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Y Circle

We thank the following Y Circle members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011:

Anonymous (87)
Mr. Jonathan D. Abolins and Mrs. Susan Abolins
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Abrams
Mr. Rich Abrams
Mr. Dilip Abreu and Mrs. Nomita Abreu
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Adelson
Dr. Anne M. Ades
Mr. Robert C. Agreen
Mrs. Melvia E. Ahmed
Mr. John R. Alchin
Ms. Helen Alden and Ms. Karen Alden
Ms. Margaret S. Alexender
Mr. Donald L. Alf
Ms. Karen Allen
Mr. Milton Allen
Mr. Kenneth N. Alston
Mr. Gary Altmiller
Mrs. Carol Aman
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Anderson
Mr. Le Roy Anderson
Ms. Linda M. Anderson
Ms. Mary H. Anderson
Dr. Paul S. Anderson
Mrs. Shirley Anderson
Mr. William Anninger
Dr. and Mrs. Warren J. Apollon
Mr. Nitin S. Apte
Ms. Andrea B. Arking
Mrs. Elizabeth Arnold
Dr. Jerold M. Aronson and Dr. Susan S. Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Arvedlund
Mrs. Sally E. Ater
Dr. Mary S. Attig
Ms. Regina Austin
Jim and Janet Averill
Mr. William J. Avery
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Axelrod
Ms. Anne Azeez
Ms. Katherine Bagin and Mr. Larry Theleman
Ms. Kathryn P. Bagley
Mr. Rick Bagshaw
Ms. Debra A. Bailey
Ms. Alice D. Baines
Ms. Susan Baione
Dr. and Mrs. Cecilie G. Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Baker
Ms. Andrea Baldeck
Bernard and Helen Balick
Ms. Margaret Balitsaris
Ms. Susan Carswell and Mr. Andrews Bands
Mr. John Barbera Jr. and Mrs. Helene Barbera
Mr. William R. Bard
Mr. Samuel Barnett and Mrs. Rena Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baron
Ms. Jeanne Barron
Mr. A. W. Bartholomew III
Ms. Susan Bartman
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Barton
Ms. Mary Barvitskie
Dr. Naomi Basickes
Ms. Ann Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Batdorf
Ms. Diana L. Bates
Ms. Joan A. Bauer
Mr. Kevin Jacob Beal
Mr. Darryl W. Bean
David and Brenda Beavers
Dr. Michael W. Bebbington
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Bechtold
Ms. Amy Brantz Bedrick and Mr. Edward L. Bedrick
Ms. Patricia Beegoo
Mr. Gregory Beitler
Dr. Robert Belasco and Dr. Jean Belasco
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Beldon
Mr. Karl Bennett and Mrs. Kristin Bennett
Mr. Peter Bennett
Mr. Marc Benoff
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Bente III
Philip and NancyLee Bergey
Mrs. Candace Berkowitz
Ms. Deborah Berman Biddle
Mrs. Dene K. Bernstein
Dr. Mark H. Bernstein
Mrs. Nancy Travers and Dr. Gerald Bertiger
Mr. Joseph A. Bertolino and Mrs. Eileen Bertolino
Ms. Joanne Steele and Mr. George Bigge
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bing
Ms. Christel Birgel
Mr. J. Robert Birnhak
Ms. Barbara C. Bisgaier
Dr. Gene B. Bishop and Dr. Andrew Stone
Mrs. Lisa Smith and Mr. Harry G. Bissinger III
Mr. Ray Bixler and Mrs. Caitlyn Bixler
Mr. Allen D. Black
Ms. Diana L. Black
Gladys M. Black
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Black
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Blackman
Ms. Christine Blaine
Mr. David H. Blair and Mrs. Mary B. Blair
Ms. Mary A. Blakey
Dr. David Blecker and Mrs. Norma Blecker
Ms. Elizabeth Block and Mr. Bruce Kuklick
Ms. Nurit Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blue
Ms. Sylvia Blum
Ms. Katherine R. Blyth
Ms. Barbara Blyzniuk
David and Patricia Boath
Dr. and Mrs. Alex B. Bodenstab
Mr. Francois Bodhuin
Jean G. Bodine
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Bodine
Ms. Joan Bolling
Mrs. Dale Bonitatis
Ms. Gwendolyn Bonner
Joseph and Frances Bordogna
Ms. Amy B. Borovoy
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Borowsky Jr.
Newman Bortnick
Ms. Linda E. Borzillo
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Boscov
Ms. Mary Boudart and Mr. Donald Callender
Evelyn S. Bouden, M.D.
Mr. Paul Bouis
Richard J. and Lois Bove
Mr. John C. Bowen
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Bowersox
Ms. Carol Ann A. Bowes
Mr. Paul Bowles
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bown
Ms. Alean E. Boyce
Dr. Christine Brennan and Dr. Thomas Drueding
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brennan
Mr. James S. Bright and Dr. Rachel M. Bright
Dr. Patrick A. Brill-Edwards
Mr. Jonathan M. Broder
Mrs. Sheila M. Broderick
Mr. Phillips R. Brooks Jr.
Ms. Catherine D. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Brown
Ms. Marge Brown
Ms. Sara Margaret Brown
Mr. Frederick A. Brubaker
Dr. Derek D. Bruce and Dr. Frances M. Bruce
Ms. Gale Bruner
Mrs. Miriam K. Brush
Mr. John L. Bryce
Mr. James H. Bryson
Mr. James Bryson
Mr. John Buckley and Mrs. Wendy Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bullaughey
Mr. Bob Burger and Ms. Treva Burger
Mr. Frank Burger
Mr. and Mrs. Helen Marion Burk
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Burk
Ms. Annamae Burnett
Ms. Casey J. Burns
Mr. Robert Burns
Mrs. Lynn Bush
Mr. John C. Butera
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cahill
Mr. William J. Callahan Jr.
