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WHYY, It Matters Campaign

We thank the following individuals, corporations and foundations for their leadership gifts of $500 or greater in support of the WHYY, It Matters campaign from July 1, 2004, through June 30, 2011:

$1 million and more
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Delaware River Port Authority
Dorrance H. Hamilton Charitable Trust
Longwood Foundation
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
The State of Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Program
The William Penn Foundation

$500,000 to $999,999
C.E. Bennett Foundation
Joseph and Marie Field Foundation
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Lincoln Financial Group Foundation
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Philadelphia Health Care Trust
Mrs. Anne Schoemaker

$250,000 to $499,999
BNY Mellon
J. Mahlon Buck Jr. (deceased) and Elia D. Buck
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Mr. David Haas
Phoebe W. Haas Charitable Trust "B"
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran
National Endowment for the Arts
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Philadelphia Department of Health
The Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation
Ms. Molly Dickinson Shepard

$100,000 to $249,999
Anonymous (1)
The Arcadia Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Aronson
Atlantic Philanthropies
Mr. Richard P. Brown Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck III
Mr. Donald R. Caldwell
Kathleen and Nicholas Chimicles
Ms. Barbara R. Cobb
The Dietrich Foundation
Mrs. Edith Dixon
Houghton-Carpenter Foundation
Mr. Robert E. Keith
McLean Contributionship
The Neubauer Family Foundation
The Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Mrs. Vivian Weyerhaeuser Piasecki
PNC Foundation
Barbara and Richard Schiffrin
Lynn and Rodney Sharp
Ms. Carolyn K. Staley
The Staunton Farm Foundation
Sunoco, Inc.
Mr. Gerard Sweeney
Curtis Thomsen, Ph.D.
Welfare Foundation
Worley Miller Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999
ARAMARK Corporation
Bank of America
Crystal Trust
Day and Zimmermann
The Devereux Foundation
Phoebe W. Haas Charitable Trust "A"
The Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation
Bill and Randi Marrazzo
National Public Radio
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Richards
The Ralph and Suzanne Roberts Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Ross
Eva and Marvin Schlanger
Sutherland Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Yoh III

$25,000 to $49,999
The Honorable Arlin M. Adams and Mrs. Neysa Adams
Mr. Peter A. Benoliel and Ms. Willo Carey
Campbell Soup Foundation
Mr. David Cohen
Delaware Community Foundation
Delaware Valley Innovation Network
Carol A. Dolinskas
Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation
Alvin P. (deceased) and Mary Bert Gutman
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Haas
Independence Foundation
Arthur Judson Foundation
The Laffey-McHugh Foundation
Charles (deceased) and Margaret Leonard
Loualan Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruce Mainwaring
The Maple Hill Foundation
Ronald and Suzanne Naples
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Neilson
City of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development
The Philadelphia Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Poole
Susan and John Salveson
The Stratton Foundation
Dr. Stephanie A. Zarus

$10,000 to $24,999
Anonymous (2)
Robert and Rita Auritt
Bayada Nurses
Mr. and Mrs. Durga Bobba
Citizens Bank
Mr. Walter D'Alessio
Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
Dominion Foundation
Elizabeth H. Gemmill Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Goodman III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gozon
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson G. Harris
Mr. D. Wayne Holden
Drs. Albert M. (deceased) and Lorraine Kligman
Myles and Mildred Kranzler
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Leyden
Maggi Leyden and Austin Hogan
The Christian and Mary Lindback Foundation
Lomax Family Foundation
Mr. John Marrazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McDowell
Martin (deceased) and Margy-Ellin Meyerson
Mr. and Mrs. Denis O'Brien
Mr. William Petersen
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Powlis
Public Broadcasting Service
The Rosenlund Family Foundation

