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Plants Deer Like the Least
(as seen in his weekly column in the Philadelphia Daily News)

Last-choice plants include most maples and dogwoods, spruce, pine and poplar trees and tough-to-chew American holly. Deer don't much like serviceberry, barberry, bayberry, butterfly bush, bee balm, boxwood, crape myrtle, English hawthorn, lilacs, spring blooming forsythia or wisteria either.

Flowers and herbs they don't really care for include ageratum, astilbe, daisies, feverfew, purple coneflower (aka Echinacea), snapdragons, wax begonias, cleome, dahlias, morning glories, geraniums, blanket flower, heliotrope, four-o'clocks, forget-me-nots, yarrow, columbine, marigolds, bleeding heart, foxglove, hyacinths, iris, lavender, lobelia, lupines, lily of the valley, sweet alyssum, spearmint - most members of the mint family, in fact - Bells of Ireland, Canterbury bells, delphiniums, daffodils, peonies, poppies, periwinkle, basil, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, sages and salvias, honeysuckle, wisteria and the unpleasantly scented spring bulbs frittileria and ornamental alliums.

They like fescues less than other lawn grasses and tend not to nibble on heather, heath, pachysandra, baby's breath or buttercups.

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