Mr. Tom Callan
Mr. William G. Campbell and Mrs. Geraldine M. Camp
Jan Campbell
Mrs. Jeanne Campbell
Ms. Patricia M. Cantrell
Ms. Christine Carney
Mr. Wes Carr and Mrs. Lora Carr
Mr. William G. Carson
Ms. Bernice I. Carter
Ms. Pamela Carter
Ms. Anna Marie Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Casciato
Mr. Herbert T. Caskey
Ms. Mary G. Love and Mr. Adrian A. Castelli
Mrs. Sally Castle
Mr. and Mrs. Cummins Catherwood Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Alonzo Cavin
Mr. Robert J. Cerwin
Mr. Benjamin Chang and Mrs. Wai F. Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Chase
Elizabeth Chesick
Ms. Caron Chess and Mr. Dan Wartenberg
Mr. Joseph R. Chiesa
Miss Marsha L. Child
Adam and Lucinda Chou
Mr. and Mrs. Heeten H. Choxi
Daniel Christiansen, V.M.D.
Jolley Bruce Christman
Mr. Michael Churchill and Ms. Tasha Stonorov
Mrs. Cecily G. Clark
Mr. Grant Clark and Mrs. Diana Clark
Dr. Elizabeth R. Clark
Mr. Larry Clark and Mrs. Charleen Clark
Mr. John Clarke and Mrs. Melanie Clarke
Dr. Christina M. Clay
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Close
Ms. Virginia D. Close
Mr. Leonard S. Closson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Clyman
Mrs. Kristina Cogill
Mr. David Cohen and Mrs. Robin Cohen
Amy and Michael Cohen
Mr. Harold L. Colburn Jr. and Mrs. Jane Colburn
Ms. Jill W. Colella
Mr. Gregory L. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. John Collette
Dr. Linda Colley
Dr. Anita Collins
Mr. James Collins
Ms. Janice Collins
Mr. Ronald E. Collins and Mrs. Lorraine Collins
Mr. Stewart Collins
Ms. and Mrs. Brenda Collison
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Colson
Dr. Alexandra Baker and Mr. Michael A. Colucci
Mr. William G. Combs
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Congdon
Mr. James A. Connelly
Mr. John W. Connolly
Richard W. Bartholomew and Julia Moore Converse
Peggy Cooke
Mr. Harris Cooperman and Mrs. Esther Cooperman
Ms. Mary Corbett
Mrs. Suzanne D. Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Coslett Jr.
Sarah Miller Coulson and Frank L. Coulson Jr.
Ms. Phyllis N. Covington
Ms. Lynne Cox and Mrs. Magdalynne Cox
Mr. John Craig
Ms. Maureen D. Craig
Mr. Robert A. Craig
Ms. Phobe Craven
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craven
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Creamer III
Ms. Ruth S. Cristy
Ms. Jennifer Cromwell
Dr. Dennis W. Cronin
Ms. Doris H. Crowley
Mr. James Culbertson
Mrs. Susan Cumings
Mrs. Judith F. Cunningham
Ms. Rose Marie A. Curran
Ms. Nanette T. Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Curtin
Ms. Beverly A. Barnett and Mr. Alton J. Dahl
Mr. William F. D'Alonzo and Mrs. Sarah D'Alonzo
Ms. Sara E. Daly
Mr. Jens Damgaard
Vince and Carolyn D'Amico
Mrs. Lisa B. Danyo
Ms. Arliss Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight P. Davis
Mr. James E. Davis and Mrs. Doralene Davis
Mr. Lawrence Davis
Mrs. Nancy B. Davis
Ms. Ruby Davis and Ms. Jenny Davis
Mr. Donald F. Davison
Mr. Harvey Day III and Mrs. Robin Day
Ms. Elizabeth de Rham
Mr. and Mrs. J. Simpson Dean Jr.
Ms. Mary Dehaan
Ms. Rebecca Dehghan
Dr. Dorothy J. Del Bueno
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent DelDuca Jr.
Ms. Paula DeLucco
Lucy and Olivia Dempsey
Ms. Maxine Desanto
Mr. Jeff Devuono
Joseph Di Palma, M.D.
Mr. Guy Diamond
Peter M. DiBattiste, M.D.
Ms. Rose Disanto and Mr. Stephen W. Starnes
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Dise
Ms. Judith E. Distel
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dodd
Mr. Christos Dogas and Mrs. Robin Dogas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dolan IV
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Donofrio
Mrs. Elisabeth Doolan
Ms. Deborah Ehrenthal and Mr. Douglas Doren
Peter Doris
Mr. Al Dorn
Mr. Elijah Dornstreich
Drs. William V. and Bonnie B. Dorwart
Mr. and Mrs. A W. Dougherty Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dougherty
Mrs. Esther D. Dove
Mr. Mark Dovey
Ms. Lisa M. Downs
Mr. Trevor Drake and Ms. Anne R. Albright
Mr. Edward C. Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. John Ducharme
Mr. W. Joseph Duckworth
Ms. Ann I. Duerr
Dr. Kevin J. Duffy
Michael Dugan
Dr. Melinda K. Duncan and Mr. Andrew Roosen
Mrs. Polly (Mary) H. Dunn
Ms. Maureen Q. Dwyer
Nancy and Dick Eales
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Easton
Ms. Gloria J. Echols and Mr. Powell K. MacRae
Ms. Kathy Echternach
Mr. Robert O. Eck
Dr. Gail A. Edelsohn
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Elkins
Mrs. Harma Ellens and Mr. Joseph Bentz
Ms. Annamarie Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Elliott
Mr. Warren K. Ellis and Mrs. Theda Ellis
Ms. Elizabeth Elmore
Mr. Richard W. Emrich
Ms. Isabella M. Englebach
Ms. Beverly S. Ensor
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Erb
Ms. Bonnie Erbe
Mrs. Eileen Erinoff and Mr. Erinoff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Erlbaum
Mr. Andrea Espinoza
Ms. Gita Estersohn
Ms. Carole Evans
Carolyn and Joseph M. Evans Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Evans
Dr. Lesley L. Ewing
Mr. George S. Fabian
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fadigan
Ms. Kathleen Fahey-Hosey and Mr. Patrick Hosey
Ms. Rebecca E. Fahrmeier
Ms. Leslie Faison
Mr. and Mrs. Arline Falletta
Sykora Family Foiundation
Mr. Thomas L. Fare
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Farenback-Brateman
Mr. Olaf Farestad
Mr. John Feast
Mr. and Mrs. Mort Feingold
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Feist
Dr. Thomas Fekete
Mrs. Evelyn Felberbaum
Ms. Angi Feldman
Mr. Mauro Felipe
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Fell
Dr. Gladys S. Fenichel
Mr. and Mrs. Graham S. Finney
Ms. Joni E. Finney and Ms. Victoria G. Castelli
Ms. Mary Fiorilla
Mr. Mark E. Fischer and Mrs. Deb Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fischer
