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Voices In The Family

December 2010

Stress Crisis

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The American Psychological Association just released their annual report on stress. And it's no surprise that the majority of those surveyed report experiencing unhealthy levels of stress. Mental health professionals are concerned and warn stress could become a public health crisis. Sadly, most of us cope with stress through eating and sedentary activities, which make the situation worse. So what do we do? While there are lots of great tools out there to cope, most people don't do anything, citing lack of willpower.

On the next Voices in the Family with Dan Gottlieb, we will hear from David Palmiter, Kathryn Henderson, and Michael Baime.

Fight Less, Love More

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All couples fight, but it's how they fight that can make or break a loving relationship. Poor communication habits can lead to feelings of frustration, anger, even depression - and turn harmless conversations into heated battles.

On the next Voices in the Family with Dan Gottlieb: advice from two couples experts - Laurie Puhn and Dr. B. Janet Hibbs - who agree that through words that convey fairness, respect, and appreciation, it's possible to fight less and love more.

Laurie Puhn is a family law attorney and mediator and author of the newly released Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In.

B. Janet Hibbs is a marriage counselor who practices in Philadelphia. She's written Try to See it My Way: Being Fair in Love and Marriage.

Year in Review

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In the past twelve months here at Voices in the Family, we've had some wonderful conversations with great thinkers and researchers as well as gifted supporters of the human spirit. Of course, many of those conversations were heightened by the participation of you - our cherished listeners. We've discussed apologies, listening, bullying, multi-tasking, the stigma of drug addiction - and so much more.

On the next Voices in the Family Dan Gottlieb: our year in review. We'll recall some great discussions that took place on the show and during Dan's weekly "Q & A" on Morning Edition. Guests include Voices producer Jennifer Lynn, WHYY Health reporter Taunya English, and Voices executive producer Maiken Scott.


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Day in and day out, we all listen to others. But do we really hear what they are saying? Modern technology has made it ever more easy to tune out, to check your emails, and really be somewhere else - all while somebody is talking to you. On this Voices in the Family, we'll talk about the art of listening, whether there is a way to communicate that makes it easier to be heard, and what it means to really listen - to both parties in a conversation. We'll be joined by Michael Nichols, professor of Psychology at William and Mary, and author of "The Lost Art of Listening: How Learning to Listen Can Improve Relationships". We'll also hear a brief interview with David Isay, founder of StoryCorps and the National Day of Listening.

(This is a rebroadcast that originally aired on 1/11/10)