$500 to $9,999
Anonymous (34)
Ms. Susanna L. Adler and Mr. Dean Lachs
Margaret Alburn
Linda Lee Alter
Mr. Joseph I. Banner
Mr. James W. Barnett
The Barra Foundation, Inc.
George Benes, M.D. and Michael Malee, Ph.D
Mr. Frederick J. Beste III
Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Bishop Jr.
Mr. John K. Binswanger
Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Boyle
Mr. Edward C. Bradley and Mr. Rich McCracken
Ms. Priscilla S. Brown
Mr. Christopher J. Bryan and Dr. Kimberly Heightchew
Mrs. Sara L. Buck
Ms. Anne Carlino
Mrs. Jill A. Carr
Ms. and Mrs. Jessica Chasen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cheney
Miss Eloise Coach
Colket Foundation
Denise Creedon and Stephen A. Madva
Dr. Michael J. Daley
Rhoda and Michael Danziger
Ms. Betty K. Davis
Mr. Jeffrey W. Delone
Mr. Louis DePaul and Mrs. Mary Elizabth DePaul
Michel and Laurence de Rosen Foundation
Drs. William V. and Bonnie B. Dorwart
Mr. James L. Dugan
Mrs. Ginguei Ebnesajjad
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eidelman
Mr. and Mrs. Art Ellis
Rev. and Mrs. Richard Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Flamm
Mr. Osvaldo Flores
Mr. Edward A. Freeman
Mr. Hakim Frye and Mrs. Brenda Frye
Mr. William Gast
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gluck
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Goodman
Mrs. Betty A. Gottlieb
Cathy Greek
Mr. Stanley H. Greene and Mrs. Yetta Greene
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Halvey
The Hanlon Family
Ms. Elizabeth H. Hanna
Harmelin and Associates
Ms. Helen M. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Ragan A. Henry
Ms. Donna Higgins
Mr. John G. Hill
Mr. James A. Hoesch
Mr. and Mrs. Hayward J. Holbert
Debi and Ronald Hoxter
Huston Foundation
Independent Television Service
Ms. Michelle L. Judy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kahn Jr.
Mrs. Susan Kalan and Mr. Jeffrey Kalan
Ms. Sarah A. Kangas
Ms. Karen M. Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kipp
Ms. Mary Carrol Kling
Mr. and Mrs. David Lerman
Mr. Kevin G. Lokay
Mr. William B. Long and Dr. Sarah S. Long
Mrs. Rita V. Lusen
Dr. Tim Lutz and Dr. LeeAnn Srogi
Ms. M. Catherine Malkemes
Marmot Foundation
Ms. Nuria Mas
Dr. Barbara M. Mathes and Dr. Patrick Alguire
Mr. and Mrs. Erik May
Ms. Sharon Mayberry
Mayer Leadership Group
Mr. Arthur McDowell and Mrs. Faith J. McDowell
Kyra and Peter McGrath
James and Carol McKelvey
Mr. Frank J. Mechura and Mrs. Susan Mechura
Dr. and Mrs. Freeman Miller
Walter J. Miller Foundation
The Leo Model Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mosenkis
Mr. David E. Mullenix
Mr. Martin Neary
Ms. Judith Nelson
Nelson Foundation
Mr. Andrew S. Perry
Pfundt Foundation
Point Five Technologies
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rade
Mr. Jeffrey Randall and Dr. Patricia Mapps
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Redder
George W. Rentschler Foundation
Ms. Beth Reisboard
Sandy and Cliff Retzlaff
Mr. Ronald Rubin
Mrs. Patricia Ryan
Mr. Eric B. Rymshaw and Mr. James G. Fulton Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Santoro
Ms. Ellen Scarpitti
Mrs. Carolyn Schanen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaman
Mr. Joseph Shanis and Mrs. Carole Shanis
Mr. William E. Skapof
The Joseph K. Skilling Foundation
Dr. Lindsey M. Slater and Mr. John Cartier
Ms. Sophia Smith
Ms. Bette Soloway
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Stern
Mr. Richard Strauss
Subaru of America Foundation
Mr. Jon C. Thele
Mrs. Linda Thistle
Ms. Rita Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Tirer
Tiger Woods Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tufano
Tuttleman Family Foundation
Mrs. Edna Tuttleman
Dr. and Mrs. David U'Prichard
Ms. Carolyn Urban
Mr. Nick A. Volpone
Ms. Lisa W. Vosburgh
Mr. Brian Waibel
Mr. and Mrs. Leland B. Ware
Don and Nancy Weaver
Mr. William Weber
Ms. Donna Weiner
Wells Fargo Foundation
Mr. Elkins Wetherill
Mr. Gilbert A. Wetzel
Ethel Benson Wister
Mrs. Sheila Withelder
Mr. Peter Wolf
Minturn T. Wright III
Ms. Margaret Yevics
Ms. Margaret G. Zehner