Mr. Bill Fisher and Mrs. Carol Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fisher
Mr. Raymond J. Fisher
Ms. Carol Fixman and Mr. Stephen Kobrin
Mr. and Mrs. David Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fleming
Mr. Kelly B. Flemings
Dr. Jean Flood
Ms. Susan Floyd
Dr. Cynthia E. Flynn and Ms. Deirdre Boyle
Mr. David Flynn and Mrs. Ambe Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fogg
Mr. Sally M. Ford
Mr. Geoffrey S. Forney
Mr. Marvin L. Forte
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Fortin
Mr. Bennett M. and Mrs. Fredericka Shapiro
Ms. Christine Foster
Ms. Jacqueline French and Mr. Henry Fraimow
Mr. Hans Francke and Mrs. Hetty Francke
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Franlin
Mr. James Frederick and Mr. Daniel Frederick
Ms. Sherry Freebery
Dr. Amy L. Freedman and Dr. Michael Millenson
Karen and Jeffrey Freedman
Julia W. Frick
Mr. Martin Fricko
Mr. and Mrs. John Fridy
Ms. Donna L. Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Friedland
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Friedman
Elizabeth Wood Fritsch
Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Fritsche
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Fryman
Mr. John R. Fulton III and Mrs. Karen S. Fulton
Ms. Rita H. Fulton
Ms. Roseann Funicelli
Ms. Lynne Fushille
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gaboda
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gahagan
Ms. Austra Gaige
Dr. T. K. Gaisser and Mrs. Julia Gaisser
Mr. David Gale
Mr. Jack Gallagher and Mrs. Beverly G. Gallagher
Mr. Donald Gant
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Garaventi
Ms. A M. Garruto
Ms. Deborah Gartenberg
Mr. Robert Gaskins and Mrs. Jennifer Gaskins
Mr. Albert J. Gaspari
Ms. Julie A. Fox and Mr. Steve Gates
Ms. Carla Gauger
Mr. Rami Geffner
Mr. Tom Gehrt and Dr. Victoria C. Gehrt
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen George
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. George
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gess
Ms. Linda L Giannone
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gianopulos
Mr. Charles B. Gilbert Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Gilbert
Mr. Paul Gilbert and Mrs. Katharine Gilbert
Ms. Cynthia P. Gilham
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ginsbergv
Mr. Stanley D. Ginsburg
Mr. David D. Gladfelter and Mrs. Valerie G. Gladfelt
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gladieux Jr.
Mrs. Sue E. Glandorf
Dr. Eduardo D. Glandt
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Glick
Dr. Michel Glower
Dr. Linda G. Gochfeld
Mrs. Colleen Goggins
Amy J. Goldberg, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Goldberger
Ms. Nancy Jacobs Goldenberg
Mrs. Florence Goldfine
Mr. and Mrs. Perry F. Goldlust
Mr. David A. Goldstein
Mr. William Goldstein and Mrs. Joan Goldstein
Ms. Anita C. Lee and Dr. Ross A. Gombiner
Mr. Jose Gomez
Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodman
Dr. Mildred H. Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Goren
Ms. Alic G. Gosfield and Mr. Edward F. Shay
Mr. Robert R. Gottshall
Mr. Ronald L. Gougher
Ms. Susan S. Gould
Ms. Ada M. Graczyk
Mr. Leo Grady
Ms. Gail A. Graham
Mr. Steven Graham and Mrs. Nancy Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grant
Dr. B. David Grant and Mrs. Roseanne Grant
The CHG Charitable Trust
Mr. Mahlon Graves
John E. Graydon and Lois C. Graydon
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Grealy
Dr. Kathleen Greenacre Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Martyn D. Greenacre
Ms. Talia E. Greene
Ms. Sandra Greenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Grenald
Mr. Walter T. Greth
Mr. Frank Grieten and Mrs. Jean Grieten
Mr. Lawrence Griffin
Ms. Katharine L. Gringrich
Mignon and Jim Groch
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gruber
Tara L. and Tamara Grunde-McLaughlin
Ms. Susan J. Guthrie and Mr. Todd Sinai
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Haag
Dr. Kathryn A. Evers Haas and Dr. Allen B. Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hagy
Dr. Frederick D. Haldane
Mr. G. Victor Hallman III and Mrs. Melitta D. Hallma
Mr. Harry Halloran Jr. and Mrs. Catherine Halloran
Mr. William Halperin
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Hamilton
Dru E. Hammell and Dr. Mary K Stom
Mr. John B. Hannum Jr. and Mrs. Anne S. Hannum
Mr. and Mrs. Alard L. Hanover
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hansell
Mr. Martin A. Hansen
Dr. Valerie Arkoosh and Mr. Jeffrey T. Harbison
Mrs. Mary E. Hardesty
Dr. Richard R. Hardy
Mrs. Lillie E. Harker
Ms. Wendy T. Harnwell and Mr. Carmel F. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harrington
Mrs. Barbara C. Harris
Mr. Ian Harris andf Mrs. Caryn Harris
Mr. John T. Harris
Ms. Susan Harris
Mary Harrison Carle
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Harrop
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hart
Mr. Peter J. Hart
Mr. Robert Hart
Ms. Julia Hasser
Mr. Bruce A. Hauptfuhrer
Mr. Fred R. Hauptman and Mrs. Margaret Hauptman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hausmann
Bob Haver
Mr. Robert Hawkins
Mike and Sophie Hayes
Mrs. Sheila Heacock
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Head
Mr. Peter Hearn
Ms. Grey Heck
Ms. Maggie Heffernan
Mr. Harold Hehr and Mrs. Marie Hehr
Ms. Ingrid Heim
Ms. Marie Helmig
Ms. Jacqueline B. Hemphill
Ms. Ruby J. Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Herbst
Dr. Algund Hermann and Mr. Julio Kuperman
Dr. Richard J. Herring
Mr. and Mrs. David Herrstrom
Ms. Nan Herson
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hester
Mr. John Hewes
David L. Hewitt
Ms. Mary W. Hewlett
Mr. James J. Hibbits and Mrs. Nancy J. Hibbits
Mr. Peter D. Hickman
Ms. Lynne E. Hicks
Olde Hope Antiques, Inc.
