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WHYY Awards 2010

International Media Association's 2010 Broadcast Media Award for Television
Children's Programming: WHYY I Like This Book
Jen Wheeler, Karen Smyles

Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association
Enterprise/Individual Reporting
Homeless Evicted from the Airport
Susan Phillips

Enterprise/Individual Reporting
Inventing a Disease
Kerry Grens, Chris Satullo

Regularly Scheduled Newscast
Dave Heller, Elizabeth Fiedler, Peter Crimmins, Mark Eichmann, Sarah Whites-Koditschek

Public Affairs
Aging Families, Changing Relationships
Maiken Scott, Geeta Simons, Chris Satullo

Hybrid X Prize
Susan Phillips

Health Care Overhaul
Taunya English, Kerry Grens, Maiken Scott, Jon Hoban, Chris Satullo

Radio Sound
A Journey Into Philadelphia's Immigrant Past
Peter Crimmins, Jon Hoban

Radio Sound
Taking Care of the Dogs of War
Susan Phillips

Sports Feature
Eagles Sign Michael Vick
Elizabeth Fiedler

Delaware Press Association
Prepared Report, Television
Garden Restaurant
Stephanie Aldrich, Paul Parmelee, Pat Warner

Prepared Report, Television
Art Therapy
Megan Pinto, Gene Ashley

Special Reporting Series, Television
Wind Power Delaware
Bill Cook, Gene Ashley, Charlie O'Neill, Paul Parmelee, Pat Warner, Gary Lindstrom

Special Reporting Series, Television
Thomas J. Byrne

Best Newscast, Television
John Mussoni

Best Presentation, Television
It Feels Like the First Time
John Sadak

Edward R. Murrow Award
Hard News
Death Penalty Means Emotional Journey for Victims' Families
Maiken Scott