Annual Report 2009 Home


The following foundations and other agencies contributed $1,000 or more for programs and services between July 1, 2008, and June 30, 2009:

The Barra Foundation Inc.
The Bridgehaven Foundation Inc.
Richard P. Byler Charitable Fund
Cameron Baird Foundation
Alpin J. and Alpin W. Cameron Memorial Fund
Campbell Soup Foundation
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
Claneil Foundation
Colket Foundation
The Devereux Foundation
Dietrich Foundation
Dolfinger McMahon Foundation
Ellason and Molly L. Downs Perpetual Trust
Alex J. Ettl Foundation
Moses Feldman Family Foundation
William Goldman Foundation
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Phoebe W. Haas Charitable Trust B
Hamilton Family Foundation
The Huston Foundation
Henry Janssen Foundation Inc.
Donald P. Jones Foundation
Robert E. Lamb Foundation Inc.
Lewin Family Foundation
McLean Contributionship
Memton Fund Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts
Pew Charitable Trusts
The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
Philadelphia Health Care Trust The Rittenhouse Foundation
The Thomas Rosato Charitable Foundation
Elizabeth B. and Arthur E. Roswell Foundation
Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation
The Schnur Family Philanthropic Foundation
The Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation
Tonamora Foundation
The Vanguard Group Foundation
The Wachovia Foundation Inc.
The William Penn Foundation
Wyss Foundation