Mr. Crawford Hill and Mrs. Suzanne S. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Hillas
Ms. Carolyn Hill-Fotouhi and Mr. Nader Fotouhi
Mr. Alan M. Hoberman
Ms. Marilyn Hocker
Nina Hoe
Mrs. Claire P. Hofer
Ms. April L. Hohmann
Mr. and Mrs. Hayward J. Holbert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Hollander
Mr. Rob G. Hollister and Mrs. Valerie Hollister
Mr. William Holloway
Mr. Howard E. Holmquist
Mrs. Mary Beth Kineke and Mr. Carleton A. Holstrom
Mrs. Eleanor Hopkin
Mrs. Ann Marie Horner
Mr. Harvey Horowitz and Mrs. Claudia Horowitz
Margot and Ellis Horwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hostetter
Mr. Alfred B. House
Mr. Felix J. Houting
Ms. Gail Howard and Mr. Richard D. Munoz
Ms. Susan Howell
Mrs. Marie Hudak-Celkupa
Ms. Tracey Whitesell and Mr. Terrance J. Huettl
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hulbert
Ms. Lynda Hubbell and Mr. Paul Hummer
Ms. Sandra Hunt
Mary and Howard Hurtig
Ms. Nancy C. Hyland
Ms. Roselie Hypolite
Mr. Thomas W. Ilvento
Ms. Judith A. Infante
Mr. David Ingalsbe and Mrs. Alice Ingalsbe
Ms. Jennette B. Isaacs
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon E. Isakoff
Mr. Ehud Israel and Mrs. Vivian K. Israel
Mr. Michael Izzo
Mr. David Jackson
Mr. James E. Jackson
Mrs. Nancy I. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Jacobs
Dr. William L. Jaffee and Dr. Barbara F. Jaffee
Mrs. Chandai Jaglal
Mrs. Jean H. Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Janssen Jr.
Ms. Paula S. Janssen
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Jenkins
Mr. David E. Jennings
Mrs. Helen C. Jennings
Ms. Jan Jessup
Mr. Luke Jingozian
Mr. Alexander N. Johns Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Johns
Mr. Willard L. Johns and Mrs. Jeannette R. Johns
Ms. Aline M. Johnson
David and Bonnie Johnson
Mr. Gerard Johnson and Mrs. Jean Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Johnson
Ms. Judith Johnson
Mrs. Judy Johnson
Mr. Mark S. Johnson
Craig and Meg Johnson
Ms. Pamela E. Johnson
Mr. Ralph B. Johnson and Mrs. Ruth B. Johnson
Ms. Elizabeth Johnston
Ms. Elsie M. Jones
Mrs. Frances B. Jones
Mr. Ken Jones and Mrs. Lorraine A. Jones
Mrs. Maureen Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Josem
Ms. Lisa Kaiser
Mr. Michael Kamarck and Mrs. Debbie Kamarck
Ms. Jamie K. Kamph
Dr. Cecelia P. Kane
Ms. Winnie Lanoix and Mr. David Kannerstein
Mr. Allen Kanter and Mrs. Valerie Kanter
Ms. Molly E. Mentzer and Mr. Lee Kapp
Dr. Shivakumar G. Kapsi and Mrs. Nagalakshmi S. Kapsi
Mr. Jeremy Kasdin and Mrs. Rakefet Kasdin
Ms. Doris Katz
Mr. Stanley N. Katz
Mr. Robert Z. Kaufman
Mr. David Kavalow-Huie
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kawecki
Ms. Joan S. Keating
Mr. Winfield Keck and Mrs. Margaret Keck
Bryan and Kay Keenan
Ms. and Mrs. Gracemarie Kehoe
Mrs. Catharine K. Keim
Mrs. Celestina T. Keller
Jim and Kathy Kellmer
Mr. Joseph D. Kellner
Frances and Howard Kellogg
Mr. Peter Kelly and Mrs. Hedi Kelly
Ms. Marie T. Kelly
Ms. Marie Kempczynski
Mr. Harlan Kennard
Ms. Martha F. Kennedy and Mr. Nicholes Brown
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Kenning
Dr. John P. Kent
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Kerlin
Ms. Janet Kestenbergamighi
Nancy, Jared, and Gretchen Kieling
Mr. Walter M. Kielinski
Mr. Shern J. Kier
Ms. Sarita Kimble
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimbol
Ms. Lisa Kimbro
Mr. Donald Kimelman
Mr. Edward R. Kimmelman
Ms. Amy Kimmich
Mr. William Kincade
Ms. Jan M. King
Mr. Leonard J. King, Sr.
Mr. Michael King and Mrs. Joan King
Ms. Adrienne M. Kinney and Mr. Raymond Hoffeld
Mr. James E. Kintzel
Mrs. Martha Z. Kirby
Ms. Karen Kirwin
A. Melissa Kiser
Edith Klausner
Mr. David Klein
Justin and Mary Klein
Ms. Barbara Kleinbard
Ms. Vicky K. Kleinman
Dr. Lorraine H. Kligman
Mr. James Klinghoffer
Mrs. Lucinda E. Knuth
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Koch
Mr. William Koehler and Mrs. Patricia Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. John Kominetz
Ms. Kim J. Overby and Mr. Gary Koretzky
Mr. Mitchell Kowal
Ms. Linda Kozitzky
Mr. Thomas Kraines
Ms. Susan Kraus
Mr. Bob Krauss
Ms. Emmy L. Krick
Dr. Jacob Kriger and Mrs. Linda S. Kriger
Mr. James M. Kron and Mrs. Susan Kron
Mr. Drew Kudatzky
Ms. Nancy B. Kuhlman
Mr. Gerard Kuhn and Mrs. Katherine Kuhn
Bruce and Ann Press
Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Kundel
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Kurtz
George C. Kyle, M.D.
