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Christine Dempsey: WHYY's Content Mastermind

Christine Dempsey's love for public media developed when she worked as a program production director at her college radio station. The WHYY vice president and chief content officer enjoyed "spinning records" on music programs and developed and co-hosted a popular game show. She soon found radio to be a career fit for her.

Dempsey's first job was as a phone screener for a holistic medical show at WMCA-AM in New York City, and she later became production director. "It was a lot of fun. In the 1960s, WMCA was the first rock 'n' roll radio station in New York City, and they still had some of their original albums. Sometimes I would sneak into their record library to see what albums I could check out," she said with a laugh.

Dempsey also worked at WNYC, which gave her a new perspective on public radio. She was in charge of all radio operations and got to experience what public radio is all about. "It was the first time I experienced pledge drives, and people really wanted to support the station," she explained. "I felt a part of the community."

As the overseer of the FM schedule, TV programming and WHYY.org content, Dempsey is regularly coming up with new ideas and helped develop WHYY-TV's additional channels, Y Arts and Y Info. She is responsible for the planning and development of all content and works closely with the executive producers of audio and video content.

A recent project Dempsey is involved in is the website Fit, funded by a grant from the City of Philadelphia, which promotes nutrition and how to make healthy food and drink choices.