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Annual Report 2009

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Your generous contribution to WHYY is a sign of your commitment to the future of the region's most important public media provider. Because of that, WHYY can continue to provide outstanding programs and services to the Delaware Valley and explore advances in technology that will help us serve our audience better than ever.

WHYY is prepared to lead the way into a new era of public media that will be enlivened through the regeneration of purpose, inclusion of citizens in creating media that serves the community and application of new technologies that provide in-the-moment access to content.

WHYY is and will continue to be a center for media in which citizens participate directly in the use of media to build and strengthen community. This is a future that matters to all of us, and with your continued support, we can continue to take advantage of the changing media landscape to bring you news when you need it, entertainment when you want it and education when it counts — on television, radio and the Web and in the community.

Thank you.

William J. Marrazzo

President and Chief Executive Officer