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Trudi Brown's Winning Vision

By Hannah Poole, Public Information intern

As WHYY executive producer, Trudi Brown works with producers on several programs. Although much of her job consists of overseeing administrative and managerial aspects of operations, Trudi ultimately works to guide producers.

"I am delighted with the people I work with. They are so skilled," said Brown, who joined WHYY in 1991. "I basically work as an editor for their visions."

Brown works on the weekly performing arts series, On Canvas, and On Stage at Curtis in addition to a series of regularly scheduled video segments that focus on arts and culture in the region.

Brown earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from Temple University, during which time she worked as a broadcast reporter for WRTI. "At that point, I thought I wanted to be on-air," she said. She then hosted a public affairs program for a CBS station. She soon recognized, however, that her talents were best utilized behind the scenes, where she flourishes.

Brown was drawn to WHYY after a tenure in commercial television. The pressure to have a finished product so quickly often left her with little time to truly cultivate her vision.

"I envied public broadcasting," she said — a fact she found to be true of many people in commercial television. She decided to follow her production dreams at WHYY, where she gained time to devote to fully creating her style and finding a voice for her ideas. "And that is a dream I continue to realize every day."

For someone who already had 12 Emmys and numerous other awards at home prior to winning two Emmys in 2009, Brown says her proudest career achievement is winning an Emmy this year for On Canvas. "I really love that program," she said. "And the team just worked so hard on it."