Mr. Norman B Labell and Mrs. Emily Labell
Mr. and Mrs. John Lafferty
Mr. John L. Lain
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrold Lakoff
Sharon Landa
Mr. David D. Langfitt and Mrs. Margaret B. Langfit Nancy Lanham
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lapham
Ms. Anna Maria Larenz
Ms. Elizabeth K. Larsen
Dr. Sigrid Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Lasko
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Lau
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Lawrence
Dr. Michael W. Ledoux
Edward and Kathryn Lee
Ms. Gabriele W. Lee
Mr. Jonathan K. Lee and Mrs. Pamela Lee
Ms. Tamara L. Lefebvre
Mrs. Lillian B. Lefevre
Mr. David W. Leigh
Dr. William F. Lenker and Mrs. Carol D. Lenker
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lentini
Mr. Robert J. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Leonardis Bea and Norman Leopold
Mr. Peter H. LeVan Jr.
Ms. Karen Morris and Mr. Alan D. Levenson Mr. Michael Levin and Mrs. Caryl Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Levin
Dr. Arnold Levine and Mrs. Linda H. Levine
Ms. Rachel Levine and Mr. Jed Melnick
Mrs. Lou Ann Lewis
Mr. Eric Lewis and Mrs. Nancy Lewis
Mrs. Iris Lewis-Moody
Mr. Richard B. Lieb and Mrs. Kathryn C. Lieb
Ms. Charisse Lillie
Ms. Kathleen A. Lindenhofen
Ms. Shirley M. Lindsay
Walter H. Lippencott
Ms. Amy F. Lipton
Ms. Viki L. List
Mrs. Cecily D. Littleton
Mr. S. Gerald Litvin and Mrs. Arlene F. Litvin
Ms. Lindsay Lloyd
Dr. Victor Lobanov
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Lobb
Ms. Maureen Loh
Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Loken
Ms. Eileen S. Longo and Mr. Ewald A. Stellrecht
Mrs. Nancy Lorber
Ms. Nikki Loscalzo
Betty and Frank Louchheim
Mr. J. Scott Lowe
Ms. Maria Luby
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lucy
Elsie Lund
Mr. Henry Lunn
Mr. James Lute
Mr. C. James Luther
Dr. LeeAnn Srogi and Dr. Tim Lutz
Ms. Anne Marie Macari
Mr. Robert J. Macbeth
Dr. Brian MacDonald
Ms. Sarah Maclellan
Ms. Dolores J. Macri
Mr. Edward W. Madeira Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy G. Magers
Ms. Kristine M. Maglietta
Mrs. Marie Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Maher
Dr. and Mrs. Mario L. Maiese
Mr. Thomas O. Malcolm
Dr. Kathryn R. Malone
Ms. Robin G. Mamlet
Mr. Thomas K. Mammen
Mr. and Mrs. James Manley
Dr. and Mrs. Francis R. Manlove
Ms. Susan Marcel
Ms. Mary L. Marger
Mrs. Patricia H. Marino
Ms. Elaine T. Markezin
Mr. James Marks
Mrs. Jane P. Maroney
Ms. Ann Marshall
Ms. Linda D. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Martin
Ms. Lori Martin
Ms. Marsha J. Martin
Mr. Ralph L. Martin
Mr. Warren Martin and Mrs. Eileen Martin
Dr. Mary A. Mascelli
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Massau
Mr. David Massey and Mrs. Dorothy Massey
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Masters
Ms. Diane Matteo
Mr. Robert A. Matthews
Mr. Roger Mauchline
Dr. Lynne G. Maxwell
Gene and Carol Mayhew
Ms. Erin E. McAllister
Mr. Donald R. McClintock
Mr. Donald McClure
Ms. Judy McConomy
Ms. Marion B. McCord
Dr. and Mrs. V. Eugene McCoy
Mr. John S. McDaniel III and Mrs. Regina A. Iorii
Mr. Herbert S. McDonald and Mrs. Mary F. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McDowell
Mr. William McFadden
Ms. Eileen E. McGinley
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kevin McGlynn
Kyra and Peter McGrath
Mr. James F. McGuckin
Anne McHugh and Christine McHugh
Mr. Henry J. McHugh
Mr. Ennaf McLouchan
Ms. Kathryn Z. McMaster
Mrs. Linda McMaster
Bill and Katie McNabb
Ms. Carolyn McNeice
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McNiff
Dr. Mary P. McPherson
Ms. Lydia F. McVay
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McVeigh
Mr. Charles Meacham
Mr. Frank J. Mechura and Mrs. Susan Mechura
Ms. Victoria A. Meliodon
Mr. Mark Melodia and Mrs. Dianne F. Melodia
Mr. Richard M. Melscheimer
Ms. Kimberly Mento
Ms. Carmelita Menton
Mrs. Annette C. Merle-Smith
Mr. Richard Merriken
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Messner
Mr. Charles W. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meyers
Mrs. Gail F. Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mileti
Ms. Carolyn E. Miller
Dr. Katharine T. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Miller
Dr. Kevin Miller
Ms. Mildred H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Natalie I. Miller
Rev. Richard G. Miller Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Mills
Steven Mills, M.D.
