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Watch WHYY on Your iPhone™ and iPad™

Enjoy WHYY content anytime and anywhere. With the PBS iPhone and iPad apps you can watch the most popular and current WHYY programs free and with minimal interruption. The apps feature more than 1000 videos, including full-length episodes, segments and previews with new content updated daily.

Download for iPad | Download for iPhone

Now with local content
Thanks to a partnership between PBS and WHYY, you can watch locally produced video, check the WHYY schedule, and more in the PBS apps. Currently the WHYY productions Friday Arts, On Canvas, On Stage at Curtis, First, and Flicks are available.

  1. Once installed, open the app and click "TV Schedules" on the iPhone or "Select Station" on the iPad
  2. Enter the zip code where you watch WHYY on TV
  3. Select your Cable Provider
  4. Select WHYY as your station
  5. Click on the "Programs" icon
  6. Pick your show and enjoy watching WHYY on your mobile device

Listen to WHYY on Your iPhone™

Listen to WHYY-FM on your iPhone and iPod Touch with the Public Radio Player iPhone application. WHYY-FM and many other public radio stations are all available to stream on your iPhone or iPod Touch when you install the free Public Radio Player application from the iTunes App Store.

Where it works:
The Public Radio Tuner application works on all iPhones and iPod Touches. However, some station streams with a high bitrate (128k or higher) will perform best when using a wifi or 3G connection. Streams that are 64k or lower will play with a wifi, 3G, or EDGE network connection.

Download for iPhone

Set WHYY as a Favorite Station

1. Launch the Public Radio Player App
2. Choose "Search" from the lower menu bar
3. Type "WHYY" and click Search. WHYY will appear in the results. (You may have to click "see all results."
4. Select "WHYY Philadelphia"
5. The app will now start playing the WHYY audio stream.
6. Tap the "star" icon in the upper right corner.
7. You've just added WHYY to your favorites. Thanks for listening.