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Learn more about mosquito-fighting BTI

The 'BT' stands for Bacillis thuringensis--a group of natural soil-dwelling organisms. The 'I' stands for israelensis, the specific 'strain' of Bt that kills baby mosquitoes (and blackflies!) before they can leave the water as biting adults. Available as granules or floating 'dunks' and briquettes, BTI harms NOTHING else. Birds and fish can even eat 'Bt ed' mosquito and blackfly larva without any harm. Apply it to ponds, fountains and areas of standing water on your property, and you'll have MANY fewer adults trying to suck you later.

Retail: Some brand names BTI is sold under include Skeetal, Vectobac, Mosquito Attack, Gnatrol, and Bactimos. I just bought a big yellow plastic shaker jug of "Dexol Mosquito Free Granules" at a local hardware store, and I've seen the granules and dunks at lots of garden centers this season. If yours doesn't carry BTI, they can certainly order it for you.

Mail order: Peaceful Valley Farm Supply sells Bactimos dunks (a six pack) and briquettes (a 20 pack of the same dunks). Call them toll free at 1-888-784-1722 or click on www.groworganic.com. Gardens Alive! sells granules ("Mosquito Bits") and floating "Mosquito Dunks". Call them at 812-537-8650 or click on www.gardensalive.com. (Just search the word "mosquito" at either site.)

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