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One in a series ...

Therese Madden

By Marc Hummel, Public Information intern

Therese Madden attended a supper-club private dinner party in July hosted by cook and nutrition enthusiast Daniel McLaughlin whose food blog, "The Thirteenth Diet," is an experiment in a wide range of fares, from vegan to raw, Ayurvedic to Atkins. McLauglin's diet experiments and dinner parties will be the first story she produces for the new WHYY series "Fit."

Therese sees "Fit" as an exploration of practitioner and technique -- an attempt to document the various ways individuals try to live active, nourished lives. To prepare for the series, Therese also talked to several local chefs, nutritionists and fitness experts while exploring potential stories.

Therese volunteered in the WHYY newsroom eight years ago and joined the Chef's Table staff full time in 2005, when she returned after working at WRTI-FM. Therese now divides her time between the development of "Fit" and the Coming of Age radio series, which features the diverse lifestyles of people over 50 doing "cool" stuff.

Therese was busy preparing for a Coming of Age interview with Joseph Tiberino of the Ellen-Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum when Know WHYY interviewed her. "I'm always looking for new stories for Coming of Age and "Fit" whether it be in the supermarket or on the street," she said. Therese is particularly proud of the audio slide shows available on the Coming of Age website.

"I love the series because I get to help 'regular' people tell their stories," she said. "While it was fun to meet the Mario Batalis and Sara Moultons through A Chef's Table, I really enjoy talking to the people most of us have never heard of because they, too, are superinteresting."

Therese (photographed holding a bat pen given by a woman she interviewed who rehabilitates bates in a secret cave in Philadelphia) looks forward to exploring a wide range of potential show topics in the realms of fitness, diet and nutrition.