Mr. Marc Mitchell and Mrs. Gwendolyn Mitchell
Mr. James Mitchum and Mrs. Tere Mitchum
Ms. Susan R. Mochel
Dr. Robin E. Mockenhaupt and Mr. Ralph Popp
Mr. Allan C. Molotsky
Dr. George E. Monasky
Mr. and Mrs. H. Laddie Montague
Mrs. Leonarda Moore
Mrs. Susan S. Moore
Mr. William Moore and Mrs. Sara Moore
Mr. Rodman Moorhead
John and Diane Moran
Mr. Ranney R. Moran
Mr. Shawn Moran
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Mordy
Dr. Tom Morea and Mr. Craig Keisling
Ms. Jennifer Moriarta
Mr. Neil Moriarty and Mrs. Lauren E. Moriarty
Mr. William Moriarty
Ms. Mary E. Morie
Ms. Patricia Morlok
Dr. Jeffrey B. Morris and Mrs. Alice Morris
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Morroney
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moser
Ms. Michelle Mostovy-Eisenberg
Mr. Vernon Muhlbaier
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Mulford
Mrs. Agnes Mulroney
Mr. Peter Munden
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Munro
Mr. James Murdock
Ms. Judith H. Murphy and Mr. Butch Sincock
Ms. Elise W. Murray
Dr. Frank B. Murray and Mrs. Fiona Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Mustin
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Myers
Mrs. Katharine D. Myers
Mr. Charles E. Nakamura
Peter and Eleanor Nalle
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Nash
S.L. and R.S. Natalini
Mr. Jason R. Nathan
Ms. Jewel M. Ndulula
Mr. Robert Nelson and Mrs. Wendy Nelson
Ms. Wenda Nemes
Ms. Sara Nerken
Mr. William D. Neuman
Mr. Jay O. Newlon Jr. and Mrs. Martha H H. Newlon
Dr. and Mrs. James Newman
Ms. Margaret Newman
Mr. Philip Newmuis
Mr. Robert Nicholas
Ms. Maria Nicolo
Ms. Beverly Niestroy
Mr. Vijay M. Nilekani and Mrs. Chandra Nilekani
Mr. Michael Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Noonan
Ms. Elizabeth Norris
Miss Jo Anne K. Norris
Ms. Marlene T. Norwood
Ms. Anita Novembre
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Nunes
Mrs. Deborah Nye
Mr. Stephen R. Oates
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Obley
Mr. and Mrs. David O'Brien
Dr. Matthew Ochs
Mrs. Debra F. O'Connor
Ms. Ruth Oksala
Mrs. Gertrude O'Leary
Ms. Laura Olexa
Mr. Barry Olliff and Mrs. Cynthia A. Olliff
Mr. John L. Olsen and Mrs. Claire Olsen
Michelle and Andrew Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Olson
Mr. John Onukogu
Mr. Stephen Ornstein and Mrs. Erika L. Ornstein
Ms. Elissa G. Topol and Dr. A. Lee Osterman
Dr. Susanne I. Otero-Mallon and Mr. Mark Mallon
Ms. Mary K. Gordon and Mr. Donald A. Overton
Mr. Neil Oxman
Ms. Elaine Gelb and Mr. Marc Pachtman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Palmer
Ms. Gwendolyn J. Palmore
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Pappajohn
Ms. Suzanne P. Christen and Mr. Scott Park
Mr. Stephen R. Parker
Ms. Catherine Parks Loevner and Mr. David R. Loevner
Mr. Lee Parris
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Parrish
Ms. Carla L. Pastore
Mr. Hitesh Patel and Mrs. Kay Patel
Mr. Edward Paulino
Mr. Jim Paulus and Mrs. Mariellen Paulus
Mr. Thomas B. Payne
B. M. Peaks
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Pearce Jr.
Mr. Vincent Pearson and Mrs. Deirdre Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Peck
Ms. Michelle A. Pedersen
Ms. Marilyn Peiffier
Ms. Trena L. Pelham
Mr. Clifford Pemberton
Ms. Mary V. Pendleton
Ms. Beverly L. Penn
Mr. Richard K. Penn and Mrs. Victoria Penn
Ms. Kathleen A. Pennelli
Ms. Lorraine Pentz
Miss I. E. Peoples
Dr. Joanne P. Perilstein
Mr. David Perlsweig
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Peyton
Ms. Julie L. Pfeffer
Dr. William Pfeffer and Mrs. Maria Pfeffer
Bob and Dorothy Philipson
Mr. Stephen Phillips
Ms. Gwendolyn E. Picazio
Ms. Lisa Pickering-Knight and Mr. David Knight
Mr. Ted Pileggi
Mr. David N. Pincus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pinto
Ms. Maryann Piper
Mr. Salvatore Pistilli
Mr. and Mrs. Feodor U. Pitcairn
Mr. Jeff Pitel
Elise and Charles Pizzi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Polasky
Ms. Michelle Polkowski
Mr. John Poloney
Ms. Rita Polonsky
Ms. Katharine S. Popenoe
Mrs. Harriet Potashnick
Mr. William Powel Jr.
Ms. Ellen Pozzi
Mr. Walter J. Prandeski Jr.
Mr. Donald J. Prentis and Mrs. Monica Prentis
Mr. Frederick I. Presgrave
Ms. Valerie Pressley
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour S. Preston III
Ms. Marianne Previti
Mrs. Terry Thomas Primer and Dr. Benjamin Primer
Dr. Charles H. Pritchard and Mrs. Laura Pritchard
Ms. Kathy L. Putnam
Ms. Jeanne Pyne
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer J. Qualls
Mr. Steve P. Querido and Mrs. Dana W. Querido
Mr. Michael Radice
Mrs. Carol Radovich
Ms. Gay P. Rainville
Mr. William Ramsey Scheff
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Randall
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Randall
Dr. C. Royce Rasmussen
Stephen and Carol Ratko
Mr. Stephen Rauscher and Mrs. Nancy Rauscher
Mr. Paul Ray
Mr. Douglas T. Raymond
Ms. Ruth Rayna
Ms. Catherine M. Recker and Mr. Matthew Pappajohn
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Reed
Ms. Ursula M. Reed
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Reichman
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reilly
Ms. Barbara Reisser
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rendfrey
Mr. James M. Revie
Dr. Jennifer Rexford
Mr. William E. Reynolds and Mrs. Rosemarie Reynolds
Ms. Jeanne M. Richarde
Miss Delories L. Richardi
Ms. Janet Perry and Mr. David Richman
Ms. Bettye C. Ricks
Ms. Elizabeth P. Rigo
Ms. Christine Ritter
Mrs. Phoebe C. Robb
Ms. Deborah F. Robbins
Ms. Alwyn Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. James Roberts
John M. Roberts, MD
Mr. Nat Robinson and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Robertson
Ms. Claire Rocco
Ms. Lois Roemmele
Ms. Teresa Rogan
Ms. Rosemarie Romano
Mr. James Ronca
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Rorer
Mrs. Janet T. Rosenberger
Franny and Harold S. Rosenbluth
Hope Rosenlund
Hal and Sue Rosenthal
Mr. Tom B. Ross, Sr. and Dr. Joanne Ross
Ms. Charotte Kerr and Mr. Jeff A. Roth
Mr. Marvin Rothman and Ms. Betty D. Rothman
Ms. Aliah Rsheed
Ms. Harriet Rubenstein and Mr. Martin Brigham
Ms. Darlene Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Rueger, Sr.
