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John Mussoni

By Hannah Poole, Public Information intern

In mid-November, John Mussoni was named managing editor of WHYY's news operation in Wilmington and already has big plans for the First State. In what he claimed is his "second tour of duty" at WHYY, John oversees the organization's multimedia coverage of Delaware — television, radio and the Web.

During his first tour of duty in 2002, John did freelance work for the station as part of production on various projects and returned to cover Delaware news in January. John's long history with regional news has primed him for his current position. He served as senior executive producer at CN8, news director at WTXF-TV and assignment manager at WCAU-TV.

John said he had always been intrigued by WHYY and the idea of brand expansion. "TV needs to adjust with the times," he said.

"The opportunity to do something new, particularly with the blending of media, is important and exciting." John also feels less constrained by the noncommercial environment of WHYY and appreciates aspects such as the extra time for segments provided by the absence of commercials. Moreover — and at the risk of sounding "overly philosophical" — he admitted the nature of WHYY lends itself to a higher mission of community-building, which is very appealing.

Over the next year, John hopes for a much greater Web presence and has his sights on audience-building. "Word of mouth is a lot of it," he explained. "But for First, I really want to take the show on the road and hit every zip code." After increasing visibility throughout Delaware, he would ideally like First to become a show people think has something to offer them — even if they don't live in Delaware. "Either way, we want to convince people that the program is crucial in filling information voids," he said.