY Board of Directors


December 10, 2008


December 8, 2008

WHYY Opens a Live Phone Bank during Dec. 17 Digital Broadcast Test


December 8, 2008

WHYY-FM Applications Now Available on iPhone and iTouch Devices


November 25, 2008

WHYY's It's Our City Features an Interview with Philadelphia Managing Director Camille Barnett, About 311 System


November 21, 2008


November 20, 2008


November 18, 2008

"WHYY I Like This Book," a New Collaboration Between WHYY and Verizon to Encourage Reading in Children


November 18, 2008

WHYY's It's Our City Presents Interview with Mayor Michael Nutter and Finance Director Rob Dubow on Nov. 21


November 14, 2008


November 12, 2008


November 11, 2008


November 6, 2008


November 5, 2008


October 30, 2008


October 27, 2008


October 27, 2008


October 23, 2008

BOOMERVISION! Presents Start Your Own Business


October 23, 2008

WHYY Continues Second Season of On Canvas Oct. 29 to Dec. 3


October 20, 2008

WHYY Announces Formation of Health & Science Advisory Committee


October 10, 2008

WHYY Seeking Volunteers


October 10, 2008

WHYY, U of P and SEAMAAC Produce Video Shorts for Our Stories Our Health


October 8, 2008


October 8, 2008

Delaware Candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor Debate on WHYY Oct. 23, 26


October 8, 2008

WHYY-West Chester University Voter Poll Shows Obama, Markell, Denn in the Lead in Delaware


September 24, 2008


September 24, 2008

New Season of On Stage at Curtis Begins Oct. 1


September 23, 2008

WHYY's It's Our City Features Interview with Philadelphia School District Superintendent Arlene Ackerman and the Mayor's Chief Officer of Education Lori Shorr on Mayer's Plan to Cut Drop-out Rate


September 8, 2008

WHYY's September Programming Highlights Include the One-year Anniversary of Pavarotti's Death and the 30th Anniversary of Billy Joel Performance


September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008

WHYY TV September Kid's Programming Highlights

September 8, 2008

WHYY's Maestro to Premiere on September 25


August 25, 2008

WHYY Continues On Canvas Performing Arts Series With New Episodes in September


July 10, 2008

WHYY Names Kyra McGrath Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President


June 25, 2008

WHYY and Bassett's Ice Cream Unveil  "WHYY Experience" at the Ultimate Philadelphia Ice Cream Festival


June 25, 2008

WHYY 2008 Fiscal Year Ended With Numerous Accomplishments

June 16, 2008

Interview with Mayor Michael Nutter Kicks Off New WHYY Program It's Our City


May 30, 2008

WHYY Appoints Maiken Scott As its Scattergood Foundation Behavioral Health Reporter

May 22, 2008

WHYY to Broadcast Visions of Israel


May 22, 2008

WHYY to Broadcast The Jewish People: A Story of Survival


May 22, 2008

Rita Rudner Visits WHYY For Premier of Rita Rudner: Live from Las Vegas


May 22, 2008

WHYY to Broadcast American Masters "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song"


May 22, 2008

WHYY to Broadcast Change Your Brain, Change Your Life in June


May 22, 2008

WHYY Airs a New Doo Wop Special on June 1


May 22, 2008

Celtic Thunder Returns to WHYY TV12 on June 2


May 22, 2008

WHYY to Simulcast Programming of WHYY TV12 on Digital Channel 12.1


May 19, 2008

WHYY Presents Concert Special My Music: My Generation - The '60s on June 1


May 19, 2008

WHYY to Broadcast Rain: The Beatles Experience


May 8, 2008

WHYY Names Bill Cook Chief of Dover, Del. News Bureau


May 8, 2008

WHYY Names Joni C. Helton Director of Television Programming


May 5, 2008

Numerous WHYY Productions Highlight First Quarter of Calendar Year 2008


May 1, 2008

WHYY and NPR Mobile Web Deliver News and Features to Mobile Phones


April 25, 2008

"Depression: Out of the Shadows" to Premiere on WHYY May 21


April 18, 2008

WHYY Premieres New Series, On Canvas on May 28


April 17, 2008

Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Election Coverage on WHYY on April 22


April 15, 2008

WHYY Airs Marathon Showing of "The Complete Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice" on May 11

April 15, 2008

WHYY to Broadcast The Upside of Memory on April 20


April 15, 2008

WHYY's Terry Gross to Receive Columbia Journalism Award


April 15, 2008

Humanities Live Announces New Programming on WHYY's Y Arts Channel


April 11, 2008

Gwen Ifill, Washington WeekAnchor, to Receive WHYY Lifelong Learning Award at President's Dinner


March 26, 2008

WHYY Rebroadcasts A Wayfarer's Journey: Listening to Mahler


March 21, 2008

WHYY Provides In-Depth Look at Alzheimer's Preparedness


March 17, 2008

WHYY Teams Up With Philadelphia's Leading Healthcare Institutions to Help the Southeast Asian Community


March 1, 2008

WHYY and Philadelphia Daily News Honored with Pennsylvania Public Television Network's Best Neighbor Award


February 25, 2008

WHYY Offers Music and Dance Lovers Exciting New Programs in March


February 25, 2008

WHYY to Broadcast André Rieu: In Wonderland Concert


February 22, 2008

"Martina McBride: Live in Concert" On WHYY This March


February 22, 2008

WHYY Explores Historic Pubs of Dublin


February 22, 2008

The Osmonds' 50th Reunion Tour Broadcast on WHYY


February 22, 2008

WHYY Goes Irish in March


February 20, 2008

WHYY Debuts Celtic Thunder on March 6


February 19, 2008

WHYY's Dr. Dan Gottlieb Shares His Unique Perspective on What It Means To Be Human


February 14, 2008

WHYY's Highlights Greater Philadelphia's Gastronomic Delights with The Philly Food Show


February 8, 2008

February Showcase Reveals Some of the Region's Best Classical Musicians


January 31, 2008

An Interview with Bill Weber, Chief Technology Officer at WHYY


January 18, 2008

January Showcase Reveals a Variety of Classic Musicans


January 10, 2008

WHYY to Air Masterpiece Theatre's "The Complete Jane Austen" on Jan. 13


January 10, 2008

WHYY Names Kerry Grens as Senior Journalist for Newly Established Health & Sciences Desk


January 10, 2008

WHYY and Philadelphia Inquirer Establish Editorial Partnership


January 8, 2008

WHYY Presents New Documentary, "The Clash Live: Revolution Rock"


January 8, 2008

WHYY to Broadcast Historic Documentary "African American Lives 2"


January 4, 2008

Philadelphia Storycorps Features Premiere on WHYY 91FM, Wednesday, Jan. 9


January 2, 2008

WHYY Announces New Health & Sciences Desk