Ms. Carol S. Rush
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rush
Mr. and Mrs. Alex G. Russell
Ms. Joan P. Ryan
Ms. Mary Rynex
Mr. Joseph Sabbatino and Mrs. Eileen Sabbatino
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Sabochick
Mr. and Mrs. David Sacks
Mrs. Alison P. Saffran
Mr. Samuel Sagett
Mr. Josh Salinger
Sue and Richard Salkowitz
Mrs. Carolyne Sandler
Mr. Vince Sanfilippo
Ms. Debra Santoro
Ms. Sue V. Sass
Ms. Srivalli Sastry-Kuppa
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Saunders
Ms. Carol A. Saunderson
Mr. James Savage
Mr. William H. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sayko
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Sayles
Ms. Pauline C. Scalvino
Ms. Agnes M. Scanlon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Scarborough
Ms. Sandra J. Schaal and Mr. Thomas H. Kurkjian
Ms. Catherine Schaeder and Mr. Eric Batterman
Mrs. Carolyn Schanen
Richard L. Scheff and Natalie D. Ramsey
Mr. William H. Scheide
Ms. Virginia F. Schiavelli
Ms. Cherylann Schieber
Ms. Cynthia M. Schiff
Peter D. Schindler, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Schivell
Mr. Calvin E. Schmid
Mr. Martin Schmid and Mrs. Karla M. Schmid
Dr. Amy E. Schmidt and Dr. Seth Weiner
Mrs. Doris Schnee
Carl and Mary Ellen Schneider
Dr. Diane M. Schneider
Ms. Erna K. Schneider
Ms. Francine Schneider
Pam and Tony Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Doug E. Schoenberg
Mr. Lauran R. Schultz
Ms. Patricia B. Miller and Mr. William L. Schultz
Ms. R. Jane Schwam
Ms. Christine Schwartz
Dr. Jean Schwarzbauer
Mr. William W. Schwarze
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sears
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Sears
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Sears
Ms. Martha Levine and Mr. Howard Sedran
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Segal
Mr. Richard M. Seibert
Mr. Manfred Seidel and Mrs. Alice Seidel
Kathleen S. Sernak, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. B. H. Serota
Ms. Barbara A. Sevick
Ms. Patricia Sexton
Ms. Antoinette F. Seymour
Mr. Harold Shaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaman
Ms. Arminnie Shamlian
Ms. Patricia Shaner
Amulya and Ravi Shankar
Mr. and Mrs. David Shapiro
Ms. Alice M. Sharp
Mr. Thomas Shaw and Mrs. Mary R. Shaw
Mr. David P. Sheffield and Mrs. Carole B. Sheffield
Prof. Fadlou A. Shehadi
Ms. Dee Sherman
Ms. Nancy L. Middlebrook and Mr. Thomas L Sherman
Namratha and Shekar Shetty
Mrs. Robert J. Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Edwyn Shoemaker Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth G. Shook
Mr. Andrew W. Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Silva
Ms. Sandra B. Silver and Ms. Jan Blumenthal
Ms. Nancy Silverman
Mr. Willys K. Silvers
Laurie Selber Silverstein
Joseph and Sheila Singer
Ms. Eileen M. Sites
Ms. Sharin Skolnik and Mr. Scott A. Stelle
Ms. Dorothy Skraban
Ms. Ann J. Slowik
Mr. Joel Slutz
Mr. Ray Small
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Smilow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Corey and Jonne Smith
Mr. David S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith
Ms. Katherine K. Smith
Mr. Kenneth R. Smith
Mr. Kim Smith and Mrs. Devie Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Langhorne B. Smith
Mr. Lloyd Smith
Ms. Louise S. Smith
Mr. Marcellus D. Smith Jr. and Dr. Thelma Napoleon-Smith.
Ms. Megane Smith
Ms. Shirley M. Smith
Mr. Thomas Smith
Mr. Dale S. Snowdon
Mr. Alex Snyder and Mrs. Beverly Snyder
Ms. Diane S. Snyder
Dr. Marsha W. Snyder
Ms. Patricia Snyder
Dr. Nancy Snyderman
Ms. Emily Matthews and Dr. Robert H. Socolow
Mr. James Solomon and Mrs. Rochelle Solomon
Ms. Kathy Sommer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soohoo
Dr. Michael M. Soojian
Ms. Betty V. Spadoni
Dr. George Spaeth and Mrs. Ann W. Spaeth
Mr. Harvey L. Speed
Mr. Daniel Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Spicer
Mr. William Spink and Mrs. Linda Spink
Mr. Charles R. Staats
Mr. Robert T. Stache
Mr. Christian Stahl
Ms. Carolyn K. Staley
Mr. Robert Stallman and Mrs. Hannah Stallman
Mrs. Ann C. Stanford
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Stanley
Mr. Brendan Stanton
Mr. R. John Stedman and Mrs. Susan Stedman
Mrs. Martha F. Steel
Mr. Rodney L. Steffy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Stein
Mr. Jonathan Steinberg
Mrs. Louise R. Stengel
Ms. Anne C. Stephano
Mr. and Mrs. James Stephens
Ms. Lynne G. Stephenson
Mr. Jeff Sterba
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Stern
Mr. Richard Stettler
Mrs. George E. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Stilmar
Mr. Louis F. Stingel
Mrs. Alice B. Stith
Mr. Michael A. Stolper
Frances and Bayard Storey
Mrs. Patricia S. Stover
Ms. Arlene D. Stratton
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Straw
Mrs. Joanne B. Strickland
Dr. Diana C. Stripp
Ms. Donna Clarke Stroud and Mr. Morris W. Stroud II
Ms. Jayne Strych
Mrs. Patricia H. Summers
Barbara B. Supplee
Mr. David A. Surbeck and Mrs. Cath Surbeck
Mr. Trevor Sutherland
Mr. Leon Suttner and Ms. Lisa G. Suttner
Mr. Chavalit Svetvilas
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Swan
Mr. Dennis E. Sweitzer and Mrs. Liedeke M. Sweitzer
Ms. Patricia Bender and Dr. Mark F. Sylvester
Paula and Stanley Szortyka
Mr. and Mrs. Kaveh Taghavi
