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Community Relations

In 1966, writer E.B. White encapsulated public media's promise in a famous letter to the Carnegie Commission, writing "I think TV should be providing the visual counterpart of the literary essay, should arouse our dreams, satisfy our hunger for beauty, take us on journeys, enable us to participate in events, present great drama and music, explore the sea and the sky and the woods and the hills."

In the same spirit as that famous letter, WHYY's Community Relations Department provides WHYY's audience with opportunities to interact and explore the great ideas and places of the Delaware Valley by building on WHYY's rich on-air programming to provide unique off-air event experiences.

Those off-air experiences offer WHYY's audience behind-the-scenes access to local attractions and landmarks and opportunities to meet the producers and stars of their favorite programs and mix and mingle with other WHYY members.

Recent WHYY experiences have included exclusive events on the grounds of Philadelphia's Independence National Historical Park; the Y12K Road Race along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Philadelphia; member-only events at The Franklin Institute and other local cultural institutions and much more. Sixty events were held in 2009.

Check out our list of upcoming WHYY event experiences.

The Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons

The mission of The Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons is to teach community members to express themselves through digital media. Hamilton Commons, which was established in 2003, turns Greater Philadelphia citizens into media producers through hands-on learning experiences. Programs include after-school video workshops for teens, summer camps, teacher professional development and production training for the staff of nonprofit and cultural organizations. Hamilton Commons provides workshops for WHYY members and baby boomers.

Hamilton Commons houses a multimedia production environment dedicated to teaching community members to tell stories through digital media. Designed as a space to teach audio and video production, Hamilton Commons puts state-of-the-art equipment into hands of teens, teachers, senior citizens and WHYY members as they learn digital storytelling, shooting and lighting techniques, sound recording and digital editing.

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