Ms. Joyce Tallett
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Tarbox
Ms. Clara L. Taylor
Mr. Mesfin Tegenu
Ms. Kimberley Tempas
Ms. Nancy Terramin
Mr. William T. Teti
Mr. Edmund Thayer Jr. and Mrs. Joan G. Thayer
The MGive Foundation
Dana Thiede
Ms. Judy A. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Thomas
Mr. M. S. Thompson and Ms. Ann C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Thomsen
Ms. Kathleen M. Thomsen
Mr. Hilary M. Thornton and Ms. Rachel M. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Tierno
Mr. Paul C. Timm-Brock
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Tirer
Mr. Jay Tolson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Tompkins
Mr. Carl F. Toms
Ms. Julia R. Toner
Mr. Nils A. Tonning
Mr. John F. Tooher
Mrs. Raffaela Torrence
Mr. Nicholas D. Torres
Mrs. Helen Trapp
Mr. Richard Trasferini and Mrs. Judith Trasferini
Dr. Ronald Traum and Ms. Shirley T. Traum
Ms. Jayme C. Trott
Ms. Julia S. Trout
Mr. Simon J. Trowell
Mr. Thomas Trussell
Ms. Charlotte A. Trygar
Ms. Louise Tucker
Ms. Gail M. Turley
Ms. Yulizza Tvelia
Mr. Mark Udren and Mrs. Joann Udren
Dr. and Mrs. A. Frederick Uhler
Mr. Eric Umbles
Ms. Caroline Underwood
Ms. Carolyn Urban
Ms. Elizabeth Useem
Ms. Linda Vadala
Ms. Marie A. Vallance
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Van Bosse
Dr. and Mrs. Peter G. Van Deerlin
Ms. Laura Van Embden
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Van Kirk
Ms. Virginia J. Vanderslice
Mr. and Mrs. G. Vangieri
Mr. Anthony Veltri
Dr. and Mrs. Leon H. Venier
Mr. Gerald Verbrugghe
Ms. Kathleen Vignola
Mr. Paul E. Vilter
Mr. Vaclav Vitek
Mr. and Mrs. Werner K. Volkmann
Ms. Karen Volpe
Ms. Margaret Von Mehren
Ms. Vanapha Vorasingha
Ms. Arlene Wadro
Mr. David Wagner
Mr. Edward F. Wagner
Leanne C. Wagner
Ms. Mary S. Wagner
Ms. Shirley Wagner-Sevy and Mr. Jonathan Sevy
Mr. Guy Waites
Ms. Elizabeth K. Wakabayashi
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Wakeman
Dr. Richard E. Waldman
Mr. Richard L. Waldron Jr.
Ms. Ruth A. Walker
Sally Walker and Tom Gilmore
Mr. Thomas S. Wall
Mr. Richard C. Walling
Mr. Charles J. Walsh Jr.
Mrs. Patricia S. Walsh
Mr. John Wang and Mrs. Anne M. Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wargo
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Washburn
Mr. Cliff Watkins
Dr. Michael Wax
Don and Nancy Weaver
Mr. George E. Weaver
Mr. William Webb
Ms. Sara M. Webster
Mr. Charles E. Wedra
Dr. Ulrike G. Wegst
Kathleen F. Weidner
Mr. John Weikart
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weikel
Ms. Jill C. Weinberg
Dr. Josef Weinstein
Mr. Michael Weinstein and Dr. Lara C. Weinstein
Ms. Rachel Weinstein and Mr. Bruce Frohlich
Marvin Weisbord and Dorothy B. Weisbord
Ms. Wendy L. Weiss
Mr. Jon Weitzman
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Welles
Mr. Harold B. Wells and Mrs. Mary Wells
Mrs. Mary Sue Welsh
Ms. Jeanne Marie Welsko
Mr. Fred H. West Jr.
Mr. L. G. West and Ms. Joan West
Mrs. Margot I. West
Ms. Barbara Westergaard
Mrs. and Mrs. Jean S. Weston
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Wetzel
Mr. F. H. Weymar and Mrs. Caroline Weymar
Ms. Sara Weymouth and Mr. Joe Abele
Mr. Leighton C. Whitaker
Mr. Richard White and Mrs. Vanessa White
Ms. Jody Whitehouse and Dr. Brahman Levy
Ms. Dorothy G. Whitmore
Mr. Cal Wick and Mrs. Ann Wick
Ms. Jennifer A. Widner
Mr. Eugene J. Wien and Mrs. Bess Wien
Mr. Earl Wilcox
Mr. Columbus Wilds
Ms. Erica L. Wilfrid
Mr. Robert E. Wilkenson
Dr. Mary A. Willard
Ms. Jennifer Willett
Dr. Catherine S. Williams
Mr. Charles I. Williams Jr.
Mr. Hubert Williams
Ms. Kathleen A. Williams
Ms. Linda C. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Pax T. Williams
Ms. Phyllis G. Williams
Mrs. Rosalind Williams
Ms. Yvonne J. Wilmore
Mr. Robert D. Wilmot
The Wilson Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic T. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Wilson
Mrs. Madge J. Wilt
Mr. Roger Wims, Jr
Dina and Jerry Wind
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Winey
Mr. William J. Wingert
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wise
Mr. John Witman and Mrs. Louise R. Witman
Mr. Carl Witonsky and Mrs. Florence S. Witonsky
Tom and Loretta Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wolf
Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf
Ms. Gloria J. Wolford
Mr. John C. Wood
Dr. Barbara J. Woods
Ms. Judith Wooldridge
Mr. Robert Wooton
Ms. Gloria T. Worrell
Ms. Dolores Wright
Mr. Fredric S. Wright and Mrs. Anne Jeffrey Wright
Minturn T. Wright, III
Mrs. Kathleen Wunner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Wyatt
Mr. Kham Xapakdy
Ms. Janet Yabroff
Mr. and Mrs. Judith D. Yancy
Ms. Barbara Yanni
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Yardney
Gerard and Elizabeth Yarnall
Ms. Ann Yasuhara
Mr. John A. Yeatman
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Yost
Ms. Elizabeth M. Young and Mr. Raymond S. Weddington
Ms. Frances P. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Young
Mr. Carlos M. Yuste
Mr. David M. Zaiser and Mrs. Katherine H. Zaiser
Mrs. Jane Zayatz
Ms. Suzanne W. Zeleznik
Ms. Christine Zelinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Zeller
Ms. Anne Zetterberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zion
Dr. Edward T. Zito
Mr. Howard O. Zogott and Mrs. Christina Zogott